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How Old Do I Look?

How Old Do I Look?

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5 must have free unity3d Plugins/Assets - Ezelia Unity3D is an awesome game engine, and it’s available for free for indie developers. it also has a huge asset store where you can find almost everything, most of the plugins are paid, but some of them are available for free. and bellow is a list of some of the best free Unity3D plugins. 1 – Unity-chan! model This anime style model is good for prototyping a game, it includes ready to use 74 animations, poses and emotions! EtherShark™ Tap Aggregating Full Duplex Ethernet Tap from Tiny, Portable & Affordable... Store VoIP packets using the EtherShark™ Tap and Wireshark, then listen to the actual call the user is complaining about from captured packets, later! Since you can't see network problems with your bare eyes, the only way to fix a lot of network problems is to put captured packets of data on a screen, using a Network Sniffer. If your network is slow, if there are database connectivity problems, if your VoIP sounds like garbage, if you think there's malware stealing private data from your network, it's time to break out the only tool that will let you see what's wrong. You could waste days, weeks or months trying to figure out what's wrong with your network without the right tool! They say time is money.

5 Best VPN Software For Windows 10 User Ratings: [Total: 0 Average: 0/5] Here’s a list of 5 best VPN software for Windows 10 which you can use to hide your identity and protect your privacy online when browsing the web. VPN stands for virtual private network and is basically an upgrade over proxies because on average they offer greater stability and improved browsing speeds. Options for setting up a VPN exist in Windows, but the applications that I tested here today will help automate the setup, make it easy to switch VPN on/off, and in some cases they also provides a free VPN service to go alongside software.

Must know, free assets for Unity3d game developers Hi guys, this time I want to list a few of the assets and libraries that I've implemented in our latest game called "Endless Machina" that will be released in the Iphone, Ipad and Android smartphones really soon. I'll talk about the game when we release it but right now I want to talk to you about this functionality that you can use in your game. Just click the title if you want to check it out. 1. Everyplay

[Excel] Trying to break down an IP address into it's octets in E - Microsoft said by DOStradamus: Some of Excel's functions have weird names, so I just go to VBA (Macro -> Visual Basic Editor) if A3 has in it=Octet(A3,2) in a cell yields 168 Wow, that was quick. I appreciate the Quick response.I was thinking VBA was the way to go, but my codingskills have became rather rusty. I've been meaningto learn (retrain my brain), past 10 years, I've beenmainly working in the networking side of things,configuring and trouble shooting Cisco routers andswitches.

Hearing test detecting high frequencies - INSIDER Have you ever feared that your hearing might not be in tip-top shape anymore because of all the music you blast from your earbuds? Well this test can show the relative "age" of your hearing as well as the damage you've done to your ability to detect high frequencies. To make sure you hear the sounds perfectly, make sure to: Be in a quiet environmentHave a strong internet connectionWear high quality over-the-ear headphones Depending on the quality of your internet connection, some of the frequencies might not play. Godot Engine – Features Use Your Eyes: Work inside a simple, yet flexible and feature rich editor, with tools popping up to aid you when needed. Uncluttered UI, where most tools are context-sensitive.Huge amount of tools to aid you and your team in content creation.Editor designed not only for programmers, but for artists,animators, level designers, graphic designers, game designers, etc.Built-In documentation browser and code editor to avoid distractions. Multi-Platform Editor: Develop games using your favorite operating system:

Backup, Data Protection & Recovery Software Analyst Report - Mobile File Sharing: Balancing Productivity, Security and Control. Learn how to empower employees to be productive yet keep data protected. Free Book: Backup for Dummies provides an in-depth look at the intricacies of data backup and recovery in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Free Analyst Report: Global IDC Disaster Recovery Study reveals how small and medium-sized environments are addressing today’s challenges across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Free White Paper: Learn how Simplifying Server Workload Migrations can help you easily and safely migrate to new operating systems and hypervisors.

Datawrapper Easy to use Upload your data, choose a chart or map and publish - done. There are options to use this tool for free and paid services for single users, teams and organizations. Internet usage tracking for your home network with DU Meter and Internet data caps are a sad reality for many Internet users these days, and frankly we hate them as much as you do. These pesky monthly limits are especially troublesome if you have several computers at home. Your Internet provider will of course let you know when you’re over your monthly cap, however they cannot tell you which computer is responsible. From the outside, all computers on your internal home network appear as just one computer, so even if your provider wanted to provide more detailed information, they can not. One of the key features of our newly-released DU Meter 6.0 is ability to collect Internet usage statistics from several computers, aggregate that data, and present you with the complete view of your Internet usage, across all computers in your home. We needed a central point to collect, store and process all these statistics.

User Interface Design Categories Apple (51)Mac OSX, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPadWindows (15)Microsoft, Windows Phone, MetroPSD (392)Adobe Photoshop, PS, LayeredHTML (97)HTML5, Marked up, TemplateCSS (102)Cascade style sheet, CSS3, WebkitjQuery (58)Java script, JS, JSPVector (25)Adobe Illustrator, AI, EPS, SVG, PDF UI Elements Color Themes Find the Postal Address of any Location on Google Maps Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps Internally, the tool uses the Geocoding features of Google Maps to find the address of a particular point. When you drag the marker, the geographic coordinates of that place are passed to the Geocoding API of Google Maps which then translates the location coordinates into a human-readable physical address. Type the city name, partial postal address or even the zip code in the search box and hit Enter to quickly jump to any particular region on the map.Put the latitude and longitude values into Google Earth to know the date when the satellite images were taken.Copy-paste the latitude and longitude values of a place from Google Maps into Bing Maps, switch to the Aerial views and compare the satellite imagery.