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17 of the Best Content Curation Tools to Use in 2015

17 of the Best Content Curation Tools to Use in 2015
Creating content for multiple platforms each and every day can be taxing for even the most skilled copywriter. It means coming up with fresh, interesting content constantly to provide great resources for your clients, but I know that we all can have a rough time at it if we go it alone and don’t do content curation. So how do you exactly go about curating excellent content? Do you just use Google? Why Do You Need to Do Content Curation? Content curation seems like it might be a bit extraneous at first because you know your topics right now, and you know adequate information about them. Remember, when you are curating content, you are only looking for content to gain inspiration from, not to copy. The Top 17 Awesome Content Curation Tools to Use “Ok, content curation is important, now what?” Trap.It. In the End, When it Doubt Follow Industry Blogs and Use Social Media Photo credit: rzoze19 / iStock Related:  Curation ToolsAdmin Resourcessanarayanan

3 Crazy Excel Formulas That Do Amazing Things Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful spreadsheet tools, with an impressive collection of built-in tools and features. In this article, you’ll learn how powerful Excel formulas and conditional formatting can be, with three useful examples. Much of the power lies behind the Excel formulas and rules that you can write to manipulate data and information automatically, regardless of what data you insert into the spreadsheet. Let’s dig into how you can use formulas and other tools to make better use of Microsoft Excel. Conditional Formatting With Formulas One of the tools that people don’t use often enough is Conditional Formatting. With the use of Excel formulas, rules, or just a few really simple settings, you can transform a spreadsheet into an automated dashboard. To get to Conditional Formatting, you just click on the Home tab, and click on the Conditional Formatting toolbar icon. Under Conditional Formatting, there are a lot of options. Time to refocus and better manage your time! 1.

Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools Finding and Sharing great content is very time consuming. But we all have plenty of times on our hands. I don’t think so…. Social Media eats into our time every day and it’s getting worse! Content curation tools are available to help. Content curation is the process of filtering through content to find the best content. So here are some content curation tools that will save you time finding great content. Note: Make sure also to read the essential effective guide to content sharing. 1. In you create boards of content around specific topics and then add content to these boards. When you use other real people find content for you. Here’s an example of a board I created for top social media posts. 2. Imagine that you missed a really great conference but you heard that someone ‘storified’ it. This summary could include tweets, Facebook updates, pictures, videos and much more. So you get a story about the conference. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Final Comments You know we love comments.

Tools for Professional Learning: Curate, Share, Connect For six years, I taught in a basement classroom with no windows, and yet I could see what was happening around the world thanks to the Internet. Though I tried learning something new each day, until I put systems in place, I spent more time searching for materials than actually learning. I realized that to effectively engage in professional learning, I needed tools in place to curate content, save what I found, and connect to other educators. Curating Content Initially, reading and learning was easy. NetNewsWire (Mac Only) When I first installed this program, my reading world exploded. Flipboard (iOS or Android) Sadly, Google Reader went defunct. Feedly (web, iOS, or Android) While I personally don't use Feedly very often, I like to find tools that work across all devices. Save, Search, and Share With my curation tools in place, I ran into three more problems. Once I found a great link, what would I do with it? Solution: social bookmarking. Diigo (web, iOS, or Android)

Content Curation Primer Photo by Stuck in Customs What is Content Curation? Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. Content curation is not about collecting links or being an information pack rat, it is more about putting them into a context with organization, annotation, and presentation. People and organizations are now making and sharing media and content all over the social web. Content Curation Provides Value from the Inside Out What does that mean for nonprofits and the people who work for them? For some staff members, content curation can be professional of learning. The biggest challenge to becoming a content curator is getting past the feeling of “content fried” or so much good content and so little time to digest it. The Three S’s of Content Curation: Seek, Sense, Share Content curation is a three-part process: Seek, Sense, and Share. Getting Started All videos spotlight Celebrating Charles M. Vest A Gathering To Honor And Celebrate The Life Of Charles M. On Thursday March 6, MIT hosted a gathering to to celebrate the life of Charles M. MIT Club of the Delaware Valley, Meeting with U.S. MIT Club of the Delaware Valley, Meeting with U.S. On January 17, 2014, the MIT Club of the Delaware Valley and the Delaware Section of the American Chemical Society hosted United States Senator Chris Coons Ju Li: Elastic Strain Engineering Professor Ju Li introduces us to an emerging topic in materials design -- elastic strain engineering John Akomfrah & Lina Gopaul \ Transfigured Night John Akomfrah's Transfigured Night is a two-screen installation and reinterpretation of Richard Dehmel's poem Verklärte Nacht that reflects on postcolonial histories. The Future Of American Innovation -- CEO Global Foresight MIT+K12 Videos Season 1 Trailer Arun Majumdar - The Energy Challenge: Innovation and the ... TalkBack 360: Creating Culture in Virtual Worlds

4 Cool Competitive Analysis Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use Want to win online? Then there is a lot you can learn from your competitors’ digital marketing strategies, especially those that are currently outperforming you online. Gaining an in-depth understanding into the key strategies being used by your top performing competitors can provide you with the insight and knowledge you need to gain a competitive edge. “If you want to achieve success, all you need to do is find a way to model those who have already succeeded” – Tony Robbins It’s not about reinventing the wheel, its about modelling the leaders in your field so that you can emulate or even surpass their results. Recommended for YouWebcast: Growth at a Scale Up: How to Grow When You're No Longer a Startup In this post, I’m going to review a few of the best paid and free competitive analysis tools that will help you discover and analyze your competitors’ strategies. 1. SimilarWeb has become a staple tool for competitive analysis. 2. 3. Google Alerts Wrapping It Up

What are the best content curation tools for daily use? - Quora 17 of the Best Content Curation Tools to Use Be honest. Don’t you wish creating fresh, hot new content every week was easier than it is? I know I do. No matter how many cool copywriting tricks you’ve got up your sleeve, when deadlines start breathing down your neck, no one is 100% immune from the dreaded blank page blues. Looking for a way ease the pressure of having to constantly produce stellar content, in early 2012 a bunch of smart Internet folks came up with the idea of content curation. The basic idea of content curation is that, no matter who your audience is, there is already so much good, relevant content being produced daily. These days, content curation is common practice now, and forms part of any professional content marketing plan. The wrong way can end up making you look like a spambot, scraping random junk from the Internet and slapping it up for your audience. So what should you do instead? How to Do Content Creation the Right Way Content Creation vs Curation: The Ideal Mix 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.