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Medialab-Prado Madrid

Medialab-Prado Madrid

Streaming of the activities Should you have problems with the viewer, try VLC multimedia player. 1) You can download it here 2) Go to Medio > Volcado de Red Creative Diary Master RULES - read carefully Description of the Theme: ‘Design (for) Emergency’ IED calls young creatives to develop ideas and projects describing ‘Design (for) Emergency’: please apply this concept to the area of studies that you prefer, Fashion, Design, VisualCommunication, Management. “Emergency” means a serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate action, a condition of urgent need for action or assistance. Our goal is to show how the design can be a useful guide for real emergency situations, how can you exploit design to find solutions for natural disasters/catastrophes, urban and domestic problems, how design can be a significant element for new proposals, in order to improve the world and the life of its inhabitants. For each IED area a briefing has been defined.

The Editors’ Lab The main objective of the Editors' Lab is to produce new and open journalistic tools, and to promote a culture of innovation within newsrooms. The future of quality journalism lies in constant innovation. The Editors’ Lab is a worldwide series of hackdays/workshops hosted by some of the leading newsrooms in the world, concluded by an international two-day Hackathon at the 2013 News World Summit which will gather the best teams of each Editors' Lab stop.

Visualizar Data Visualization is a transversal discipline which harnesses the immense power of visual communication in order to explain, in an understandable manner, the relationships of meaning, cause and dependency which can be found among the great abstract masses of information generated by scientific and social processes. The Visualizar project, directed by José Luis de Vicente, is conceived as an open and participatory research project around theory, tools and strategies of information visualization. Visualizar has the support of Bestiario, whose members have collaborated actively in every edition up to date. >> In the past:Visualizar'11: Understanding Infrastructures|Visualizar'09: Public Data, Data in Public | Visualizar'08: Database City | Visualizar'07| Hashtag: #visualizar

Curatorial Competence: How The Internet is Changing The Way Fine Art is Bought and Sold A collection of prints from 20×200. Photo: Courtesy of 20×200 Five years ago yesterday, Jen Bekman founded 20×200 on the belief that everyone should be able to collect art, and that the internet could help them do so. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - Type to search for People, Research Interests and Universities Searching... Change Photo About Add Contact Information Add Social Profiles(Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Research iota iota's Research Program is two fold: First, to provide the resources necessary for academic inquiry in the form of our study center and online publications. Second, to encourage and support the work of individual scholars engaged in special projects. Library and Study Center Building on the extraordinary collection of Dr. William Moritz and The Creative Film Society, iota has assembled an extensive media collection uniquely focused on abstraction in film, video, performance and installation art. Along with the collection there is a small Screening Room equipped with a full HD projector donated by Epson.

Labs BBC What is it? BBC Worldwide's Labs is a comprehensive six month programme for emerging digital media companies in the UK. Labs aims to help selected start-ups gain traction and scale by working closely with them with the objective of helping them strike a commercial partnership with BBC Worldwide. We don't take equity but rather focus on promoting innovation through mentorship and access to the varied resources of BBC Worldwide.

Medialab-Prado Many workshops for the production of projects, conferences, seminars, encounters, project exhibition, concerts, presentations, etc. take place in its versatile space. All activities are free and open to the general public. Our primary objective is to create a structure where both research and production are processes permeable to user participation.

No, they¿re not photographs: Astonishing acrylic paintings which are so detailed they look like they were taken on a camera By Damien Gayle Published: 11:28 GMT, 9 June 2012 | Updated: 14:56 GMT, 9 June 2012 With their spectacular use of focus and reflected light, these incredible artworks look like carefully composed still-life photographs. Jarbas Jácome "Vitalino" is an installation where the visitor is invited to make digital sculptures using finger movements captured by two webcams positioned perpendicularly on a structure with controlled lighting. The sculpture is synthesized by image processing, through an intersection function of fingers silhouettes extrusions captured by each camera. It is drawn using the voxel concept, ie, pixels in three dimensions.

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