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Best of the Best: Banking outlook for 2010

Best of the Best: Banking outlook for 2010

Savings Accounts: Online or old-fashioned savings accounts: What 1st of December 2009 | by RateCity Staff Andrea Sophocleous investigates what makes a savings account the best fit for you. December 1, 2009 Since the introduction of the first online savings account by ING Direct in 1990, Australians have taken to online accounts like ducks to water. Over one million Aussies have an ING Savings Maximiser account, and plenty more have opened online high interest accounts with the likes of the big four banks and other players, such RaboPlus. “Currently 52 percent of the Australian adult population claim to prefer using direct channels to conduct banking activity,” says Gerd Schenkel, general manager of UBank, the online banking arm of NAB. The Commonwealth Bank (CBA), Australia's largest bank, is also enjoying success with its online savings account, NetBank Saver, introduced in 2005. “It grew by 50 percent in the past 61 weeks [to the start of November 2008], and contributed about 75 percent of the overall growth in savings.” Related Links

More Words - Search Dictionary - Word Games Crosswords and Anagrams 5大超強修圖App把照片變得像雜誌內頁! 5大超強修圖App把照片變得像雜誌內頁! 文字:Travis Travie,Ariel |5/28/2014 來源:instagram @bureaubetak,@chiaraferragni,@isabelmarant,@liuwenlw,@mariotestino,@mirandakerr,@rachelzoe,@samrollinson,@songofstyle,@upcloseandstylish Nab launches new savings account - Savings account articles & S National Australia Bank (NAB) has launched another option for those looking to compare bank accounts. The lender is making a new high interest savings account available exclusively online through its UBank offshoot. It claims the facility will offer an “unrivalled” opening interest rate of 5.11 per cent per year. Furthermore, accounts can reportedly be set up within minutes over the internet, rather than having to visit a bank. It explained most adults should be able to complete the registration process within five minutes, noting almost a quarter (23 per cent) of people use online banking already. "We’ve created USaver specifically for [the direct banking] market and expect it to set a new standard for online savings accounts in Australia," explained UBank general manager Gerd Schenkel. The deal will feature no account or dishonour feel and no minimum balance requirement. A number of banks have recently moved to reduce fees.

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Calligraphy Animals by Andrew Fox Basé à Londres, l’illustrateur Andrew Fox a créé cette série d’animaux minimalistes à l’aide de quelques coups de plume de calligraphie. Les animaux sont facilement reconnaissable grace à la grande dextérité de l’artiste qui donne à chaque dessin un vrai caractère. Online Banking Review - Online Banking Review - online banking - Executive Interview: Gerd Schenkel, General Manager, UBank By Charis Palmer OBR: Gerd, you have quite an impressive academic background in science. What made you decide to do your MBA and switch over into business, and finance in particular? GS: I’m not sure about impressive but I studied engineering and the main reason I was interested in exploring options other than engineering was that I discovered I really enjoyed working with people as opposed to with mathematics and machines. Machines are largely predictable but people have a rich spectrum of behaviours and are not as predictable. OBR: Apart from a very loud alarm clock, and the need to pay the bills, what gets you out of bed in the morning? GS: I do enjoy coming to work almost every day and mainly that’s an outcome of the team we’ve built at UBank. OBR: Before NAB you worked with BankWest and Citigroup, so you’ve seen some different strategic approaches to banking. GS: In a way it’s turned out quite well.

The World Wide Website of Ricky Jay As a writer and speaker on subjects as varied as conjuring literature, con games, sense perception and unusual entertainments, Jay has authored numerous articles and has delivered many lecture/ demonstrations. Among his presentations are: at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. November 22, 2005; “Belknap Visitor in the Humanities” at Princeton University speaking on the relationship between magicians and mediums on November 21, 2005; at the New York Institute of Humanities, hosted by Jonathan Miller; the Harold Smith Memorial Lecture at Brown University; "Splendors of Decaying Celluloid" with Errol Morris, Rosamond Purcell and Bill Morrison at the New York Institute for the Humanities. ,for the conference of Police Against Confidence Crime; at the Henry E. at the William Andrew Clark Memorial Library, UCLA; and at Amherst College; at the University of Rhode Island Festival of the Arts; and the keynote address at the International Design Conference in Aspen on

站长工具 - 站长之家 burningpants » Blog Archive » UBank, Me Bank, We All Bank Also launching last month in a green dominated website was NAB’s attempt at consumer chumminess with the aptly named – UBank. UBank is acting as an online deposit taker – selling term deposits to Australians chasing the security and returns offered by cash. CoreData- brandmanagement conducted desktop research last week into all the online deposit takers in Australia and found that the UBank offer was among the best in the market. It was found to be simple, easy to use and seemingly designed by the customer service department of the bank rather than the legal division. One of the interesting things about the website is that it recognises people need to come to making a decision in whatever way suits them. UBank is the only website to feature a phone number on every page and to feature a 24/7 call centre, based in North Sydney with a customer service system that appears to mimic the highly successful British model. Did you like this article?

Bishkek Bishkek (in Kyrgyz and Russian: Бишкéк), formerly Pishpek and Frunze, is the capital and the largest city of Kyrgyz Republic or Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is also the administrative centre of Chuy Province which surrounds the city, even though the city itself is not part of the province but rather a province-level unit of Kyrgyzstan. According to the post-Soviet ideology, the name is thought to derive from a Kyrgyz word for a churn used to make fermented mare's milk (kumis), the Kyrgyz national drink, which is rather debatable. Founded in 1825 as a Khokand fortress of "Pishpek" to control local caravan routes and to get tribute from Kyrgyz tribes, on 4 September 1860 the fortress was destroyed by Russian forces led by colonel Zimmermann, with approval of the Kyrgyz. In 1868 a Russian settlement was founded on the fortress's spot, adopting its original name - Pishpek, within the General Governorship of Russian Turkestan and its Semirechye Oblast. History[edit] Kokhand Rule[edit] Tsarist Era[edit]

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