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The Noob Guide to Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Top Websites for Members of the Marketing Profession If you’re like a lot of marketing professionals, you’re probably always on the hunt for good, actionable marketing tips that you can use to grow your business right away. Interested in marketing tips and marketing techniques? Then check out these websites for members of the marketing community. With that in mind, I’ve compiled an initial list of 18 great blogs and websites for marketing professionals. It’s not a complete list, so if you have any that you’d like to add, please feel free to do so. Here goes.

60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Design Business Card is a card printed or engraved with a person’s name and business affiliation. Normally attach on it could be information such like title, address, telephone number and even logo of a company or private. Using Business card is useful in a way to promote yourself on other people. Are you planning to make your own business card but don’t have any idea or some inspirations to start? Here’s a showcase of 60+ Most Beautiful and Creative Business Cards Designs to enhance more your creativity and get inspired. You might also want to check this Revisable & Ready Print Business Card Template Design article and purchase your best pick. 100 Websites You Should Know and Use (updated!) Entertainment Meet David Peterson, who developed Dothraki for Game of Thrones There are seven different words in Dothraki for striking another person with a sword.

The Top Must-Have Online Digital Marketing Tools & Resources to Put your Online Marketing Campaigns into Overdrive Our guide to absolute-best most-essential web marketing, resources, tools and services as recommended and hand-picked by the DoneSmart team If you want to put your online-marketing into overdrive and bring in tons of traffic, then checking out these tools is the perfect place to start! Online Marketing is a complicated and highly-competitive market that incorporates many fields; Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing and this list gets longer and longer each year as consumers change with technology trends and diversify to more platforms—in such a cut-throat market choosing poor tools or doing things by hand that could be automated is a prescription for failure, wasted money, and missed opportunities. Email Marketing Tools AWeber AWeber is a heavy-weight email marketing tool and probably the leading player in the industry. SEO Tools

10 Most In Demand Jobs and Skill Sets for 2013 and Beyond Are you looking for a job right now? If so, you’re likely not alone as three-quarters of working age Americans are either looking for work or trying to find a new job. To be hired in today’s competitive market, it’s crucial that you prove you have critical thinking skills, computing and programming knowledge, or sales and marketing savvy. And if you’re thinking about venturing back to school, consider joining programs in software development, accounting, or market research: the top three most in demand jobs for 2013. 10 Most Creative Packaging Design One of the things that identifies a product is its packaging. Qualified and differentiated packaging design is a must for a product in today’s highly competitive world. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing the same kind of products, what distinguishes one product from another is its packing design.

What Comes After Facebook? The Future of Social Media There is no such thing as social media fatigue. We are not tired of social, we are tired of all the things that get in the way of being social. Shared By Plus Subscriber Avinash Kaushik This is Baekdal Plus content. Sample Pollution: The Silent A/B Test Killer Here’s an uncomfortable truth about conversion rate optimization: lots of people are running bad tests without even knowing it. They’re making decisions based on false positives, they’re acting on inconsistent data, they’re avoiding the issue of sample pollution – I could go on. For example, at CTA Conference in Vancouver, Bart Schutz of Online Dialogue took the stage and asked 400+ marketers to raise their hands if they know what sample pollution is. Less than 20 people raised their hands. In Bart’s words, “If you don’t know about sample pollution, stop testing.”

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