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How to Write a Novel in Three Days.

How to Write a Novel in Three Days.
NaNoWriMo? Pah. Try NaNoWriWeekend. Michael Moorcock is a highly influential English writer. His career has mostly specialised in fantasy and sci-fi, and whilst some of his novels have been highly literary, he was a firm exponent of sword-and-sorcery, particularly in the sixties and seventies. He has often commented on the craft of writing, but one of his most unique and interesting techniques is his plan for writing a book in three days. Michael Moorcock Anyway. First of all, it’s vital to have everything prepared. Elric with his evil, sentient, soul-drinking blade Stormbringer. You’ll also need to know the Lester Dent Master Plot Formula. Lester Dent’s penname is Kenneth Robeson. This is one opinion. It is opinion of one believing: 1—Majority of pulps are formula. 2—Most editors who say don’t want formula don’t know what they are talking about. 3—Some eds won’t buy anything but formula. The object on the bulkhead is a formula, a master plot, for any 6000-word pulp story. Lester Dent So. Note:

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MASTER LIST of Facial Expressions! Writers need good descriptions of facial expressions in their stories to help the readers picture the characters, to convey emotions, and to set up lines of dialogue without having to write “said” or any of its synonyms. However, it’s easy for us to rely on the same descriptions over and over again. I created this list to address that challenge.

Make Money Writing: 77 Trusted Sources 126 Flares Twitter 64 Facebook 22 Google+ 35 Pin It Share 5 5 LinkedIn 0 inShare0 Email -- Email to a friend 126 Flares × Do you wonder if you’ll ever make money writing? Maybe you’re already making some. You’ve published a book or you’ve sold an article, story or blog post.

25+ Pieces of Writing Software You Should Know About David You left out Final Draft, which is the industry leader when it comes to scriptwriting. Frank Cantu Another highly popular writing application is Scrivener, although it’s Mac-only at the moment. Michelle I love using Q10 for writing. How to Write a Book Blurb By far, the weakest part of many self-published books is the synopsis found on Amazon and elsewhere. Worse than the cover, worse than the writing in the book itself, there are a lot of blurbs on Amazon that are pretty near atrocious. I include my own books in this category. Writing a decent blurb is an artform totally separate from writing a book. Authors are also on record saying this is their least favorite part of the process.

Woman's Weekly Fiction Submission Guidelines If you are interested in submitting fiction to Woman’s Weekly, please read the following guidelines. We regret we can’t accept stories by e-mail. Please include an sae in case we have to return your manuscript. Fiction is a vital ingredient of Woman’s Weekly, the place where readers can escape and switch off. This doesn’t mean predictable plots. Escapism means getting involved in a really gripping tale with believable characters. Tension Hook Your Readers With Tension By Laura Backes, Tension. Without it, life would be—let's face it—boring. So would fiction. Tension works with conflict to raise the emotional level of the text to a boiling point. It forces the reader to become invested in the story.

So You Want To Edit A Book Part 1: The Dramatic First Read Through Hi you guys! Remember me? Last fall, we walked through the process of writing a novel together, during which I shared tips and tricks in the hopes that I could pass along something helpful. While I wrote that column, I was actually writing a book. I mean, I couldn't exactly talk/blog about it without doing it, right? My hope, at the time, was that you, dear reader, wrote one too.

Journaling your Past ©2005 - 2007 by aisling d'art I'm probably best-known for my personal journaling workshops and online art journals. And, I want to share some of my journaling tips with you in this free ebook about journaling your own history. Journaling Your Past is a free 26-page ebook, and it's like taking one of my popular workshops at home. You'll learn how to create a rich and rewarding journal of your personal and family history easily, in just 15 minutes a day. Themes & Things To Keep In Mind When Writing Fantasy Stories and... - StumbleUpon This list is far from complete. It’s not even trying to be complete. It knows better than that. It just wants to be helpful and provide some inspiration here and there; you know, offer little suggestions that might lead to bigger ideas. (Especially by using the words offered as Wikipedia searches!)

Rules for Writing: Long and Short S in Jane Austen’s Era If you’ve spent any time with 18th century literature as it was printed in the period, you’ve probably stumbled over the “long s” or ſ. In some typefaces, it looks so much like a lower case f that when I read it my mental voice sounds like it’s lisping. One reason the long s can be puzzling is that there are two rules in effect during this period, one for handwriting and one for printing. Long S in Print In printed books during most of the 18th century, ſ appears at the beginning and middle of words, while the now-familiar ‘short’ or ’round’ s only appears at the end of words.