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School Techie: 5 Great Simple Machines Sites Number BalanceGrades: 1-3 Summary: Use the idea of the sea saw to balance the equation. Great way to show the students which side has a the greater sum. How to integrate: Shared, Modeled Make XGrades: 3-5Summary: Arrange the cards and arithmetic signs into a formula that makes X. You can use any of the operations to reach the goal. Top rated maths activities - Top rated maths activities Mean from Frequency Tables Compound Interest Calculator Activities for Teaching Fractions with Legos We’ve been doing all kinds of math with Legos, and most recently it’s been fractions! Gresham (2nd grade) is new to fractions, and so we used Lego bricks to look at fractions from a variety of angles. It’s really easy to build fractions with Legos. We built 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 by making towers with Lego bricks. I also created a simple fractions “worksheet” for Gresham by using a base plate and 2×2 Lego bricks.

Using & Applying < Maths Zone - Free Cool Learning Games for School Symbols & Formulae Problem solving Money Equivalence How to make a Multiplication Tower - Navigating By Joy 02 Mar 2014 Do you have projects pinned that you’ve been meaning to do for years? Multiplication towers was one of mine. Topmarks Search A fantastic free resource to support maths and science at Key Stages 3 and 4. There are wonderful interactive activities and study notes. Figure Me Out Math Activity - Teaching Heart Blog Teaching Heart Blog 23 Apr Getting ready to finish out the year in third grade. When I start I want to do a few get to know you type of activities that are meaningful. I was pin-inspired by this activity seen here. So I started by making printables to create a board I could use for years to come…. I laminated the titles, questions, and numbers.

KS2 - 'Maths on Target' by Stephen Pearce New Curriculum 2014 We are currently writing new material for the curriculum changes to come into effect September 2014. These new books will follow our very successful Maths on Target series written by Stephen Pearce and will be called 'Target Your Maths.' Sample pages will be available soon. We hope to have these books available for purchase by September 2014. Maths on Target by Stephen Pearce (published 2008) Catch of the Day - The Maths Zone - June 30, 2010 The Maths Zone website brings together and organizes a variety of free resources located on the Internet which can be used for teaching mathematics. The Maths Zone groups together resources from numerous sites in sections sorted by age level and topic to form a repository of interactive games and other activities for teaching math skills to learners aged 5-16. Content intended for young learners (KS1/2, ages 5-11) is grouped by the following topics: counting and number sense, number facts, calculating, shapes, measuring, handling data, and using and applying math. For older students (KS3/4, ages 11-16), content is categorized as tools, number sense, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, algebra, geometry, and data handling. The Maths Zone also includes a section that summarizes the key mathematics objectives for years 1-6.