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DIY: Blueprint-Inspired Holiday Project

DIY: Blueprint-Inspired Holiday Project
Our own Angelica completed a DIY project over the holidays that's positively brilliant. She writes: After a series of failed baking adventures I realized it was time for me to transfer my love for YumSugar and food magazines to CasaSugar and design magazines. In the spirit of the holidays I picked a Light Bright project from this month's Blueprint magazine. I must admit, I'm a much better painter and craftswoman than I am a baker so the project was definitely a confidence booster. The Blueprint picture is on the left, my replica is on the right. To find out how to make your own replica, just read more What You'll Need stretched canvaspaintbrushesgroundcloth or newspapers to protect your floorpencilawlwhite twinkly tree lightscraft glue You can find the complete Blueprint directions here.

Crafty Weekend My friend, Olivia, came over today because she wanted to make some painted glasses like I had done in February. Since I can not sit idly by while other people are being crafty, I made these two new glasses. The favorite for me is definitely the squid, only heightened by the fact I used purple and yellow on it which makes it look way more awesome than I could have ever dreamed. It took me a little while to finish due to all the curves, tentacles and whatnot. Also, I mixed some of the paints into a more varied tonal range this time around.

Booze it Up! 13 Rad Recycled Bottle Crafts & Projects Got a recycling bin full of glass bottles? Why waste them when you could have a new table lamp, candle holder, shelving unit, hummingbird feeder, glass countertop, building block – even a whole glass-bottle house? Reuse beer, wine and liquor bottles for these 13 fun and creative crafts and upcycling projects ranging up to a recycled bottle home and garden. Wine Bottle Table Lamp (images via: wit and whistle)

Kitchen Cutlery Chandelier Buy three x 1 metre strips of aluminium flat bar 2 mm thick by 25 mm wide to make the three rings of the chandelier. For the large ring, use the whole metre. For the medium ring, use a length of 75 cms and the small ring, use a length of 55 cms. Bend each length into an individual circle. Then, screw four metal brackets into your workbench to hold the size of hoop you want to weld. Weld together the two ends of the hoop using the Dremel Versaflame. Search #d2d2d6 #967b80 #edaa2d Bubble Chandelier At long last we are excited to share the process of how we created the Champagne Bubbles "Frou Frou Chandelier" for our boutique (aka Bubble Chandelier for those of you who want a simpler name for it)! Instead of paying $3,000-$7,000 for a chandelier, we thought it would be much more rewarding to create our own for just a few hundred dollars. This is a step-by-step guide for how we made the chandelier you see at Faire Frou Frou. Our chandelier measures 2'x4' which we needed to make large enough to make a statement in our boutique. Of course you can create any size or shape that you wish. Supplies:

Tornadoes and Tigers: Against the wall one. two. three. four Hi readers, my name is Amanda and I write a blog called Here Comes the Sun. Dane has been a friend of mine for many years now- in fact he was a groomsman for my husband on our wedding day and his gorgeous wife was one of my bridesmaids! We also got the chance to be in their bridal party when their wedding day came around as well, so needless to say we know each other pretty well! Anyway I am happy to be here today and share a few interior pictures that have been inspiring me. I tried not too pick things that are too girly (apart from the teacups- sorry Dane) because I’ve never blogged on a guys blog before and it’s a bit of a learning curve!

Tutorials for Recycling Books - StumbleUpon We rode bikes around our neighborhood this weekend and stopped at all the garage sales we found along the way. I love doing this because it's like exercise and shopping in one! Plus, my bike basket is perfect for holding whatever treasures I find. On this particular trip I was noticing a lot of old books for sale. My DIY craving kicked in and I knew I had to do some research on the projects I could use old books for. Photo lampshades PINTEREST UPDATE: This is a post from 2010. I do not take custom orders, only the tutorial is available. The lamps have held up wonderfully. As many of you requested, Marie is sharing a little tutorial here on how she made her lampshades. When she made them she was not planning on doing a tutorial for this blog, so be sure to thank her for taking the time to write all this out.