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NASA Earth Observatory Home / Images / Image of the Day Image of the Day Mapping Minerals with Light Apr 17, 2014 Looking beyond visible light highlights the mineral geology surrounding China’s Piqiang Fault. Previous Images Left Right Most Popular March | May April 2014 Apr 16, 2014 Five Volcanoes Erupting at Once Apr 15, 2014 Wildfire Burns Valparaiso, Chile Apr 14, 2014 Grand Canyon Geology Lessons on View Apr 13, 2014 Tehuano Winds Apr 12, 2014 Cyclone Ita Approaching Australia Apr 11, 2014 Kilauea Lava Chews Through More Forest Apr 10, 2014 Arctic Sea Ice Maximum 2014 Apr 9, 2014 Kansas Prairie Fires Apr 8, 2014 Alluvial Fan in Kazakhstan Apr 7, 2014 Port Aransas and the Intracoastal Waterway, Texas Apr 6, 2014 Near Miss in Madagascar Apr 5, 2014 Cruising for Ocean Data Apr 4, 2014 “New” Pacific Island Consumes Its Neighbor Apr 3, 2014 Finding Water in Snow Apr 2, 2014 Corridors for Carbon and Critters Apr 1, 2014 Florida Landscapes March May | Browse Topics Browse Images by Month / Year Go Back Go Forward Jan

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National Geographic Photo of the Day February 12, 2012 Photograph by Avinash Upadhyay, My Shot This Month in Photo of the Day: Animal Pictures Earth GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE from JPL Your planet is changing. We're on it. Astronomy Picture of the Day Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2016 April 15 Mercury and Crescent Moon Set Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro (TWAN, Dark Sky Alqueva) Explanation: Innermost planet Mercury and a thin crescent Moon are never found far from the Sun in planet Earth's skies. Photo of the Day, Photo Contest, Photography, Digital Photos Steve'sDigicams Photographer's Note loved the way the colors all fit together paul reinstein

Extreme Weather Photo Contest Winners Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to the first installment of our GPM Extreme Weather Photo Competition. We loved all of your entries and thoroughly appreciate your participation! The GPM Photo Competition Committee is happy to announce our top 5 picks. We’ll be sending the submitters NASA bags and GPM stickers. Please stay tuned for additional contests and activities. Botany Photo of the Day Taisha wrote today's entry. We were both challenged to find the bona fide botanical name for this taxon, and had to give up (no results in the USPTO database, for one), so we left it as a black-fruited selection (read more below). Taisha writes:

Photo of the Day We all know that San Francisco is going through aches and (growing?)/ shrinking artist pains these days as San Francisco property values sky rocket due to the tech infestation going on around the entire Bay Area. Maybe you work in tech and love it, but since this is an art website, we're interested to how this is affecting artists trying to make ends meet. Some galleries have been forced to close due to 300% rent hikes. Total Lunar Eclipse This Weekend—Last One Until 2014 This weekend sky-watchers across most of the globe will have the chance to watch at least some of the last total lunar eclipse until 2014. The entire lunar eclipse will be visible in East Asia, Australia, and the far western portion of North America that includes Alaska and Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories. The spectacle will last nearly three and a half hours, starting on Saturday at 4:45 a.m. Pacific Time.

Here’s why the Mars Curiosity camera is so outdated When we first saw pictures from NASA’s Curosity mission to Mars, many of us asked, “That’s it?” Yes, the images weren’t as detailed as we wanted, but they were from another planet, so we happily gobbled them up. But why does the Mars rover feature paltry 2-megapixel sensors on its main imaging cameras?