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ImageQuiz Beyondpad Printable graph paper template - Paperkit MacMag Online: Authoring tools on the Web Authoring tools on the Web In a time not so long ago, authoring tools would have been considered to be a set of pens and a blank sheet of paper. Then came the digital age. Visi Alaminos returns to the Mac Mag Online to reveal what this ‘newspeak’ means, where the tools can be found and how they can be harnessed for the benefit of English language learning. As English teachers, we always try to individualise our teaching as much as possible in order to cope with the mixed ability levels we find in our classes. We often use the many additional resources included with coursebooks, or search the Web for online interactive materials. The Net offers so many resources and possibilities to create our own materials to supplement the curriculum that it is almost impossible not to dip right in and try them at least once. What are authoring tools? Why and when should we use them? There are numerous ways we can work these kinds of activities into our syllabus. What features can we find?

Nurph. The Twitter Chat Platform. 16 Little-Known Teacher Tools | Learn2Earn Blog By Jessica Sanders Educational technology is quickly becoming a normal part of classrooms around the world, bringing the demand for more tools to an all-time high. Because of this, whether you use technology to organize your lesson plans, manage grades and attendance or engage every student in class, there’s a tool for you. However, finding the best ones can be time consuming, not to mention some of the most popular tools are expensive to use, so we did the work for you. LiveBinder Use: Organization Top benefit: Collect and organize resources into one easily accessible, online binder. MyAT Top benefit: Customize attendance tracking for as many students and classes as you want. Google Cultural Institute Use: Lessons Top benefit: Bring amazing museum exhibits and collections into your own classroom. Visme Use: Engagement Top benefit: Students can explore their own creative talents in a digital format, creating Infographics and online presentations. Whooo’s Reading Use: Engagement and data EDpuzzle

5 Free Apps to Tell Creative Stories on Instagram Instagram is more than just an app for photo filters, it’s a community to share stories. And sometimes, the app’s built-in features aren’t good enough to tell the story you want to. But there are some innovative third-party apps that let you get creative with Instagram. Third-party apps for Instagram are nothing new. Quick Yes, Instagram has captions. Available for free on Android and iOS, all you need to do is select an image from your gallery or take a new photo with your camera. It’s not the most powerful photo editor around, but the focus here is simplicity. Download: Quick for Android (Free) / Quick for iPhone / iPad (Free) Hyperlapse / Microsoft Hyperlapse / Timelapse Instagram lets you upload video clips of up to 15 seconds, but sometimes, that isn’t enough to convey the full story. Basically, the Hyperlapse app takes a video, which is artificially stabilized and sped up, from 1x to 12x. Currently, the Hyperlapse app is available only for iPhones. Hykoo Download: Hykoo for iPhone

TaskMagic3 - Create interactive games and learning resources for Windows PC and IWB Online Teaching: Kubbu 35 Content Creation Tools Everyone Needs To Know About The success of a website or another type of online project is determined by the content you publish. It doesn’t matter how much you invest in ads and marketing; your efforts won’t yield results if you neglect the power of great online content. First, you should realize what your target audience is, so you can determine the attention span of your average reader. Then, you can use some of the following 35 content creation tools to produce powerful and relevant online publications. Tools for Creating Textual Content Listly: People love lists! Tools for Discovering Topics Quora: This question and answer website will help you understand what your target audience wants to know. Tools for Curating Content Storify: When you don’t have time or capacity to write your own articles, you can use successful online content from other authors to get attention for your project. Tools for Creating Visual Content Photoshop: You clearly understand the importance of adding oomph to your text through images.

10 Educational Web Tools That Support Inquiry-based Learning September , 2015 As a learning strategy, inquiry-based learning is all about learners constructing their own understanding and knowledge through asking questions. Unlike traditional learning methods that focus primarily on drills, memorization and rote learning, inquiry-based learning is essentially student-centered. It starts with posing questions and directly involves students in challenging hands-on activities that drive students to ask more questions and explore different learning paths. In today’s post, we have assembled a collection of some useful web tools and apps that support the ethos of inquiry-based learning. 1- VideoNotes VideoNotes is a free web tool that allows students to take notes on a video they are watching. Edpuzzle allows you to use only what you need from any video, insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice, and add questions at any point in the video .3- PixiClip This is by far the most popular of them all. 7- YouTube Video Editor 9- Prezi