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Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger

Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger

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Voltaic Systems Blog – Solar DIY and Device Charging We’ve been working with a company called Cam-Do on how to power a GoPro camera for extended timelapse photography projects where battery life is a limiting factor. Our setup is now being used out on Jamaica Bay to monitor horshoe crabs, more pictures to come. Here’s what’s in the Kit and its purpose: - Waterproof Enclosure (made by Cam-Do) keeps the GoPro and Voltaic battery Dry - Scheduler (made by Cam-Do) turns the GoPro on and off based on a programmable schedule - 3.4 Watt Solar Panel (made by Voltaic) charges the Voltaic battery - V15 USB Battery (made by Voltaic) stores power from the panel and charges the GoPro We’re pretty pleased with how it turns out, but give yourself a week or two to setup and test the system so that you’re happy with the way everything fits together. Three important tips to making sure it works well.

Fisker Automotive The Space Frame: A multi-tiered approach to your safety. A lightweight, aluminum Space Frame creates an almost impenetrable cage around both passengers and internal components, such as the battery pack. This allows the Karma to exceed global crash-protection standards. In addition, its strength and rigidity directly contribute to overall handling capabilities, thus empowering the driver to avoid accidents in the first place. 8 airbags: Safety in numbers.

Product Card Rock the park Or the campsite or the backyard. Wherever there’s sun, you’ve got an instant party. Connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth® enabled device and start blasting your favorite tunes in stereo sound. FocusMaker DSLR Focusing Tool FM01 B&H Photo Video International Pricing Disclaimer Our price and the price displayed on the Comparison Shopping Site may not always match due to fluctuation in exchange rates. Please note: We do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the foreign currencies information. Empulse Electric Motorcycle The 2014 Empulse is an evolution of the highly acclaimed, award winning 2013 Empulse. With its unique water cooled motor, six speed gearbox and integrated J1772 rapid charging, the Empulse remains as the market leader in the category. A top speed of 110mph (177kph) and a 3kW onboard charger means the Brammo Empulse retains its crown as the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production both riding and charging.

Solar Powered Desk Fan By Solar Technology By Anita (EnviroGadget Writer) on March 8th, 2010 This Solar Powered Desk Fan made by Solar Technology has been crafted from perspex. The fan takes advantage of even a small amount of light from a desk lamp to turn its blades and keep you cool. The Solar Powered Desk Fan is delivered in kit form, from pieces of laser cut perspex that can be easily slotted together by following the instructions provided. The solar panel has been placed on the back of the fan, and though some thought should be used concerning the placement of the solar panel to take advantage of any natural or artificial light source, it is important to place it where you will benefit from the fans breeze.

Best lenses for GH4 Hi, I'm getting ready to purchase a GH4. I will be using it primarily for directing and producing my own horror and comedy films, but I also need a nice stills lens to take photos of the vintage dirtbikes and parts that i sell online and for pics of my family and such. I am a learning about the different features of cameras and lenses, but I am buying a camera next week so I would like to get some quick advice from some more knowledgeable folk before I make a purchase. Based on what I will be using the camera for, can anyone tell me how I would achieve a 35 or super 35 equivalent with and without a metabones speedbooster? Should I get one? I plan to buy the speedbooster when they release one that is optimized for the GH4, so I hope that one of the lenses I buy now will still be capable of 35 mm with the booster.

Green up your Apple iPad with a Solar Charger By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on April 10th, 2010 Apple fanatics worldwide have been anxiously waiting for the day that the iPad becomes available, and finally it’s here! The Apple iPad allows you to surf the Internet, read books, look at maps, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Those who are concerned for the environment are thrilled by the fact that the iPad is more eco-friendly than most electronic devices. Apple has worked hard to design the iPad with features that will reduce its environmental impact. MindShift Gear rotation180&deg Horizon 34L Backpack 215 B&H The charcoal lightweight rotation180˚ Horizon 34L Backpack from Mind Shift Gear features a detachable rotating beltpack that allows for quick-access to your camera gear while still wearing your backpack. The rotating beltpack holds a DSLR with an attached lens, an additional lens between padded dividers and an up to 10" tablet behind a padded divider at the back. Simply swing the beltpack around to return it to the backpack and secure it in place via a magnetic tab. On shorter outings, the rotating beltpack may be worn separately.

SolarGorilla Solar Charger - Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger Introducing the New SolarGorilla - Solar Laptop Charger & Solar Cell Phone Charger Solargorilla's 24 volt and 5 volt USB socket make it the ultimate renewable power station for your laptop, mobile phone, iPod and many more devices. Solar gorilla solar charger works via two PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, which generate electric current when they are exposed to light. The green LED on the solargorilla indicates the strength of charge - the more UV intensity - the better it will work! The technically advanced solar panels ensure superb power and reliable performance, all housed in a tough outer casing. Please Note: To use with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook you will need an Apple MagSafe Airline our related items tab above.

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