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The Secret to Ultra-Sharp Photos

The Secret to Ultra-Sharp Photos
The following post on The Secrets to Ultra-Sharp Photos is by San Francisco based photographer Jim M. Goldstein. Learn more about him at the end of this post. As previously noted the best photo tip I ever received had to do with sharpness and up until the time in which I received this tip I had little understanding of how to consistently get sharp photos. I’ll never forget when I was a teenager I borrowed my mothers film SLR and ventured out into Yosemite valley while on a family vacation to photograph flowers, the landscape, etc. A couple weeks later when I got the film back almost all my photos were out of focus. Whether you’re using film or digital cameras the optics of lenses hasn’t changed as optics are all about math and physics. “When the lens is focused on the hyperfocal distance, the depth of field extends from half the hyperfocal distance to infinity.” – Photography, Phil Davis, 1972. where H is hyperfocal distance f is focal length N is f-number c is the circle of confusion limit

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3 Steps to Photoshop Retouching for Natural Looking Portraits In the world of photography, editing and retouching are just as important as the imagery itself. Every image that you see published has been through its fair share of post-processing before it is seen by the public. If photographers didn’t retouch their images, it would be like a painter presenting his sketches instead of the finished painting. With the fast moving technology of today, extraordinary images are everywhere, every day. Even with perfect lighting, and preparation work, a final image always receives some post-production attention.

7 Bright Ways How to Shoot Street Photography at Night On my Facebook fan page, I asked my readers what they wanted to have a blog post on. There were several of you who mentioned an article about how to shoot street photography at night. Van Gogh once famously said, “I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.” I definitely feel that the same applies in street photography. I love shooting at night, because I feel that is when you can capture the true soul of the urban jungle–when street lights illuminate and people are on the prowl. Keep reading to see more tips on how to shoot street photography at night:

How to Make Unique Portraits Using Light Painting Using the surprisingly simple technique of light painting you can create a wide variety of portrait styles using only a small flashlight as your light source. I should warn you though, light painting of all kinds can be highly addictive. Once you start, you may not be able to stop. Light painted portrait How to Hold Your Camera: Tips from a Chiropractor As a chiropractor, I’m always looking for improved biomechanics that reduce injury and fatigue. Proper camera technique increases stability, improves capture quality and protects your joints from repetitive microtrauma. The techniques I’ll be sharing work best for left eye dominant photography. If you have always been right eye dominant, experiment with using your left eye. Tutorial: Create Glow in the Dark Mason Jars for Your Next DIY Photo Experiment When we saw this photo for the first time on 500px, it was an instant favorite that we immediately added to Editors’ Choice. Since then, photographer Luca Gerda László has been inundated with requests to share the secret behind her glow in the dark mason jars. Lucky for you, the big secret is about to unravel… The image above is one of my “most famous” photos and I got lots of requests on how I made these glowing jars. I decided to do a step-by-step tutorial for you and I hope that it will help you to achieve a similar result.

A Beginner's Introduction to Wide Angle Photography Today we're going to take a step back and view the art of photography through a much wider perspective, which is a terribly pun-filled way to say that this article will examine the basic concept of wide angle photography. We'll take a look at what wide angle photography is, why you should try it, some considerations to keep in mind and finally a few lenses to get you started. Republished Tutorial Master These Five Lightroom Sliders and Your Photos Will Pop Have you ever opened up Lightroom (or any other professional level editing program) and said, “Oh my – where do I start?” If so then this post is probably right up your alley. Today I’m going to show you how to take the process out of processing photos and how you can get some great results simply by learning how a handful of sliders work.

How to Shoot Light Trails One of the first subjects that I remember trying to capture as a teenager with my first SLR camera (film) was light trails created by cars on a busy road near my home. I’d seen this type of shot in a photography magazine and was impressed by the eye catching results. Light Trails continue to be popular subject matter for many photographers and they can actually be a great training ground for those wanting to get their cameras out of manual mode and to experiment with shooting in low light at longer exposures. Tips for Photographing in Different Weather Conditions You’ve figured out that photography is awesome. You have your equipment. You’ve got the basics down. Brand Name Versus Third-Party Photography Gear: Which is better? Not long ago, there were two types of camera accessories to buy: brand items designed by known manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon, OR third-party items of questionable quality that you’d likely buy only if you were on a tight budget. Today, this situation has changed, with third-party manufacturers such as Sigma and Tamron stepping up their game and producing alternatives that even serious professionals have begun using. Still, the question remains: does the brand name truly matter when it comes to camera accessories? Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of each side. Keep in mind that this is a highly debatable topic, and this is just a short list of general pros and cons for using brand name and third-party items.