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Best Place To Find Your Printer Ink Cartridges And Toners 4inkjets coupon code 20%

Best Place To Find Your Printer Ink Cartridges And Toners 4inkjets coupon code 20%

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After Another Child Drowns, Critics Ask: Why Don’t More Cruise Lines Have Lifeguards? A cruise ship pool can be a dangerous place. (Photo: Thinkstock) A tragedy at sea is bringing renewed attention to a controversial cruise ship safety issue. On Sunday, a 10-year-old girl drowned on the pool deck aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Gem. The ship had left New York on Saturday for a seven-day cruise to Florida and the Bahamas.

Underwater Speakers, Instagram Prints, and Kickstarter for Gifts Every day, tech companies flood Yahoo Tech with announcements of new or updated products. Some we review; some we ignore. And some are in between: products that you might find worth knowing about—but that we haven’t evaluated. Here are the latest new-product pitches, presented here in 300-character blurbettes as a public service. Let us know in the Comments if some of them strike you as worth reviewing. RakEM.

How Electronics Could Be Affecting Your Child’s Health Let's face it: We have all played on our phone while with our kids. Whether it's a quick text or a social media post, it can be difficult put the electronics down. I'm guilty of it, and most parents are guilty of it. But in reality, our email and Facebook can wait – especially if it means setting a good example for our children and protecting their health, since increased screen time is associated with higher rates of childhood obesity, behavior problems, ADHD, poor sleep quality, poor physical activity and poor school performance. Multiple studies have shown that as parents increase their screen time (whether it be smart phones, TV, computers, video games), their children do the same.

Automakers, Hackers Debate Who Owns the Software in Your Car Gallery: Tesla Model S By Thomas Fox-Brewster Liam O’Brien has been tinkering with his Tesla over recent months. He’s been exploring the on-board network of his family Model S, keeping other enthusiasts updated with posts on the Instructables website. He was inspired to start digging into his Tesla as it seemed people were “too afraid to share what they learned, fearing the wrath of the Tesla legal team, despite the fact that these people bought and owned the cars in question”, O’Brien told FORBES. His work has attracted plenty of interest.

Atmospheric Research Scientists in Boulder Developing 3D-Printed Weather Stations Published by Sandra Helsel, August 3, 2015 11:50 am (BoulderNews) — Technologists at Boulder’s University Corp. for Atmospheric Research are pursuing the development of high-tech weather stations through 3D printing — for distribution to places in the developing world that are underserved by accurate local forecasting. Coming up with the money to rectify the lack of a strong weather station network in some parts of the globe is a daunting challenge. Cutting the cost of developing such a network is one way to solve that problem, and scientists see 3D technology’s potential for doing so.

Pour a Glass of Bourbon and Buckle Up — Louisville Comes Alive on Thursday Night Ah, Thursday night — the only truly social night of the week. It’s the night when babysitters are booked, friends convene and drinks are imbibed. There are no family obligations to fulfill, no amateurish weekend crowds to elbow through —and the possibilities are endless. The night starts after work and ends whenever you want. 10 awesome old board game commercials If you’ve ever fired up a decades-old VHS tape, you may have noticed that the old commercials are often more interesting than the shows you or your parents were trying to tape. A memorable commercial is a magical time capsule, a portal to bygone hair styles, dated social mores, crude special effects, and weird theme songs. Here are ten awesome board game commercials (and quasi-board-game commercials) covering over three decades’ worth of frenzied advertising.

Some of the best printer brands to solve your printing chores We need to admit that there are a sheer mass of choices present when it comes to buying an quality printer, there are about a hundred varieties of these printers starting from cheap inkjets to lasers and the best way to distinguish between each one of them is by categorizing them by purpose, technology that is used and their intended usage. The best way to find the right printer is by defining the needs of the user by these three categories. Most of the inkjet printers, that are marketed these days as photo printers are general purpose printers that are used for printing graphics, text and photos. Laser printers are considered more advanced in technology and still overlaps with inkjets in its capabilities. The most important differentiating point is that all laser printers make use of solid ink and LED technology and are capable of high quality printing compared with inkjet printers. Top printer brands:

Everything You Might Want to Know About Today’s Spotify Event Headphones, which one would use to listen to music, perhaps, hanging in front of the Spotify logo. (Photograph: Reuters) On Wednesday, Spotify threw a press conference to announce several new features and updates to the service. Below you will find an Explanationer™, containing everything you need to know, might want to know, or didn’t even think about having to know about Spotify’s big day. Who Are We Talking About? Spotify.