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Mongoose ODM v3.6.11

Mongoose ODM v3.6.11

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Essential Node.js patterns and snippets In this post, I take a look at the different patterns that you need to know when using Node.js. These came from my own coding and from a look at the code behind Tim Caswell’s flow control libraries. I think it is necessary to know how these basic patterns are implemented even if you use a library.. 1.1 Class pattern If the class is long, then instead of doing a single Class.prototype = {…} assignment, it may be split into multiple Class.prototype.method = function () {..} assignments.

Connection URI The URL format is unified across official drivers from Mongodb with some options not supported on some drivers due to implementation differences. The ones not supported by the Node.js driver are left out for simplicities sake. Basic parts of the url is a required prefix to identify that this is a string in the standard connection format.username:password@ is optional. If given, the driver will attempt to login to a database after connecting to a database server.host1 is the only required part of the URI.

Packages/1.0 - CommonJS Spec Wiki Implementations JSBuild, PINF JS Loader, ArangoDB Packages Hogan.js Getting started Hogan.js is a 3.4k JS templating engine developed at Twitter. Use it as a part of your asset packager to compile templates ahead of time or include it in your browser to handle dynamic templates. Shining Light Productions - Win32 OpenSSL Shining Light Productions' Technical Support is highly acclaimed by many as the best in the software industry. The reason? You get to talk to the original/current developer of the product one-on-one...this means that there is no annoying third party using scripted responses. The downside is that, since you ARE e-mailing a real developer, you need to realize this and respect the developer, no matter what mood he/she is in. A developer's time is extremely valuable and a developer may not be in the most pleasant mood all the time.

mongoose Mongoose is a MongoDB object modeling tool designed to work in an asynchronous environment. Documentation Felix's Node.js Style Guide/en « Home / All Guides IMPORTANT: This version is outdated, the latest version is available on GitHub. There is no official document that governs the style of node.js applications. This guide is my opinionated attempt to bring you a good set of instructions that will allow you to create beautiful and consistent software. This guide assumes that you are only targeting node.js. CoffeeScript has the ideal syntax for configurations Disclaimer: Having a background in C-like languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, and C# has caused a problem for me to embrace languages like Python, Ruby, and CoffeeScript. I'd consider myself more of a laggard than a trend-setter when it comes to new technologies and languages. I've often questioned why? even when the answer is clear.

Breaking down app.js file - nodejs, express, mongoose A working draft of the app architecture is in progress, visit the boilerplate wiki Ok, this post is long overdue! tl;dr : This blog post explains how to structure and organize your node.js application. Its an anatomy of nodejs-express-demo app mongodb ![Gitter]( Chat.svg) The MongoDB driver is the high level part of the 2.0 or higher MongoDB driver and is meant for end users. MongoDB Node.JS Driver