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Learn how to use Classkick in your iPad based classroom Podcast: Download | Embed Jeff sits down with Peter Do and Andrew Rowland to discuss how Classkick is helping teachers share awesome lessons on the iPad and gain invaluable student feedback. About Classkick MAPPE E SCHEDE DI INGLESE – STORIA e LETTERATURA inglese e angloamericana per tornare all’ indice INGLESE mappe • The Normans – Mappa concettuale di Prof. Maria Lives Zoratto • The restoration – schema di Prof. Maria Lives Zoratto • The industrial revolution-mappa di Prof. Maria Lives Zoratto

Collaborative Tools Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach. Get it on the web or iPad! How to Create Images, Videos, and Web Pages With Adobe Spark Adobe Spark is a new suite of free tools for creating images, videos, and simple web pages. The blog-o-sphere was all abuzz about Adobe Spark late last week so I gave it a try too. Adobe Spark can be used in your web browser or you can download the Adobe Spark video, image, and web page iPad apps. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to create images, web pages, and videos with Adobe Spark in your web browser. Key features of Adobe Spark's web app include an integrated Creative Commons image search tool, the option to download images as JPEGs, and the option to download your videos as MP4 files.

History of Feminism in the United States 2004: This is What 1.4 Million Feminists Look Like When NOW organized a March for Women's Lives in 1992, Roe was in danger. The march on DC, with 750,000 present, took place on April 5th. Casey v. Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School Each October, individuals and organizations nationwide work together to raise awareness of bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month, an initiative of the PACER Center. Whether you are an educator, education leader, parent, or other community member, you can take action to prevent bullying and harassment by fostering a culture of caring and respect in your school, home, and community. Use the resources below to support your efforts. In addition, consider participating in Edutopia's community to share your own insights and resources about bullying prevention.

11 Ways to use Symbaloo in the Classroom – The Edublogger NOTE: This is a guest post by Mimi Chau from the Symbaloo team. Edublogs just rolled out a free Symbaloo plugin available to all users that we think you’ll enjoy! What is Symbaloo? Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking tool. A fun and simple way to organize and store all your digital resources in the cloud. You can categorize your resources, share and access them from any device. Oscar Wilde: the Man who Challenged the Victorian Duplicity “There are moments, psychologists tell us, when the passion for sin, or what the world calls sin, so dominates a nature, that every fibre of the body, as every cell of the brain, seems to be instinct with fearful impulses. Men and women at such moments lose the freedom of their will. They move to their terrible end as automatons move. Choice is taken from them, and conscience is either killed, or, if it lives at all, lives but to give rebellion its fascination and disobedience its charm.”

Myths about child bullying, school bullying, school phobia, no blame etc There's no bullying here It's in schools which say "there's no bullying here" that you are most likely to find bullying. Bullying happens in every school; good schools are proactive in their approach and deal with incidents of bullying promptly, firmly and fairly. Bad schools deny it, ignore it, justify it, rationalise it, handle it inappropriately, sweep it under the carpet, blame the victim of bullying, blame the parents of the victim of bullying, say they've "ticked all the boxes" and make lots of impressive noises but take no substantive action.

Integrating Tech: More Than Just Having Computers Technology has become part of the educational process, but too often it is separate and not integrated into the learning experience.Today, Education World offers easy and painless ways to integrate technology into your daily routine. Included: Nineteen activities and nearly 50 Web sites. Integrating technology into the curriculum is a priority -- if not a mandate -- in most schools today. Most educational technology experts agree, however, that technology should be integrated, not as a separate subject or as a once-in-a-while project, but as a tool to promote and extend student learning on a daily basis. The challenge, of course, is in finding ways to use technology -- and to help students use it -- that don't take time away from core subjects.

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