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How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell
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29 Creative Ways To Give Kitchen Trash A Second Life Advertisement Meal planning and smart shopping goes a long way toward reducing food waste. Kitchen hacks for extending the lifespan of fresh food help too. But what about the peels, stems, and wrappings we throw away without a second thought? Well those can be upcycled too! 1.

Mood board A mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. They may be physical or digital, and can be "extremely effective" presentation tools.[1] Uses[edit] Mood boards are used by graphic designers to enable a person to visually illustrate the style they are pursuing. However, they can also be used to visually explain a certain style of writing, or an imaginary setting for a storyline. In short, mood boards are not limited to visual subjects, but serve as a visual tool to quickly inform others of the overall "feel" (or "flow") of an idea.

GoodShit › GoodShit Skip to content Home About Archives 10 Web Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2015 1. Longer scrolling sites It hasn’t gone unnoticed that most new site designs published today tend to be longer in length when scrolling through the page. As mobile devices become more popular, it’s becoming more commonplace for sites to opt for scrolling instead of linking as a means to display content, especially on their home pages. It is easier for users to simply scroll through a page to get their information than it is to constantly click to find information. What is a Digital Nomad, and How to Become One Becoming a digital nomad has been a long time dream of mine that I have finally started to work on realizing. A digital nomad, in short, is someone who earns their income entirely online, thus being able to work from anywhere: location independent. To most people this sounds like a hoax, or an impossible myth. To others, it is a whole new world. Work from your couch at home.

25 Examples of Web 2.0 and Traditional Design Rules Coming Together In the large scope of the design world, the term “Web 2.0″ is relatively a new one. With it, comes its own set of standards, some strong, others not so strong, since Web 2.0 in itself is a very fickle, ever-evolving definition of design standards. Countless examples of Web 2.0 sites have broken the rules of what was once considered strong design. On the other hand, in many cases Web 2.0 has strengthened common design misnomers; it places a focus on usability, interface, and readability. At its best, Web 2.0 stands as an equal to the traditional design rules practiced for centuries, though it is no doubt a reflection of our society in its current state of hustle and bustle. Here’s a collection of 25 sites showcasing how Web 2.0 and traditional design practices can come together to form truly stunning websites.

The Meaning of Life by Cliff Pickover The differences between men and women. This is my lastest book: The Book of Black: Black Holes, Black Death, Black Forest Cake, and Other Dark Sides of Life Easily read my latest tweets, for free, here. Return to Pickover's main web page.

Practical Tips for Web and Mobile Usability Tests Jerry Cao is a content strategist at UXPin — a wireframing and prototyping app with built-in usability testing — where he develops in-app and online content for the wireframing and prototyping platform. To learn how to conduct 20 different types of usability tests, check out The Guide to Usability Testing. While most usability testing methods described in The Guide to Usability Testing apply to Web and mobile, we want to describe some of the nuances specific to each medium. Actually, most usability testing methods can be run any product from cloud payment systems to next-generation gaming consoles. You might also like: Bevy Wants to Gather All Family Photos In One Place In this piece, we want to narrow our focus a little so you can best understand how the fundamental differences between how Web and mobile are used require different tactics.

Hippie girl’s packing guide: 10 of my essentials What does it mean to me to be a modern hippie girl? It means I feel as comfortable barefoot as I do in heels. It means I can spend the night at a 5-star resort one night and the next night camp on the beach. It means I am independent and self reliant. Sketchy Wireframes Introduction When it comes to user interface documentation, wireframes have long been the tool of choice. However, using traditional diagramming tools like Visio, OmniGraffle, and InDesign, most wireframes today look the same as their ancestors did from a decade ago – assembled with rigid, computer-drawn boxes, lines and text. While these artifacts have served us well, they can also be slow to produce, burdened with unnecessary detail and give a false impression of “completion.”

Stupid Tech Support Customer: "Hi, I can't seem to connect you guys are you having a problem?"Tech Support: "Well sir, what dialup software are you using?"Customer: "The one you provided."Tech Support: "And what version is it?"Customer: (says the version number)Tech Support: "Oh, that's the problem you need the latest version." The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Without Money To most, the thought of living without money seems impossible, if not altogether terrifying. But a small and growing population of citizens all over the globe are choosing to live that way. Take Heidemarie Schwermer of Germany who has lived without money for 17 years and counting, or Daniel Suelo, who lives in the caves outside Moab, Utah, and hasn't touched money in over a decade. It's impossible to ignore the spark in their eyes when they say their lives are genuinely happier and more abundant without money. Naturally, the money-free life is a debt-free life. But the heart of their decision goes much deeper than freedom from the shackles of debt.

A 6-Step General Process for Producing a Website When it comes to building a website, it helps to have a process to follow, especially if you are just getting started as a web designer. Good guidelines can help you work better by keeping forgetfulness to a minimum. Every designer or company will develop unique components to their web design process over time, but the basics remain the same: learn, plan, design, code, launch and maintain. In this article, I will share my process for designing a website. Before we get into it, let me first share two parallel processes that should be taking place throughout your design process. The first thing you should be doing continuously is seeking feedback.

10 Search Engines to Explore the Deep End of the Invisible Web No, it’s not Spiderman’s latest web slinging tool but something that’s more real world. Like the World Wide Web. The Invisible Web refers to the part of the WWW that’s not indexed by the search engines. Most of us think that that search powerhouses like Google and Bing are like the Great Oracle”¦they see everything. Unfortunately, they can’t because they aren’t divine at all; they are just web spiders who index pages by following one hyperlink after the other.

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