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The Color Thesaurus - Ingrid Sundberg

The Color Thesaurus - Ingrid Sundberg
Update: Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your support of my color thesaurus. I’ve gotten tons of wonderful emails from writers, designers, and educators who all love the thesaurus and want one in their own home. After so many requests, I’m excited to announce I’m currently working on a poster version of the color thesaurus. Woot! Woot! If you’d like to be updated on when the poster is available please sign up here: Ingrid’s Totally Awesome Color Thesaurus Group Original Post: I love to collect words. One of my on-going word collections is of colors. So for fun, I created this color thesaurus for your reference. Fill your stories with a rainbow of images! Tags: Creating evocative images, Figurative Language, Imagery, Language

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How to Reveal Your Character’s Backstory Wound By Martha Alderson aka Plot Whisperer A character’s backstory directly impacts her front story by the beliefs and people she was raised with, her education, her emotional development. Often something in her backstory caused a wound—either physical, psychic, or both. Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories Quest lets you make interactive story games. Text adventure games like Zork and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books.

Plan a Better iMovie Trailer with These PDFs Here are a few trailers made by teachers and students. Next to each one is the iMovie trailer template it uses. My Dream Destination - Italy uses the Expedition template.Verbs uses the Superhero template.Properties of Ionic Compounds uses the Adrenaline template.The Giver Book Trailer uses the Adrenaline template.Project-Based Learning uses the Swashbuckler template.Stylus Status uses the Retro template. Because trailers are so short, the information you convey has to be concise. iMovie’s templates do not leave much room for text.

HJS Editing Services "Let the world burn through you. Throw the prism light, white hot, on the paper." -Ray Bradbury​ How does it work? 45 Websites For Students To Create Original Artwork Online More and more websites are coming online to give students the ability to unleash their creativity in new and innovative ways. From abstract art to pointillism, students now can click and draw their way into original works of art, and today’s freebie gives you a great list of places to begin. The sites are labeled by grade level to help guide you to those that best suit your students. In addition, I’ve added ratings to give teachers and students an idea of how much interactivity is available at each site. Some allow students to create from beginning to end, while others simply generate the final product with minimal effort. What you will not find here are basic virtual coloring sheets.

Freebie for Designers: 20 High Resolution Textures We have something completely different for this weeks freebie, you’ll love it. Courtesy of Sam from Mercurycode on DeviantArt, we have a huge pack of 20 high resolution textures just waiting to be used in your designs. Each texture comes in JPEG format and are sized at either 3456x5184px or 3456x3456px. The actual ZIP download weighs in at a huge 194mb, so please remember that before you start the download. Using Self-Regulation to Improve Writing The project The project aimed to use memorable experiences and an approach called ‘Self-Regulated Strategy Development’ (SRSD) to help struggling writers in Years 6 and 7. SRSD provides a clear structure to help pupils plan, monitor and evaluate their writing. It aims to encourage pupils to take ownership of their work and can be used to teach most genres of writing, including narrative writing. Memorable experiences, such as trips to local landmarks or visits from World War II veterans, were used as a focus for writing lessons. In this evaluation 23 primary schools and their Year 6 teachers in the Calderdale area of West Yorkshire were randomly allocated to receive training, from an external consultant, in the SRSD approach.

The Writer's Challenge: Using Author Pen Names on Facebook - and Getting Locked Out! Boy do I have a story to tell - and fortunately, the solution that finally worked to get my Facebook access back after they locked my access to both my profile and Page due to my not using my "real name." (Shoshanna Evers has been my pen name since 2009, which makes it legally my real name in 46 states just by the fact that I use it everywhere - and I have an Idaho-state DBA (doing business as) Shoshanna Evers). Backstory: I had a Shoshanna Evers profile from 2010 that was converted into a "Like Page" when I couldn't add more friends. For a couple years I just had that Page, and no profile attached.

Science experiments for kids : Fizzing color mixing activity Science should be ideally fun at all ages. Unfortunately somewhere along the way of growing up, school, exams, pop quizzes and projects it loses its charms and begins to get daunting. Ha! Let the kids have fun with science when they can. What better way to have fun than some good old hands – on experiment with baking soda and vinegar? We enjoy color mixing here and today we mix up color mixing and science experiments.

¿Una sola palabra para cada color? En este tesaurus, su autora identifica una amplia variedad de tonos de colores. Útil para describir prolijamente esta característica al escribir. Los nombres están en inglés. by jerezdelacruz Dec 28