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Living an awesome life

Living an awesome life
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Rock the Monkey: Joe Hudicka on Collaborative Design Conversations | Alphachimp University Our Guest Joe Hudicka has three life goals: 1. To create businesses he loves to be in; 2. To invest most of his time in friends and family; 3. Joe and his team help people think through their ideas of custom software solutions by using visual conversations and virtual scribing to accelerate the design process. On his path as a serial entrepreneur, Joe has spent a lot of time in the world of data and IT management systems. OneLead is launching its brand new product, Quota Crusher, this week. Quota Crusher clients leverage the built in predictive analytics that allow even small to medium-sized companies see patterns of activity and anticipate customer behavior. The entire Hudicka family is engaged in this world of application development and entrepreneurialism.

Inknowation peter senge — kelvy bird (retrieved from a Nov 13, 2010 post on The Value Web site) At the Pegasus Systems Thinking in Action Conference this year, a cross-sector community represented by nearly 500 people from each continent gathered to connect, learn, and reflect in regards to the session theme: “Fueling New Cycles of Success.” We all know in our bones what it’s like to find inspiration from leading thinkers. We follow their books, talks, ideas – seeking to absorb their insights into our own, apply their provocations to our best intent and action. But to recently scribe for some of the people who are most influential to my own facilitation practice brought a kind of mental model and process high. This feeling, combined with a series of truly gut-reaching questions, leads me to share highlights here – so the word can spread and take root in as many concerned global citizens as possible. Here are some threads of particular relevance to the whole of our work:

Formation | Facilitation Graphique Une formation dédiée au scribing, une technique étonnante de la facilitation graphique. Vous avez envie de communiquer autrement, de capturer efficacement l’essence d’une conversation, de faciliter l’émergence et la mémorisation de tous les types de contenus… Alors, n’hésitez pas à vous inscrire à la Formation Scribing! Pour que vous soyez dans les meilleures conditions d’apprentissage, vous serez accompagnés par des praticiens experts de cette technique dans un environnement entièrement dédié à la découverte et la pratique du scribing. Cette formation est développée en collaboration avec Wild is the game. Contenu pédagogique : Principes pédagogiques 1 – L’apprentissage par l’expérimentation : > Alternance de pratique et retours personnalisés (80%), de prise de recul sur son parcours d’apprentissage (10%) et d’apports théoriques (10%). Durée : 3 joursNombre limité de places Prérequis : Cette formation s’adresse à tous.

RESOURCES >> Jeannel King, Graphic Recording and Visual Meeting FacilitationJeannel King – Big Picture Solutions I use what I recommend. All the resources listed here are ones I personally use and like. No blind recommendations or paid endorsements here! t6cao | Parce que #REF dans ta gueule TEDxNashville 2013 – Next | Alphachimp University On Saturday, April 6th, 2013, TEDxNashville hosted its fourth annual event titled “Next” at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Distinguished leaders in technology, entertainment, design, science, art, education, government, public policy, healthcare and other areas shared their remarkable thoughts and ideas focused on creating positive changes in our society. ABOVE: a time-lapse video of Alphachimp University’s lead instructor Peter Durand scribing for 18 presenters and performers at TEDxNashville on April 6, 2013. The soundtrack of the video is taken from a 2005 performance by Matt Mahaffey, one of the 2013 TEDxNashville presenters. See all images on Flickr See Flickr Set | View Slideshow Mike Farris | Bob Ezrin | Erik QualmanDr. Scott Huler | Jeremy Kane | Rashad RayfordAndrea Guerrero | David C. Todd May | Anna Nekaris | Matt MahaffeySybril Bennett | Charles Holt About TEDx Nashville More at

Margaux Motin Research on the Value of Visual Practice Click on the image to open the report on the research on the value of visual practice. In the midst of my state of buried in books, research, work and (well) life, I was asked by a colleague where the link to my research on the value of visual practice could be accessed. The data was posted, but my process and finding were written up and I have posted the pdf here to share. In the 6 months between when this was submitted and now, there have been several great books and articles that further strengthen the argument for the visual practice. My research with the visual practice, focusing on how it supports leadership and global teams using social technologies, continues as piece of my dissertation.

BD de Maé The Grove | Ideas and Resources Copyright Policy The Grove’s models and templates are the intellectual property of The Grove Consultants International and are based on best practices drawn from more than thirty years of fieldwork. The Grove is committed to sharing its ideas, processes, and tools in order to foster collaboration, and while we strive to make these easily accessible, only authorized licensees may use our proprietary information and materials. Such licensees must acknowledge The Grove as their source by displaying a Grove copyright notice and may reproduce such proprietary information only with our express written permission. Any unauthorized reproduction or use of our copyrighted material without The Grove’s express written permission is a violation of U.S. copyright law. If you wish to use our copyrighted material, we are happy to assist you with a purchase or discussion of an appropriate licensing arrangement.

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