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Space.js – HTML-driven narrative 3D-scrolling

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15 Inspiring Examples of CSS Animation on CodePen CodePen is fast becoming the go-to place to show off what we can do with our web creations. Here’s a list of some of the great stuff people have been creating with CSS animations recently! Apple watch like Mickey watch by Jay Salvat (@jaysalvat). This is a lovely example of combining CSS transitions, SVG graphics and JavaScript to position the hands on a cute Mickey Mouse watch face. Submarine with CSS by Alberto Jerez (@ajerez). Gorgeous use of the circular port-hole shaped container gives this CSS-animated submarine a lot of charm.

jQuery responsive mousehover zoom About AJAX-ZOOM: what makes the difference exactly? On default only the high resolution "master images" (source images) need to be defined, see "images" object / array in the example code below. This "images" object is basically the only thing which needs to be replaced dynamically by your application. All thumbnails and flyout view images are instantly generated by AJAX-ZOOM "image server" which is located at your place (server).

popularity contest - Tweetable Mathematical Art OK, this one gave me a hard time. I think it's pretty nice though, even if the results are not so arty as some others. That's the deal with randomness. Maybe some intermediate images look better, but I really wanted to have a fully working algorithm with voronoi diagrams. This is one example of the final algorithm. The image is basically the superposition of three voronoi diagram, one for each color component (red, green, blue). 23 High Quality Free Log In and Register Form PSDs For All Your Web Design Needs - Geeks ZineGeeks Zine Looking for high quality website log in or register forms for free? Problem solved! Today we are sharing a large variety of free log in and register forms in Photoshop format. I think there is no better way than making use of free PSD forms when you are in need of inspiration as well as running out of time. These stylish and minimal log in and register forms are free for download and you can easily customize them when using in your own design. A freebie in need is a freebie indeed.

The simple jQuery plugin for lovers of one page websites. Have you used SMINT in a project? Id love to see what you've done. Id like to put together a gallery of the best SMINT website, with links back to the designers/developers, so if you have a great example of a SMINT powered website, send me a message on twitter @rabmyself SMINT V3 is finally here! No, really it is! jQueryTween - Lightest Tweening Engine for jQuery Developer Friendly Using tween.js is now super duper easy with jQueryTween, as it expands it's powers in many ways. It also comes with 2 special callbacks for your other Javascript functions. Lightweight & Modular jQueryTween is only 8Kb, and works as a controller for tween.js while this one is about 6Kb and calculates the "between" values from an initial state to a target state based on easing functions. 19 Tween Properties

Single Div Drawings with CSS Why A Single Div? In May of 2013 I attended CSSConf and saw Lea Verou speak about the humble border-radius. It was an eye-opening talk and I realized there was much about CSS behavior I did not fully understand. This reminded me of my time as a fine arts student where I was constantly pushed to become a master of my chosen medium.

Flat UI - Free Bootstrap Framework and Theme Header 3The Vatican transitions to a Header 4Great American Bites: Telluride's Oak, The Header 5Author Diane Alberts loves her some good jInvertScroll - A lightweight jQuery horizontal Parallax scrolling plugin jInvertScroll - A lightweight jQuery horizontal Parallax Plugin What is it? It's a lightweight plugin for jQuery that allows you to move in horizontal with a parallax effect while scrolling down. OriDomi - origami for the web Initialization Create an OriDomi instance by passing your target element to the constructor: var folded = new OriDomi(document.getElementsByClassName('paper')[0]); …or pass a selector string and OriDomi will use the first element that matches: var folded = new OriDomi('.paper'); If you prefer using jQuery, try this:

terra.js terra is a super customizable framework for creating and analyzing biological simulations. It's open-source and licenced under MIT. Usage Including terra Getting started is as easy as including the script! terra can also be used as a module with most popular module systems. ? 30 Free HTML5 CSS3 Responsive Templates The developers have started to share free resources in HTML5 along with CSS3. The websites which developed on HTML5 or CSS3 platforms are easy to upload to the hosting server and no more requirements are required at the server’s end. Being static pages HTML Templates run on more or less each server and are really fast.