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Executive Command Ever wanted to be President for a day? In Executive Command, you can be President for four years! Check out the game trailer HERE. French conversation Idiomatic French conversation is very challenging. I’m on record as saying that spoken French is very simple. The grammar is pretty straightforward. And you can get by with a small number of words. 3D Shapes . Polyhedron There are many types of three-dimensional shapes. You've surely seen spheres and cubes before. In this lesson, you'll learn about polyhedra — three-dimensional shapes whose faces are polygons — and you'll also learn about two special types of polyhedra: prisms and pyramids.

Why the Switch to OER Is Easier Than You Think Textbooks Why the Switch to OER Is Easier Than You Think Taking into account library articles, web links, videos, simulations and more, many courses are already using a number of open education resources — and the move to full OER doesn't necessarily mean a total revamp, according to research out of Excelsior College. By Dian Schaffhauser11/09/16 A recent survey of 3,000 faculty members by Babson College reported that six in 10 instructors (58 percent) were "generally unaware" of open educational resources (OER).

MSPhysics 0.9.5 (31 October 2016) MSPhysicsMSPhysics is a real-time physics simulation plugin for SketchUp, similar to SketchyPhysics. Unlike SketchyPhysics, MSPhsyics is a written completely from scratch, integrating the latest NewtonDynamics physics SDK. The differences between the two is that MSPhysics is a lot faster, has a far more advanced scripting API, and comes with a reliable Replay animation tool. Furthermore MSPhysics uses AMS Library, which on the Windows side, allows taking control over user input, such as mouse and keyboard, and switching SketchUp fullscreen.

The Raptor Reloaded – Enabling The Future The team behind the original Raptor has released the Raptor Reloaded, an updated and re-factored version of the Raptor Hand. The entire device was modeled in Fusion 360, a free CAD tool that can import and export most standard solid body modeling formats such as STEP and IGES. By designing the hand in a tool compatible with numerous CAD packages, we hope to lower the barrier to contribution to the e-NABLE project for engineers and designers. Previously, if a designer wanted to make a small adjustment to a part of a hand, they’d have to rebuild the entire part in their CAD software before they could make the change. Now they can download the source files and just spend their time making the specific change they had in mind.

Briefing: Accessibility, the Chafee Amendment, and Fair Use The Fifth Principle in the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries is entitled "Reproducing material for use by disabled students, faculty, staff, and other appropriate users." It describes in some detail the circumstances in which making and providing copies of collection materials in formats that are accessible to persons with disabilities constitutes fair use, as well as certain limitations to which that general principle is subject. The accompanying text notes that for persons with non-print disabilities (hearing-impaired individuals who need close-captioned or narrated video, for example), fair use may be the only available alternative. It also suggests that there is clear authority for treating the preparation and making available of accessible copies as a fair use under Sec. 107. What, then, is the importance of fair use?

Module 1: Introduction – Open Washington: Open Educational Resources Network Greetings! Welcome to How to use Open Educational Resources, a self-paced workshop. So, what is this course all about? This course walks you through techniques to incorporate Open Educational Resources (OER) into your teaching practice. hands-on experiments Ciênsação has been developed with the support of UNESCO Brasil to promote a culture of short hands-on experiments and skill-fostering science education. We understand that the pressure of a dense curriculum and the urge to prepare for the next exam leave little time for elaborated experiments. Experienced teachers have therefore compiled this collection of short research activities – taking usually less than 10 minutes to complete – that you can easily integrate into your day-to-day teaching. These student research activities are a bit different from experiments you may find on YouTube or in text books. They are specifically designed to foster skills like analytical thinking and task oriented team work.

Go-Lab Portal The Go-Lab Portal represents the technical framework of the Go-Lab Project. It offers science teachers and their students the opportunity to conduct personalized scientific experiments with help of numerous innovative teaching tools and resources. The Go-Lab Portal enables school teachers to find appropriate online labs and supportive inquiry learning apps and to assemble the selected tools in customizable Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs) structured according to the phases of the Inquiry Learning Cycle.