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Scaling Mt. Everest: A scroll up the icy path - Washington Post

Scaling Mt. Everest: A scroll up the icy path - Washington Post
On top of the world Landmark On top of the world Once they step onto the summit, people take photos, plant prayer flags, celebrate — and then start back down. Most guided climbers remain attached to ropes in case they trip. Here, the air contains only a third of the oxygen of sea-level air. Traffic jam at Hillary Step Traffic jam at Hillary Step After crossing some rocky edges, climbers arrive at Hillary Step, a narrow, 40-foot tower of ice and rock on an exposed part of the Southeast Ridge. What about wind? Fast fact What about wind? Winter wind at the summit is routinely 75 mph and has been measured as high as 175 mph, stronger than a Category 5 hurricane. A cold climb in the dark A cold climb in the dark The wee-hours climb is cold and steep at first, and nearly everyone uses supplemental oxygen, including guides. Who was first? Who was first? Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa are credited with being the first people to stand atop Everest, because they have photographic evidence.

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Ferguson firsthand: Walk around the shooting scene in this bold virtual-reality experiment This is an interactive experience that explores Michael Brown’s death using a combination of graphic journalism and virtual reality. It allows you to move through an immersive recreation of the Ferguson shooting—and view the events based on eight eyewitness accounts. The witnesses’ stories, all given shortly after the August 9th shooting, have been interpreted in comics form by the graphic journalist Dan Archer. Eyewitness accounts are notoriously fallible and contradictory.

Cuba on the Edge of Change Photographs by THE NEW YORK TIMES Text by AZAM AHMED at times can feel like a nation abandoned. The aching disrepair of its cities, the untamed foliage of its countryside, the orphaned coastlines — a half-century of isolation has wrapped the country in decay. Yet few places in the world brim with as much life as Cuba, a contrast drawn sharper amid its faded grandeur. They wait, coiled with anticipation. Nepal Villages Cut Off by Earthquake Wait for Aid as Death Toll Passes 4,000 SAURPANI, Nepal — Residents of remote mountain villages at the epicenter of ’s powerful earthquake said on Monday that they were running out of food, and that two days after the quake they had seen no sign of outside assistance. “We have no shelter, no food and all the bodies are scattered around,” said Parbati Dhakal, a woman from Saurpani, an ethnic Gurka village at the quake’s center, about 50 miles northwest of the capital, Katmandu. Villagers described a landscape of destruction. There had been 1,300 houses in Saurpani, but one resident, Shankar Thapa, said, “All the houses collapsed.” Several dozen villagers walked two hours down a jungle path on Monday to the banks of the Daraudi River to bury their dead. They carried 11 bodies attached to bamboo poles and lowered them into holes along the riverbank.

A Rogue State Along Two Rivers Aleppo: Ejected by Other Rebel Groups In 2013, ISIS emerged from the remnants of Al Qaeda in Iraq and began to operate in Syria. The vacuum created by the country’s civil war provided a place for ISIS to rebuild. Syrian rebel groups initially welcomed ISIS as an ally, but soon realized that they did not have the same goals. ISIS was more interested in forming an Islamic state than in toppling the Syrian government — and had no problem with killing other insurgents to make it happen. These tensions culminated in a revolt against ISIS. America's Allies Are Funding ISIS A mother-daughter duo are on trial in Tennessee for allegedly inciting the murder of a couple that unfriended one of the women on social media. The scene was a nightmare: a young couple shot to death in their rural Tennessee home. Their 6-month-old baby boy, left for dead, was found unharmed in his mother’s arms. Days after the January 2012 slaying, relatives of victims Billy Jean Hayworth, 23, and her fiancé, Bill Payne, 36, pleaded for help. The Johnson County sheriff’s department had no leads. “I didn’t know a soul that didn’t like them,” Hayworth’s mother, Martha, told a local paper.

Which Star Wars Planet Should You Vacation To? Imagine a time when you don’t have to take a boring vacation to places like Hawaii, Europe, or Tokyo. Instead you’ll travel across the galaxy to far-off planets such as: Endor, Naboo, and Coruscant. You’d be able to walk with Dungans, fight alongside Jedi masters, and bet on pod-racing. 2016 U.S. Elections: 50 Interactive visualizations to explore In just a few hours, the 2016 Presidential election in the United States enters a new level, with the first debate between the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton and her Republican opponent, Donald Trump. And in this particular election, to “get to another level” is saying a lot, because, let’s face it, the bar is already pretty high – or pretty low, depending on your point of view. An unprecedented election in so many ways, none of which as significant as the fact that it’s the first time a woman gets nominated by a major american party to run for President.

The April 25, 2015 Nepal Earthquake The magnitude (Mw) 7.9 April 25th, 2015 earthquake in central Nepal occurred where the Indian and Eurasian plates collide. The earthquake ruptured the large, gently dipping Main Himalayan Thrust fault, which represents the boundary between the plates, at shallow depth (between 10-15 km based on preliminary moment tensor solutions). Location of the April 25, 2015 earthquake (red star), aftershocks of April 26, and previous major earthquakes on the Himalayan frontal system in and near Nepal (colored bands).

Ukraine police storm Kiev protest camp – live updates With clashes between anti-government protesters still ongoing in the centre of Kiev, here’s a summary of developments over the course of today: • Ukrainian riot police charged protesters occupying a central Kiev square early on Wednesday after the bloodiest day in the country’s post Soviet history.Police battled their way into Independence Square, centre of three months of protests against President Viktor Yanukovich, but demonstrators, some armed with clubs and wearing helmets and body armour, tried to stand their ground. • At least 14 protesters and seven policemen were killed during the violence that erupted in Kiev on Tuesday and continued into the early hours of Wednesday. Many were killed by gunshot and hundreds more injured, with dozens of them in a serious condition, police and opposition representatives said. • Western governments demanded restraint and dialogue.

UConn women's basketball: the most dominant team in the world – interactive Their 112th and 113th straight wins. A fifth consecutive national championship. And a 12th title overall. M7.5 - 35km E of Lamjung, Nepal Tectonic Summary Seismotectonics of the Himalaya and Vicinity Seismicity in the Himalaya dominantly results from the continental collision of the India and Eurasia plates, which are converging at a relative rate of 40-50 mm/yr. Northward underthrusting of India beneath Eurasia generates numerous earthquakes and consequently makes this area one of the most seismically hazardous regions on Earth. The surface expression of the plate boundary is marked by the foothills of the north-south trending Sulaiman Range in the west, the Indo-Burmese Arc in the east and the east-west trending Himalaya Front in the north of India.