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Free crochet patterns

Free crochet patterns
Techniques used in this pattern (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch Double crochet / Single crochet – dc/sc Treble / Double crochet – tr/dc Stitch – st 4 half tr / dc puff stitch – puff st.: yarn over hook, insert hook into space of 1ch and draw yarn up. Repeat this step 3 times (work in the same space ). Yarn over hook and draw through 8 loops, yarn over hook and draw through all loops. Foundation Chain: Multiples of 18 + 2 Row 1: Skip 1ch, * 1dc/sc in next, rep from*, turn. Row 2: 1ch, * 1dc/sc into back loop only of next st; rep from*, turn. Row 3: 1ch, * 1dc/sc into back loop only of next 3st, 2ch, skip 6st, work [ 1tr/dc + 1ch ] – 6 times in the same st, 1tr/dc in the same st, 2ch, skip 6st, 1dc/sc into back loop only of next 2st; rep from *, 1dc/sc into back loop only of last st, turn. Row 6,7 & 8: 1ch, * 1dc/sc into back loop only of next st; rep from*, turn. Row 12 & 13: Repeat Row 6. Repeat rows 2 - 13 until you have reached your desired length. How to Download Instructions ›

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crochet rockstar: Strawberry Stitch Tutorial The inspiration came from Bloggang Strawberry tunisian crochet when the blogger posted her pic and pattern diagram in Thai to an FB group. Everybody wanted to make it but nobody knew how to read Thai. I didn't know either, and neither do I know Tunisian crochet so, I came up with traditional Tapestry Crochet instead, and loo, the result is stunning, with the perfect choice of color! Looks so suave! Flannel Receiving Blankets I’m starting to think that there is something in the water. Friends, left and right, are turning up pregnant. Thrilled with the good news, I’ve become a receivin’-blanket-makin’ machine. No sooner am I done with one, then I am on to the next. With each blanket I find myself guessing baby names, picturing my friends in the role of ‘Mom’ and imagining the nervous excitement of the dads-to-be.

Ribbonberry Crochet Tutorial ~ A Versatile Stitch Pattern It seems somehow unfeeling to sit in a warm, dry house and post a cheerful crochet pattern on a day when so many people are suffering the effects of Hurricane Sandy. My prayers go out for all who are hurt, without power, stranded, bereaved, or suffering the effects of flooding. What have you been crocheting lately? Crochet Grid Stitch Pattern This is one of my favorite stitch patterns. It has great drape, and I’ve made everything from dishcloths to garments with this pattern. It is the basis for my Single Crochet Entrelac technique. I just love it. I’m not sure of the name of it, though, so I’m calling it Grid Stitch. I found it in one stitch dictionary called Background Stitch but that didn’t seem an appropriate name for such a wonderful, versatile, yet simple stitch pattern!

Crochet Bedspread Pattern Hello.. Look how wonderful this crochet quilt!!This quilt is standard version around the world! She is great, perfect for a queen size bed. Beg - Beginningch - Chainsc - Single Crochetdc - Double Crochetsl st - Slip Stitchsp - SpaceBLO - Back Loop Only Crochet: Apache Tears FREE Pattern - Crochet Free Beautifully textured, captivating and fascinating! I’m referring to the strikingly mesmerizing Apache Tears crochet pattern. I’ve had quite a few enquiries in regards to this pattern, so today I thought I’d share my tips and technique with you. It’s not a complicated pattern so let’s get started!

Yarn Conversion Chart – Crochet Hooks You Use this yarn conversion chart only as a guide and I suggest you test with a gauge swatch/tension square for more accurate results. This yarn conversion chart is also useful if you have a pattern that lists a yarn that has a different country measurement scale and you need to convert yarn from one country to another. This chart will also help you become familiar with the different names used between countries for the same types of yarn. Yarn Conversion Chart I hope this is helpful to you. If you can see that something should be added to this yarn conversion chart then leave your suggestions below, they will be reviewed and adjustments will be made if accurate.

Tassel Flowers Tutorial We all love flowers. We love to give them as a gifts and receive as a presents. Flowers present an absolute beauty created by nature itself. If you want to make your own flowers, ones that are going to last longer than natural ones and just as beautiful and appealing than I guess I have an excellent tutorial for you. Pattern crochet baby cardigan Hello Crocheters.. who is always looking for new and improved each time more ... Okay with you? ready for another job.Today's baby Cardigan crochet pattern. Was used a hook and double wool crochet sewing size 4. But stay free to use what you prefer and do different combinations of colors.Use your imagination!!!

How to Add Granny Square Corners to a large circular motif...a mandala may be How to turn a large circle or Mandala into a square using Granny Square corners NOTE: To see how many rows of granny shells you need to add to create each corner place Place your circular motif onto a basic granny square made in the same yarn as the motif to give you an idea of what needs to be added. Divide the circle into 8ths and mark with a length of yarn It's not an exact science but it will give you an idea of what you need to add to the corner markers 4 times. looking at the picture the first row of granny shells need to cover about 6 sts either side of the marker.