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Arkitera - Türkiye'nin Mimarlık Yayını

Arkitera - Türkiye'nin Mimarlık Yayını
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anti-pop açık kaynak mimarlık paylaşımı BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group Re-Fluxing: Skyscraper in Greenland Aids Recovery Of Ocean Currents Zhou Luqing, Tian Runjia, Xu Ziyi, Zhang Yaxuan, He Chuyue, Cai Yanqi, Zhu Sunqi, He Run China The North Atlantic circulation has great influence on heat and moisture. as a result of global warming, ice sheet in Greenland and north pole have been melting. So salinity of Atlantic is becoming lower, which becomes an obstacle of convection current in the vertical direction. The project is located at Atlantic in the south of Greenland, where the north Atlantic circulation has problem exchanging energy, and the area is also called sinking area. The project consists of two ring tangent in general outline, and seawater is disposed along the ring continuously.

angelolsenmusic on Instagram Yapı Sektörüne Açılan Pencere | Cluster | City - Design - Innovation 10 Tips To Perfect Your Architectural Photography 10 Tips To Perfect Your Architectural Photography Our modern day, image-obsessed culture has got us consuming a large quantity of architecture through photographs, as opposed to physical, spatial experiences. The advantages of architectural photography are great; it allows people to obtain a visual understanding of buildings they may never get the opportunity to visit in their lifetime, creating a valuable resource that allows us to expand our architectural vocabulary. However, one must stay critical towards the disadvantages of photography when it comes to architecture. Jeremy Till, author of “Architecture Depends,” summarizes this in his chapter “Out Of Time”: “The photograph allows us to forget what has come before (the pain of extended labor to achieve the delivery of the fully formed building) and what is to come after (the affront of time as dirt, users, change, and weather move in). It freezes time or, rather, freezes out time. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

an incomplete manifesto by merve polat cryingandchainsmoking: literally every straight boy at my work has a crush on me pray 4 them