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People Skills Decoded –

People Skills Decoded –
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Study Body Language Personal Development ToolboxPersonal Development Toolbox | Tools to further your development Tara Sophia Mohr, Playing Big. Find Your VOICE, Your MISSION, and Your MESSAGE. The lights in the room go down. I’m up on stage. I can’t see many faces or eyes in the audience, but I can feel the crowd, completely. I speak from the heart, and lose my sense of time, of space and of me. Magic happens. I sit down at the computer to write. For me, writing and speaking are the vessels that carry me to that special state called flow, the state when we lose track of time, when we fall into a gorgeous forgetting of ourselves and become completely merged with what we’re doing. For you, it’s probably some other activities. What I want to talk about today – with great compassion – is why we so often end up not doing the things that bring us into that wonderful state of flow, even though flow brings us so much joy, and so much respite from our day-to-day malaises. There are the usual reasons: Fear of being bad at the activity. Yes, all that. It’s because flow threatens ego. The ego is a part of us that sees ourselves as a distinct, separate self. Love, Tara

Sociable Introvert | Use Your Introverted and Extroverted Traits Together Inspirational Archives - Personal Development ToolboxPersonal Development Toolbox The popular view is that the good life is about having extreme wealth, power, prestige, and beauty. Only the elite few have these advantages. So the good life is way out of your reach. Not so. Read more → “There is incredible value in being of service to others.” – Elizabeth Berg Volunteer to do some work in the community at home or abroad. Read more → We celebrate St. Read more → In 3,200 B.C., about 5,000 years ago, the stone age Irish built Newgrange.

Catrien Ross on Finding 9 Powerful Meanings in Your Smile When You Don’t Feel Like Smiling « Energy Doorways™ – Into the Energies with Catrien Ross, D.Th. Have you encountered a rough period when smiling seems almost impossible? I just did. Something here in Japan knocked the smile out of my life for several days. So engulfing was the personal trauma I found it hard to sense even the slightest hint of brightness. I lost my smile. My innermost wisdom knows, of course, that such perception of darkness is distorted. There can always be a doorway out to where a smile signals. No matter how darkly I perceive my world, the reality of daylight arises in my face every morning to challenge me otherwise. The light arrives in welcome regardless of my acceptance. Embracing natural rhythms is like blinking myself out from the dimness of a self-restricting cave. As my physical eyes open to outer realities, my inner vision, too, expands with renewed awareness. I smile despite myself. Once again I sense that no matter what unfolds, I need never trap myself in a shell of hardness and unfeeling that shuts out the light. Let it flow through me. Let it fall from me.

Online Social Skills Guide - Improve Your Social Skills Play With The World | An Inspirational Guide On loving Life to The Fullest