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100+ Blogging Tools For 2015, Categorized (+ Expert Tips)

100+ Blogging Tools For 2015, Categorized (+ Expert Tips)
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Letter Count / Character Count Les outils de gestion et de test de performance pour vos pages web 03 octobre 2015 Rédigé par Renaud L'optimisation ainsi que le référencement des sites que nous soyons débutant ou confirmé n'est pas une mince affaire, il faut sans cesse se remettre en question, vérifier notre travail et se mettre au goût du jour. Pour cela, il existe une multitude de sites qui font référence dans ces domaines, je me retrouve avec un énorme dossier dans mes favoris comme la plupart des webmasters. Je vous présente ma petite trousse d'apprenti, avec tout pleins de sites et d'idées glané ici et là. L'optimisation des images Optimiser les images présentes sur son site est très important, l'accessibilité et le changement est primordiale pour le visiteur, ces différents types d'outils vous permettront de réduire considérablement le poids et nettoieront les données de vos images et icônes. JPEGmini Optimisation et réduction des images au format JPEG. Audit complet de vos pages Yellow Labs Tools vérification complète sur la performance et les erreurs HTML, CSS et Javascript.

Pernod Ricard 142, Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris Pernod Ricard entstand im Jahre 1975 durch die Fusion der Anis-Schnaps Produzenten Pernod und Ricard (Pastis 51). Mit über 50% Marktanteil ist auch heute noch Pernod Ricard der Marktführer in Frankreich. 1980 findet mit Austin Nichols (Wild Turkey) die erste Akquisition jenseits des Atlantiks statt. Im Gegensatz zu manch anderer Unternehmung wächst Pernod Ricard ebenfalls im Soft-Drink Sektor. 1984 erfolgt die Akquisitionen des amerikanischen Fruchtunternehmens Flavors From Florida. In 1987 wird Italiens führende Frucht Firma San Giorgio Flavors erworben. Die erste für die Whisky-Industrie wichtige Übernahme erfolgte im Jahre 1988. 2005 konnte der fast gleichgroße Konkurrent Allied Domecq in einer freundlichen Transaktion übernommen werden. Pernod Ricard teilt sich in die beiden Branchen Alkoholika und Nicht-Alkoholika auf. Nach wie vor bestreitet Pernod Ricard das Gros seines Umsatzes aber innerhalb Europas. Allgemeine Einschätzung

4 Ways to Save Time With Social Media Marketing Tools : Social Media Examiner Do you spend too much time adding customer data to spreadsheets? Looking for ways to automate some of your marketing tasks? If you’re creating content for a target audience, automated tools can free up your time to engage as a human when and where it matters most. In this article you’ll discover four ways to integrate automated tools into your social media marketing. Discover four ways to save time with social media marketing tools. Listen to this article: Listen now: Play in new window | Download #1: Search for Prospects You can use Twitter’s search engine to pull together a list of leads, but the process can be time-consuming. Once the search is complete, you’ll need to check the results manually. In other cases, you’ll need to vet your leads. If you’re looking for high-profile prospects, you can also use tools like BuzzSumo or Babbly to find profiles based on people’s interests, past shares, and bios. Search for high-profile prospects with BuzzSumo. Export your BuzzSumo search results.

Why your business should be blogging If a web designer has a website, he most likely treats it as a resume that showcases his portfolio of work. This can be particularly true of web designers who are constantly preoccupied with searching for leads and bidding on projects to secure their next client, preventing them from investing the time to develop content for their blog. Unfortunately, this short-sighted approach can lead to a never-ending struggle to grow a web design business. Here's why your web design business should be blogging and how content marketing can offer you long-term growth and stability. 01. It's one thing to tell potential clients you're trustworthy and experienced, it's another to prove it. Web designers can achieve this by sharing industry knowledge, best practices, insightful analyses, and pre-emptively addressing common questions, problems, or concerns clients may have. For example, I recently created to teach beginners how to build a blog. 02. 03. 04. Final word Words: Gary Dek

Dans Tools - Online tools for users and developers. Recommended Blogging Resources I am regularly asked for recommendations on different tools, training, resources and services available to blogging. People particularly want to know what tools I use to run my blogs. As a result I’ve put together a list of recommended blogging resources that I’ve either personally used (in most cases) or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust. I will add to these lists as I come across new blogging resources that I recommend. Blog Platforms WordPress My recommendation for blogging platforms is pretty clear – A couple of other platforms exist of course including: – a free hosted blogging platformBlogger – another free hosted option – owned by Google Recommended Reading: Choosing a Blog Platform Hosting There are many hosting services available for bloggers. If you’re just starting out or have a smaller blog I highly recommend you check out BlueHost who have put together a special discount offer for ProBlogger readers. Blog Design/Themes

Why Email Marketing Is so Powerful (and How You Can Get Started) | Teaching ESL Online Over the past two years, email has been at the center of my online marketing efforts for my different brands. But just like designing my site with WordPress, it took me a while to take the plunge and start building an email list. I’m not sure what put me off; maybe I was scared of taking the next step. But after signing up for an account at Aweber, I haven’t looked back since. In this post, I am going to talk about why having an email list is important for independent online teachers (or anyone selling their services and products online), give you an overview of how to use email in your teaching business, and then show you how to get started. Why You Need an Email List There are a few very strong reasons why it’s a good idea to start an email list; here are the two main ones: it’s the best way to communicate with your audience, build trust, and sell your servicesyou own the email list Let’s look at this in more depth. Using Email to Communicate, Build Trust, and Sell Services Best Practices

The Complete Flat Website Design Guide Flat website design is steadily becoming popular replacing the commonly known intricate designs that are dominated by drop shadows, gradients and brushes. Flat websites is the new trend with a rising design style that incorporates flat shapes and icons. A flat design basically revolves around the use of triangles, circles, rectangles and other shapes without the need to use other design elements like gradients, strokes or shadows as seen on Microsoft’s most-recent computer operating system Windows 8. A flat design is specifically based on two principles- readability and simplicity which guide designers in coming up with flat yet stylish software designs, web layouts, posters and other key applications. Simplicity Flat design refrains from the use of intricacies with the absence of drop shadows, strokes and other design elements. Readability Flat website design is slowly invading apps, computers and our web pages bringing in 5 common elements that we will soon be familiar with. Typography

Why No Padlock? - Why is my SSL web page insecure? Find the culprit! Générateurs en ligne GENERATEURS en LIGNE Mise à jour le 22 mai 2018, proposez vos liens Vous trouverez également sur Liens Utiles une série d'outils et de convertisseurs en ligne. ACCORDEUR en LIGNE: permet l'accordage en ligne de plusieurs instruments, voir également ce site en anglais ACROSTICHES: ce générateur permet de composer des poèmes ADRESSE ELECTRONIQUE-COURRIEL-(1): Caspam, cet outil en ligne vous permet d'encoder une adresse électronique ADRESSE ELECTRONIQUE-COURRIEL-(2): MailTester, pour vérifier la validité d'une adresse électronique ADRESSE ELECTRONIQUE-COURRIEL-(3): un encodeur de lien e-mail anti-spam ALCOOTEST: cet alcootest en ligne vous permet de calculer votre taux d'alcool dans le sang ANAGRAMMES: un générateur d'anagrammes en anglais ASCII GENERATOR: un générateur en ASCII (en anglais) AUTOBIOGRAPHIE: a pour but de vous aider à rédiger l'autobiographie que vous avez toujours rêvée d'écrire, mais que vous n'avez jamais osée rédiger (par excès de modestie ou par manque de temps)