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Best Reggae Music Songs 2015

Best Reggae Music Songs 2015

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Drum Beats and their ties to the Native American past There have been a number of Indian tribes in existence and in all of them the drum was usually an important part of their culture. Each tribe had their own customs so it stands to reason that the drum beats also signified certain things. Sometimes the meanings were vastly different from tribe to tribe. Because the Indian culture has always been a big believer in the circle of life, many of them believe that the drum beats in their ceremonies were the heartbeat of their Mother Earth. For the most part, the drum instrument played a part in many powwows and various spiritual and religious ceremonies. The drum beats heard in these ceremonies were produced by a variety of drums.

(Fleet Foxes performing at the ACL Festival) Pity the poor guys in Fleet Foxes. Exhausted at the end of a long tour, and with an ailing frontman, they had one last commitment to fulfill: their Austin City Limits debut. Articles about Tex Mex Music - latimes June 13, 1996 | MIKE BOEHM Mystery matters to Tish Hinojosa. Her new album, "Dreaming From the Labyrinth," reaches toward it, seeking to touch its essence by using sheer melodic beauty as a medium. Mystique--which has to do with image, not essence--is something Hinojosa lacks utterly, which is why it's no mystery that this tremendously gifted and uncommonly diverse singer-songwriter from Texas has remained a cult item since her 1989 national debut. Hinojosa's lack of mystique has nothing to do with blandness. December 24, 1991 | JIM WASHBURN, SPECIAL TO THE TIMES

By Ann Savoy One of French Louisiana's most vital attractions is its music. Acadian music has undergone vast changes since arriving in Louisiana, to a large extent because those who play it today live so differently from earlier residents.

The bass guitar's role in reggae music is to provide a solid, full sound to the song. The bass guitar brings everything to unity. It is the glue that holds the guitar, drums, organ, percussion, horns, vocals, and any other instruments together. It is the hook of the song and often plays the melody. by gardenofmikah Jun 27