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Greg's Cable Map 10 Best Facebook Campaigns Facebook marketing campaigns seem to be going all warm, caring and fluffy recently as brands realize that solving problems and helping those in need can be a very effective marketing tactic. Three of the Facebook campaigns in this list have an altruistic reason behind their campaigns, from donating $500,000 each to 20 schools to raising funds for the “Make A Wish Foundation”. The marketing goals for the Facebook pages vary but quite often the simple goal of just increasing their fan count to their Facebook page seems to be top of the list as brands have worked out very quickly that being able to communicate to 1,000′s or even millions of fans via a simple status update is very efficient highly leveraged marketing. Companies have also realized that people’s main reason for becoming a fan for the most part is not so charitable, but is about having access to the latest special offers and freebies. 10 Best Facebook Campaigns 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Etude Burson-Marsteller : 84 % des grandes entreprises internationales sont désormais présentes sur les medias sociaux – Burson-Marsteller – France Etude Burson-Marsteller : 84 % des grandes entreprises internationales sont désormais présentes sur les medias sociaux de Véronique Masson le 15 février 2011 • Actualités, Communiqués de presse, Insights & Reports Les grandes entreprises internationales sont de plus en plus adeptes des medias sociaux (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs d’entreprises ou autres réseaux spécialisés), selon une étude réalisée par Burson-Marsteller pour la 2ème année consécutive, sur les 100 premières entreprises du classement Fortune. Lire la suite du communiqué Pour accéder à l’analyse complète des résultats, consultez ce lien : Nonprofit Tech 2.0 :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

The Battle Continues: Samsung To Appeal Apple’s European Injunction As expected, Samsung has decided to fight back against Apple’s preliminary injunction to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the European Union (excluding the Netherlands). On August 25, the rumble continues, as Samsung will go to court in Dusseldorf, Germany to appeal the court’s decision, reports the Wall Street Journal. It’s been a long and bloody fight so far, with both sides losing quite a bit of ground. The GalTab is widely regarded as the strongest competitor to the iPad, and Apple’s widespread control of the tablet market is certainly threatened by this new Samsung slate. I whole-heartedly believe that Apple has every right to defend its trade dress, and I also believe that some of Samsung’s new products (the GalTab 10.1 and Galaxy S II smartphone, included) very closely resemble the look and feel that Apple has spent so much time establishing. At the same time, Apple tends to overreach. In any case, we’re the ones with the most to lose.

How Fukushima's Radioactive Cloud Influenced My Country What Is Facebook Becoming? Via: Online Schools Facebook surrounds us. Most major media channels, brands, organizations, trade groups, non-profits and institutions have a presence on Facebook. Besides being on Facebook everyone is pointing everybody to “connect” with them and their audience on Facebook. Over 70% of the US population is on Facebook and the exchange of daily conversational activity is staggering. This continued behavior ought to make us ask what is Facebook becoming rather than what is Facebook today. Revolutionary Representation The activities generated via Facebook and the represented influence on the human network point to revolutionary change in human behavior, market interactions and consumption. The significance and meaningful representation of Facebook’s activity has more to do with the world we live in than it has to do with Facebook. Human interactions are necessary for life as we define it. While the rise of activity on Facebook is significant it is only a representation of the moment.

10 étapes pour intégrer une Iframe App plutôt qu’un onglet FBML sur sa Page Facebook Bonjour à toutes et à tous. Les plus attentifs d’entre-vous l’auront probablement remarqué, Facebook a accompagné l’annonce de l’arrivée de ses nouvelles Fan-Pages par celle de la disparition future du FBML. En d’autres termes, à partir du 11 Mars prochain, il vous sera impossible de faire appel à des applications telles que Static FBML afin de créer vos onglets personnalisés sur Facebook (les onglets déjà créés étant néanmoins maintenus pour une durée indéterminée). Facebook fait désormais confiance aux Iframes, c’est à dire à la retranscription d’une page web « A » sur une page web « B ». A l’heure actuelle, la situation est un petit peu particulière : vous avez encore quelques jours pour profiter du FBML et il n’existe pas encore d’application fiable prenant le relai de Static FBML afin de personnaliser facilement un onglet Iframe. Que diriez-vous alors de prendre le taureau par les cornes et de créer votre propre Iframe App sur Facebook ? Des FBML Tabs aux Iframe Apps Iframe Apps ?

targeting sharing Facebook Quietly Updates Platform Policies – Developers, No Linking To Its Competitors! Facebook made some noteworthy changes to its Platform policies on the 27th of July 2011, adding a couple of new terms developers need to take into account when building apps for the Facebook Platform. Facebook appears not to have communicated the revisions on its developer outreach blog or forum as far as I can tell, and astonishingly, nobody seems to have noticed the policy updates whatsoever (save for one eagle-eyed blogger). Here are two items that were added to the Platform Policy: “I.10. This is another step to force Facebook Credits upon application developers, who can now no longer provide users with virtual currency in exchange for playing a game, participating in a poll or watching a video provided by a third party. But more interesting is this one: “I.11. Read that again. For the record, this is in line with Facebook’s advertising guidelines, which state that ads that promote competing products or services will be rejected. A Facebook spokesperson posits:

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