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Early Learning Activities For Pre-K and Kindergarten

Early Learning Activities For Pre-K and Kindergarten
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Nature Salt Dough Craft We came back from the ocean with alot of beach treasures. I wanted to do a fun craft to incorporate the shells my little guy had found. I decided it would be fun for him to make something with salt dough, since he loves the stuff. I got his fish cutter from his playdoh toys (since this is his favorite cutter and fish are in the ocean:) but you could use any kind of shape you want. After we made the salt dough, he cut the fish shape out with his playdough cutter and picked out the shells from our beach trip that he wanted to use. Bake them at 200 degrees until they harden up. My little guy had fun playing with the fish, too, pretending they were swimming in the ocean! This craft was super fun for my preschooler!

Preschool Printables 20 Visitors Currently Online Join us on Facebook!! What's New Having difficulties printing? The Daycare Resource Connection does not endorse, license, nor otherwise recommend listings found at The Daycare Resource Connection. Gardening - Gardening Guides: Gardening with Children - Build a wormery Packing For A Picnic @ The Virtual Vine This unit is like so many others, once you get started planning for it, you realize all the different directions it can take you. If you're interested in having a Teddy Bear Picnic, you can include bears in the unit; you can include watermelons, ants, insects, bees, the 4 food groups, or places you could go to picnic such as the park, the zoo, the beach, etc. So I hope you enjoy this unit and have some FUN! How could you not? Bulletin Boards & Displays What's In Your Picnic Basket? click on image to enlarge 8.4.04 The bulletin board turned out precious!!! An alternative to making the egg carton ants would be to make a TLC style ant or an ant from an ant pattern. Bulletin Board captions: (grade level) was a picnic! (grade level) is a picnic! You will have a picnic in (grade level)! This year will be a picnic! Vocabulary You can use these words along with pictures for a Thematic Word Wall. Work Stations Big Book Station - Drama Station - *provide a picnic basket and food items for the flannelboard me!

How to make your own wormery A wormery will recycle your waste food to make a superb fertiliser for your crops and a living soil in your containers. Wormeries are perfect for small spaces: they’re small, don”t smell and make compost faster than conventional composters. You can either buy one (in the UK many councils offer them at discounted prices) or it can be fun and rewarding to make your own. It’s easy to make your own! When I started growing I imagined that wormeries were complicated and hard to make. Worms will be happy in any home that meets their basic needs: air, darkness, and moisture. What you need To make a simple box wormery you’ll need a shady space (under a bench or table is fine) for it to live and: A large plastic box with a lid (see below)A drill2 bricks or pieces of wood to stand it on.Some newspaper or cardboard. How to make it 1. An old recycling box like this is perfect. 2. You want as much air as possible to get in. 3. Standing it on bricks lets the air get to the air holes. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Barbeque Theme BBQ & Picnic Theme ActivitiesIs there a better way to spend a sunny summer day then having a spontaneous picnic? Whether it's in a park, at the beach or in your backyard - picnics are so much fun! Have a Picnic Basket ready to Go!! What you need:picnic basket, cooler, beach bag or cardboard box large blanket or tablecloth for sitting on handi-wipes or baby wipes recyclable plastic or disposable plates and cups Insect repellent, band-aids, sunscreen Non-Perishable Foods: Drink boxes Trail mixMarshmallowsPrepackaged cheese and crackersbarsPrepackaged treatsRaisinsCookiescondiments (ketchup, salt, pepper, relish, vinegar) - save the ones you get at restaurantsWhen the mood strikes you are ready to throw in a few sandwiches, some cool drinks and you're off on your picnic! Kids need stuff too!!........ Keep your favorite things in a handy pack sack and ready to grab when Mom calls Another type of contamination does not even involve ingestion of a food or beverage. Memory game. A song.........

BBC Nature - Earthworms videos, news and facts When it Comes to Challenging Behaviors, Do You Take the Time to C.A.R.E.? | Not Just Cute When children present us with their most challenging behaviors, it’s easy to fixate on what they’re doing that gets under our skin. We claim the behavior as the source of our frustration: he throws tantrums / she won’t listen / they constantly argue. But change rarely comes by focusing only on the symptoms. Some of you just read that phrase and thought, “Source of the behavior? A Little Detective Work I grew up watching Perry Mason with my parents during Dad’s lunch break, and Murder She Wrote with my Mom and Grandma on Sunday nights. Sometimes a story that seemed to point one direction would suddenly take a turn on one tiny detail, and immediately the whole picture became clear. Sometimes the source of our child’s difficult behavior is staring us right in the face. When we have a hard time figuring out the source of the behavior, it can help to take a look at all the other pieces of the puzzle to see if they help to create a clearer picture. {Print your own CARE form here.} Cause Action

Activities for Kids: Numbers, Counting and Math | Sow Sprout Play After playing our fun Counting Pom Poms Game with my twins I was curious as to what my fellow kid bloggers were up to when it came to numbers, counting and math. This is new territory for me, since my kids are so young. Here are some great ideas for learning numbers, counting and math, from some of my inspirations! Numbers, Counting and Math Transportation Connect the Dots with Numbers by Craftulate Tongs and Tweezers Training by Craftulate Car Parking Numbers Game by Craftulate Counting Coins Clothespin Game by Laly Mom Gross Motor Number Recognition Play by Danya Banya Cookie Counting and Sharing Toddler Game by Laly Mom DIY Number Line by Fantastic Fun and Learning Magnetic Rocket Puzzle and Math Activities by Fantastic Fun and Learning Winter Math Sensory Play by Little Bins for Little Hands Numbers and Colors Grid Game by Little Bins for Little Hands Valentine’s Early Learning Math Activities by Little Bins for Little Hands Paper Clip Numbers by Scribble Doodle and Draw Counting Pom Poms Share

Boy Mama: FREE Retro Animal Bingo Game | Boy Mama Teacher Mama I have fallen in love with the graphics created by Revidevi. I purchased a bunch of the animal images and decided to create a freebie for you all. Here it is– Retro Animal Bingo! How cute are these images?? This retro animal bingo game comes complete with 4 different bingo cards and the calling cards (pictured above). And the best thing of all this game is FREE! If this is your first time visiting Boy Mama Teacher Mama, welcome! © Boy Mama Teacher Mama 2013 All Rights Reserved Like this: Like Loading... Process Art In the Early Childhood Classroom - Twodaloo Last updated Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Today was another parent helper day in the 2s and 3s class at the co-op, and I had a fantastic time (I think the kids had fun, too)! The theme for the next two weeks is “outdoor fun,” so we celebrated the beautiful spring day with one of the twins’ favorite process art activities from last summer- making a giant Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree. If you missed the original post, it’s pretty self-explanatory…wrap a tree trunk with bubble wrap and let your kiddos cover it with finger paint for a fun outdoor sensory art experience. I’ve been thinking a lot about next fall when I take over this teaching position and what parents may think of all the zany activities that we try. Will they see the value of messy art done for the sake of the process? What is Process Art, Anyway? Process art is basically any art activity where the focus is placed on the act of creating, not the finished product. How is Process Art Good for Development? Language Development Reeeaaach!

Popsicle patterns, lines, and designs in preschool In my previous post, I shared with you our popsicle water color paint and today I want to share with you our exploration of popsicle patterns, lines, and designs in our preschool classroom… This was a simple process that the children explored. To set it up, I used crayons to draw simple patterns, lines, and designs on squares of paper. On the table, the children found the popsicle sticks (sorted by color) and the paper cards already out and ready for them to explore our simple game… The children picked a paper card and then used the card as a guide to make a pattern, line, or design… Some of the designs took up a whole table so we had to move things around here and there throughout the process to make room… As each child completed one pattern, they sorted their popsicle sticks back into the basket and then picked a new card to make a new pattern, line, or design… I drew up a few cards with basic shapes such as a square or triangle as well as a few letters like an upper case A, F, and E…

Sunshine Theme Paper Plate Sun Materials: paper plate(large), yellow paint, glue, yellow strips of paper(rays of sun) Directions: Paint entire paper plate yellow. ~Submitted by Susan N Paper Plate Suns Have children paint paper plates yellow to make "suns." * Variation: Have the children glue sunflower seeds on the middle of their plates to turn their suns into sunflowers. Sun Puppet For each child cut two small circles out of yellow construction paper. Variation: I cut 6 inch circles. ~Submitted by Nancy Morgan Sun Think Earth is the most important spot in the solar system? Think again. The sun is the real star of the show—literally! Despite its importance in the grand scheme of things, the sun isn’t unique or particularly complex.