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Quick Fix for Lead Generation Content that isn’t Getting Found

Quick Fix for Lead Generation Content that isn’t Getting Found
In a typical content marketing lifespan, you cannot avoid getting into a phase when you start wondering why your pieces of great content – those which are with quality and viral potential – are not stumbled upon by your target market. It’s a frustrating time, especially when you’ve become really proud of your content outputs yet they don’t really help in generating leads for your team. Apparently, there’s a whole lot of difference between creating good content and promoting it, and the latter is what ultimately decides the “searchability” of your posts. From #1: Build your network Today, tomorrow, next week, and next year, you need to be building your network of web publishers. Those are the bloggers, web journalists, social media power users, and others who have the audience you’re looking for. 2 tips for expanding your network and making connections with influential folks on the web: Do something epic.Be a good egg. #2: Make it shareable #3: Clones don’t win

Let Your Instincts Help In Generating Sales Leads In Singapore When it comes to generating sales leads in Singapore, we are often interested in the numbers, the statistics, of your business prospects. You want to be successful in your B2B lead generation campaign, so you need the facts clear, no doubts or misgivings. However, even the smartest or the most accurate data may not be a good measure for profits. Sometimes, the best business solutions come from what your instincts are telling you. In that case, you must nurture your instincts well. Let it become a useful aid in your decision making. Heed your interests – your instincts are hard-wired to what interests you. As marketers in Singapore, you should also count on your instincts to tell you what to do.

Innovation In Singapore Lead Generation? You Need To Invest “Innovation is not something that just suddenly pops out of our heads, ready to serve and bringing in sales leads. Rather, innovation is a process that requires space, time, money, and effort towards gambles that might lead us nowhere.” Sometimes, in our desire to run a tight ship, the way we handle our daily lead generation activities may actually stifle our innovative energies. Innovation is not something that just suddenly pops out of our heads, ready to serve and bringing in sales leads. In a business, it is important to exercise some level of control. Innovation should be nurtured, made to grow naturally.

Email Lead Generation: How to Fashion Messages with High Response Rates According to statistics by Forrester Research, at least 89% of marketers use email as their primary lead generation channel. This goes to show that direct mail marketing is still a relevant tool, both for B2C and B2B purposes. And with the introduction of new conveniences in digital marketing, we can all say it would take long before email marketing fades away. While email continues to be a widely used lead generation platform, there are still many marketers (mostly SMEs) that struggle with attaining higher response rates from cold leads. Indeed, many businesses often wonder they are not getting enough traffic despite a high send out volume. If you are leading a business that confronts similar issues, consider these tips for creating emails that go straight to your audience’s heart – and not their spam folders. Give a sense of urgency. Personalize your emails. Simplify your language. Have someone handle it for you.

Marketing Activities you should Outsource to Professionals | Business Marketing Singapore Some things are better left to experts, especially when the fate of a business is on the line. This is certainly true in the world of marketing. No one is really an expert of everything; each person can only specialize in a handful of fields. When we desperately try to be a “Jack of all trades”, we end up not reaching the maximum potential of our efforts. That’s why we need to understand that there are marketing channels that need external help for them to be truly effective. 1. Effective copy goes far beyond attractive wording. Your copy isn’t something to assign to the team member with an English degree. 2. The quality of the media you produce is directly correlated to the status of your company in the eyes of viewers.Average infographics and videos don’t automatically propel a business into prominence. It’s better to hire out quality pieces, even simple ones, than to create your own lacking pieces of media. 3. Long-form content has the capacity to serve as a flagship of your company.

How Marketing your Product Launches can Help your Brand Prosper in Singapore In Singapore, big consumer brands like Tiger Beer and B2B frontliners like SAP are using every amount of leverage they have to propel their influence. Aside from applying lead generation strategies, these brands also introduce new product lines expecting to maintain loyal customers while attracting new ones. However, a new product does not necessarily guarantee the intended effects. In his article, Failure to launch: Singapore brands could be wasting millions on new products, Ray Crook outlines that most new products fall into obscurity just as soon as they hit the shelves, mainly due to the unrealistic expectations brands have about how their clients view the supposed innovations. Crook cites product extensions as the primary culprit, writing, “Too many brands fall into the trap of launching endless line extensions that simply steal customers from one item to another… These cannibalistic launches bite into the share of a company’s existing revenue.

Lovely Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on Valentine’s Day These huge B2B companies don’t really engage into occasion-themed activities to boost their physical or online presence. It’s more of a small business thing. A smaller scale industry needs to capitalize more on events that can capture the attention of a great number of people. As Valentine’s Day approaches, businesses are juicing up their brains to come up with a complementary gig to suit the occasion. From Use Social Media to Promote Specials Every customer likes a good deal and today’s consumers are more tech savvy than ever. Write Blogs and Newsletters with a Holiday Theme Focus your blogs and newsletter on Valentine’s Day trends. Have a Contest Social media is a great place to hold a Valentines contest. Holidays are always a time when Americans are in the mood to shop. How do you increase your profit around the holidays?

3 Ways to Increase Business Productivity and Management In ASIA Pacific As marketers, we are hard pressed to find the best approaches in acquiringquality B2B sales leads. It’s not always an easy task as it demands a lot in terms of productivity. Unless you want to settle for a mediocre B2B lead generation campaign, increasing your productivity is essential for producing leads with better chances of converting. Digital Marketing Manager Adam Cassar has the right productivity “lifehacks” just for you: Page speed checker Need to make your site go faster? Once you’ve installed the plug-in, go to any page on your site and hit F12. Google analytics shortcuts Compared to any other analytics platform I’ve ever used, GA (Google Analytics) tops the list in terms of usability. Instead of spending lots of time switching between tabs in GA to get to the reports you need, use the shortcuts menu. Remember the Milk I have a memory like a goldfish, and yet I have many, many things to keep track of.

The “Customer Service Element” in B2B Telemarketing Just because clients in the Business-to-Business (B2B) sector are business professionals doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated as ‘customers’. In fact, they sometimes need more attention and nurturing than regular consumers. Lead generation in B2C is quite simple: you present a product or service, make sure it caters to the needs of your target market, add a little advertising magic, and you’re done. But with B2B, you may still need to meet the requirements of your business prospects. This involves the process of proposing a product or a model that serves to address their operational, financial and logistical concerns. Wear your customer service “badge” Some experts recommend using a “business language” when talking to B2B prospects. Of course, there are fundamental customer service rules, which need not be elaborated: Introduce yourself first and brand your callAddress the other party appropriatelyListen attentively and never interruptSay your “please”s and “thank you”s