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XING – For a better working life

XING – For a better working life

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Yes, Rapportive Is All #$%@ed Up Right Now It was bad enough that LinkedIn bought the incredibly useful Gmail widget maker Rapportive, which offers a lightweight CRM tool that shows your contacts’ social accounts and recent updates, then proceeded to rip out the functionality that made the thing popular in the first place. But now, they’ve somehow managed to make the widget even worse. As in, it doesn’t even work anymore. If you’ve still been clinging to Rapportive with quiet desperation and a sliver of hope that this thing won’t go the way of CardMunch, then you know what I mean. The add-on, which was recently updated to only support LinkedIn authentications, now can’t even retain your logged-in state. And I don’t just mean in between individual Gmail sessions where you’re closing your tab or browser and then re-opening it at some later point.

Twitter La literatura más corta del mundo Tags: género breves El género breve en la escritura nació el día en que un autor decidió reducir las palabras de una historia para conceder a la imaginación del oyente la parte más importante de su cuento. No lo hizo corto porque quisiera hablar tan solo de un instante, ni porque quisiera robarle todos sus detalles. Era una especie de juego de condensación en el que el autor construye el esqueleto y quien lo escucha, o quien lo lee, arma el castillo a su antojo. (Texto de Mario Tascón y Mar Abad. NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) – TopCoder®, Inc., the world’s largest competitive Community of digital creators today announced the launch of the Big Data Challenge – a series of ideation competitions hosted through the NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) to create mobile applications that integrate across multiple United States agencies data repositories related to the field of health, energy and earth sciences. Competitors will be tasked with imagining tools and techniques that find new value hidden in discrete government information domains and then describing how they may be shared as universal, cross-agency solutions that transcend the limitations of individual silos. Registration is open today through 10/13/2012 for the Ideation Challenge phase, the first of four idea generation competitions in the series. For full competition details and registration visit:

Foursquare Ark Launches Rapportive-Meets-Mailbox Email App In Pivot To Marketing Intelligence Need to do some homework on who you’re emailing? You could search their name on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, but on mobile that’s a lot of taps, and it’s hard to know if you’ve got the right John Smith. So Ark has just launched a mobile email client that pulls in all the social profiles of the people you’re emailing so you can quickly do research on business contacts or stalk your friends. How Email Apps Will Help You Learn To Love Your Inbox Again Email has taken over our lives, and most of us hate it. But a new generation of email apps are changing how we interact with the inbox, and on Monday Facebook might even join the party. The inbox of the future is going to look a lot more like Facebook than the one you’re using today—but it’s also going to do a lot more. Thanks to these apps, you’ll learn to love your email again.

The 15 Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing This post originally published on September 22, 2014. We’ve updated it here with new extensions, images, and a Product Hunt collection. There are a few actions I perform over and over again as I work through my social media marketing plan. illustrations + comics My 2012 web comic I THINK I AM IN FRIEND-LOVE WITH YOU is now a hardcover book published by Adams Media and coming to a bookstore near you in December 2013. Unlike the web comic, the book version comes with a brand new extended ending. Thank you everyone for all your support. Please reblog and share!

Read all about it Tammy and I (Tina) use end caps in many projects with our viking knit pieces being the most popular. End caps can be used to accent a bead, cap over the end of a bundle in strands on a piece, or in the case of viking knit cover the end weave of wire that may be a little pointy or un-sightly to some just as a few examples. There are many varieties on the market in a large array of materials, sizes, and styles. We like making our own though as often as is practical as we can really get the right color, texture, fit, and feel for each piece. These end caps can take a bit of time and practice to be able to get a pair or more to match up well.

blooming fabric **** blühende stoffe 2014/04/1557 notes Tools for the “Opening of the Mouth” ceremony. This rite reanimated the deceased or animated a statue so that it could eat, breathe, see, hear, and otherwise enjoy everything offered to it. ca. 2465–2150 B.C. From Egypt via Metmuseum via Charl Malan Tags: ritual Egypt 25 Fresh Examples of Beautiful Typeface Combinations in Web Design Typography is a very important part of design and choosing the right type for your design can be very challenging. From print to web layouts, typography is the center piece of a good design and today we gathered a few examples of beautiful typeface combinations in web design to inspire you. In web design, typography can be used in different forms, big bold headers, simple and clean menus, explanatory text and so on.

The sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet © Tomasz P. Szynalski, This chart contains all the sounds (phonemes) used in the English language. For each sound, it gives: The symbol from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), as used in phonetic transcriptions in modern dictionaries for English learners — that is, in A. C. Phonetics: pronouncing vowels The 5 vocalic letters of the English alphabet (A, E, I, O, U) have usually two different kinds of pronunciation. English people call these pronunciations "short" or "long" vowel. We are not talking about combinations of vowels here, it is only when they go alone in a syllable, and specially if they are stressed, because non-stressed syllables usually weaken and change their pronunciation (to schwa most of the times). So, if every vowel may have two different pronunciations, how do we know which pronunciation is the correct one in a word? Well, you have to look it up in a dictionary if you want to know, but we will give you a simple rule that will help you get it right 75% of the times:

He notado que, ademas de Xing, has comentado sobre 7 redes mas. Que tal de Facebook y Twitter ? Te interesa abrir un lazo triangular con una biblioteca de Nîmes en Francia ? Solo para intercambiar ideas sobre organizacion de documentos (textos, imagenes, sonidos). :-)) by reel Feb 16

Profesional. Networking profesional. by mikelaliz Feb 16

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