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Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating
2. Eat as much home-cooked food as possible, which should be prepared according to Rule 1. Eating at home allows you to avoid processed ingredients more easily. It allows you full control over what you eat, and allows you to choose the flavors you prefer. You’re much less likely to stuff yourself silly if you eat home-cooked food. I’m not saying this is easy. Photo 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I’ve avoided treating any food like the devil. All of these rules are subtly trying to get you to be more conscious of what you’re eating. One other thing: Don’t judge what others eat. People are very different. I’m curious what readers think of these. Continue reading the main story

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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Carrots Carrots are more than a tasty addition to soups, salads and juices. They are also good for your body’s overall health, especially that of the skin, eyes, digestive system and teeth! So if the sweet flavor isn’t enough, enjoy these 10 reasons to eat more carrots: 1. Beta carotene: Carrots are a rich source of this powerful antioxidant, which, among other vital uses, can be converted into vitamin A in the body to help maintain healthy skin. 2.

5 Ways To Boost Your Energy With Food The most common complaint I hear from people is that they are exhausted or have low energy. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can give your energy a significant boost. Here are some of my favorites: Give Your Mitochondria a Boost: Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally-occurring substance in our bodies and in some foods that is necessary to provide energy to our cells. Inside our cells there is a micro-sized energy manufacturing facility known as the mitochondria. The Happiness Code Last summer, three dozen people, mostly programmers in their 20s, gathered in a rented house in San Leandro, Calif., a sleepy suburb of San Francisco, for a lesson in ‘‘comfort-zone expansion.’’ An instructor, Michael Smith, opened the session with a brief lecture on identity, which, he observed, can seem immutable. ‘‘We think we behave in certain ways because of who we are,’’ he began.

Umeboshi Is Great For Your Health We all strive to consume a more well-rounded, macrobiotic diet. However, our diets and lifestyles are not always pristine. We get stressed. We eat junk. The Genius of the Coen Brothers' Movies Explained On my fourth or fifth viewing of No Country For Old Men, I noticed something in the insanely tense gas-station-coin-toss scene that blew my mind: All the hoses behind the store keeper, who is inevitably spared by Chigurh the killer, look like hanging nooses. I hadn't noticed it before. But there they were, ominously foreshadowing the death about to unfold. Are Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Healthier Than Fresh? It may seem like a natural assumption that fresh fruits and vegetables are more nutritious. But research shows this can be a false assumption. Frozen fruits and vegetables can be more nutritious than their unprocessed counterparts. Brief Overview of Commercial Freezing Processes

fastcompany On a trip to Moscow, one of my Russian colleagues whispered to me, "Erin, you might want to smile less while in public." When I looked questioningly at her, she responded, "We Russians have a saying: 'If a person smiles at you on the street, you know that that person is either crazy—or American.'" Different cultures use different types of behavior when they interact with strangers for the first time. That can dramatically increase the stakes on some of the early encounters between international colleagues and potential business partners. Something as simple as small talk suddenly becomes a make-or-break situation: Either blow your first impression completely, or start building trust right away.

22 Delicious High-Fiber Foods Fiber is incredibly important. It escapes digestion in the stomach and ends up reaching the gut. There, it feeds the friendly gut bacteria, leading to all sorts of health benefits (1, 2). Fiber also promotes weight loss, lowers blood sugar levels and fights constipation (3, 4, 5). Not surprisingly, studies show that people who eat the most fiber tend to be the healthiest.

the 10 big rules of small talk 4. Don’t Hold Back Begin the conversation by giving the other person something to work with. But don’t put her to work. DIY Refrigerator Pickles With Your Favorite Vegetable Not too long ago, I had a long-time dream come true: I taught my first full-on cooking class. We played around with my refrigerator pickle recipe and had such a blast! I’ve done pickling demonstrations before at farmers markets, cafes, and even at my kid’s school, but this was my first time doing a hands-on pickling class. It was everything that I dreamed it would be.

Make Your Old Laptop Run Like New Related Content The Best Windows Laptops of 2015 Make Your Old Laptop Run Like New With CloudReady, a Chrome-based operating system, you can breathe new life into a laptop destined for the graveyard. Food Processor Tips Obviously you know not to toss a food processor blade into a sinkful of soapy water (uhh, you do know that right?), but there are a few less-obvious ways you may be screwing up your food processor game. Make sure you’re not committing these crimes, and you’ll be chopping, dicing, and pesto-ing to your heart’s content in no time. 1. Filling the Bowl Before Setting Up the Machine Seems simple, but far too many people mess this up (our test kitchen even cops to doing it once in a while). Food director Carla Lalli Music points out that if you try to situate the bowl of the processor on the base when it’s full of basil, parmesan, and pine nuts, the blade won’t sit flush.