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Early childhood and schools How can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools? TALIS helps answer this question by asking teachers and school leaders about their working conditions and the learning environments at their schools. Read more Through our PISA for Development project, adapted survey instruments will be developed to allow developing countries to assess 15-year-olds' skills in the key subjects of reading, math and science, while at the same time providing countries with an opportunity to build their capacity to manage student assessment and improve their school systems. Read more

Quiz your English Key features: Go head-to-head with other players from around the world, challenge your friends through social media, and quiz your English language skills.Battle it out over a range of general English topics and grammar, or brush up ready for your test by selecting an exam-specific topic.Earn Achievements as you progress - how far can you go?Play for free, or make in-app purchases to reveal exclusive new content packs.Content developed by Cambridge Assessment English, the producer of IELTS. Exam level: A2 Key, A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary, B1 Preliminary for Schools, B2 First, B2 First for Schools, C1 Advanced, and IELTS 4.0 - 6.5 CEFR level: A1–C1 Skills practised: Vocabulary and grammar Empower, and Grammar and Beyond content, produced by Cambridge University Press

21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts “Let's face it; by and large math is not easy, but that's what makes it so rewarding when you conquer a problem, and reach new heights of understanding.” Danica McKellar As we usher in the start of a new school year, it’s time to hit the ground running in your classes! Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020 What is the EU's role in education & training? Each EU country is responsible for its own education and training systems. EU policy is designed to support national action and help address common challenges, such as ageing societies, skills deficits in the workforce, technological developments and global competition. Education and training 2020 (ET 2020) is the framework for cooperation in education and training.

Start Here – RealLife English You’ll find that RealLife has A LOT of to offer. This page is your map and introduction to all the different aspects of this movement, so you can take full advantage of all of our resources and learning materials. With the RealLife Blog, we’ve published over 500,000 words (in 6 languages), 24 hours of audio learning material, and 5 hours of video lessons. The RealLife Global Movement, on the other hand, has brought together tens of thousands of teachers and learners, both online an in-person, all with a mission to inspire, empower, and connect the world through English. This page will introduce you to all the different resources RealLife has to offer, including: Exploring Geometry by Coding With @gosphero & @tickleapp In this article I would like to dissect the Math curriculum here in Ontario and focus on the process of mathematics. From the Ontario curriculum document: Problem Solving Problem solving is central to learning mathematics.

Media Education and the Media Educator When we look at the current state of media education, we usually discuss students’ digital and media literacy competencies that include the abilities to access, analyze, create, reflect upon, and act on media messages (Hobbs, 2010). Media education practices involve demystifying media messages and learning to use media wisely through activities of evaluation, composition, introspection, and civic engagement. By combining media education practices with the advocacy of UDL, we will have a powerful pedagogy that will not only promote students’ learning, but also use inclusion and differentiated instruction to help students become active citizens in the digital era. Little has been written on the connection between UDL and media education. However, the links between the instructional design of lessons for all students and the critical analysis, expression, and reflection on media messages are gradually explored (Dalton, 2017).

Found Poetry with Rap Albums What is hip-hop if not poetry? Using poems in class is something that I do not try often enough, but I was inspired to create a found poetry lesson by The Teacher James. The premise of this activity is simple enough: use album titles to make a short, simple poem. You may use any genre of music, but of course, this post will focus exclusively on some of my favorite hip-hop records. There are a number of ways teachers can use this in class. The Teacher Who Believes Math Equals Love : NPR Ed What makes a great teacher great? That's the question at the heart of 50 Great Teachers, from the NPR Ed Team. For her trigonometry class, Sarah Hagan (center) uses everything but the kitchen sink: a flower pot, garbage basket, rolls of tape, rubber balls, even loose spaghetti. Elissa Nadworny/NPR hide caption

Unit 1.1 Leadership vs. management Introduction We know from research into effective schools across the world that the most successful head teachers both lead and manage the people in their schools. If we are to have a decentralised education system in UNRWA schools, we need to be clear about which tasks are mostly about management and which are mostly about leadership, in order to encourage you to develop responsibility and accountability within your school.