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MetaForum - Free AJAX Web2.0 Forum Messageboards New Forum Perspective. Blursoft MetaForum sprang from a need that simply was not being filled by any other forum software. We concentrated on the user , not the system. We maximized the efficiency of the click-economy. You shouldn't need to go 12 pages deep to find the information you want and you should be able to see all you want at once while filtering out what you don't. Refreshing? Constantly stabbing your F5 key to see recent activity is inane and wastes bandwidth. AJAX & Web2.0 The Way It Was Meant To Be. Blursoft MetaForum takes a lot of inspiration for it's features from AJAX and Web2.0 models, but does so correctly , the way they were designed to be used. User Based Moderation Meta has an easy to use moderation system built on the power of the normal distribution. Forums and Subforums, Meet Channels. No one wants to post a thread deep in some highly-topical subforum with only 7 active viewers. The Most Advanced Quoting System Ever Designed. It's All About The Preview.