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Performance Marketing News | PerformanceIN The Book Designer — Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books La Une Les flux rss des principaux journaux en ligne GrowthHackers - A Community for the Growth Obsessed to Connect and Get Inspired Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator - L'actualité à hauteur d'enfants ! Startup Marketing Blog - By Sean Ellis yWriter5 - Free novel writing software to help you write a book This installer will upgrade your version of yWriter5 to, dated 04/Jul/2014 • It doesn't matter whether you run the same installer more than once. • Installing or upgrading yWriter5 will not delete or overwrite your data OR your settings. • There is no need to uninstall yWriter5 before running this updater. • See below for the list of changes yWriter5 is free to download and use, but you're encouraged to register your copy if you find it useful. Download and run yWriter5Upd.exe (1.5mb) to update your copy of yWriter5 to the latest release version. (Please make sure yWriter5 isn't running while you're trying to update it!) If you're updating yWriter5 on non-Windows systems you should visit this page instead. Change Log:If the version number next to an item is newer than, that change is in the latest beta

Make Business Video | Animated Video Production | Creating eBook Bestsellers: Free eBooks | INscribe Digital At BEA, Kelly Peterson moderated a discussion with three panelists, all of them influential in the eBook industry. As a refresher, these are the panelists: Erin Gorham, Digital Account Manager at HarperCollinsNathan Maharaj, Director of Merchandising at KoboSusan Ruszala, President of NetGalley The biggest takeaway? These four areas make up the foundation of success owned by big publishers. Today, we’re going to wrap up our blog series by discussing Free eBooks. The Best Things in Life are Free Free books have been available to readers for centuries: the Library of Alexandria still lives on in legend. Nathan Maharaj mentioned that many Kobo customers download free books as their first reads, but then later move on to paid content, often by the same author. Find Your Niche Erin and Nathan both agree that genre readers are not just voracious readers, but they love free. Three’s Not a Crowd: It’s a Requirement The Exception to that Rule… Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

pressfarm - Find journalists to write about your startup. Free eBook Blog Marketing Digital B2B | Le Blog Kinoa Creating an Authentic Maker Education Rubric While many teachers are excited about the maker movement and may even be creating projects for their classrooms, assessment can be puzzling even to veteran classroom teachers. How can teachers prove that deep, rich learning is occurring through making? How do we justify a grade to students and parents alike, especially to the student who "just isn’t good at art"? By crafting a three-part rubric that assesses process, understanding, and product, teachers can rest assured that they are covering all the bases. Part 1: Process The process of making in the classroom needs to be incorporated in the final grade. Photo credit: Lisa Yokana As part of a recent project in my school's senior-level public policy class, students crafted scale models of Lower Manhattan in preparation for a disaster simulation. Students created a scale model of Lower Manhattan in City 2.0 at Scarsdale High School. Part 2: Understanding Students must demonstrate an understanding of materials and tools. Habits of Mind