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What The Internet Thinks About - Interactive Infographic

What The Internet Thinks About - Interactive Infographic
What if you saw the Internet’s most-read stories all at once? You would see a picture of what the Internet thinks about – this (click on each story). How do we know all this? The data comes from the largest index of links on the Internet (after Google) by Ahrefs. What Does the Internet Say About Us? If the Internet is the largest collection of information, it likely reflects what matters to us, humans, the most. Articles that are not as personal, are either useful, like the article that advises on how to extend your Android phone’s battery life, or entertaining, like the article that shows how we sound when we use #hashtags. If we were to condense all these articles into a recipe for a great article, it would be personal, useful, and entertaining. How Did We Get The Data For each top English-language media website in the world, we found the most shared articles using Ahrefs Content Explorer (You can explore these yourself by clicking on the names of publications under the bubbles. Credits

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Connect Fours - Quiz Template from You will see a wall of 16 clues. You need to group them into 4 rows of 4 connected items. Simply click four cards to identify a group. You score 1 point for each group found within 2.5 minutes. You have unlimited guesses for the first two groups. After completing 2 groups, you have 3 chances to create the final 2 groups. Taking a Spin with FlyKly, the Bike Wheel that Does the Work for You (Video) Niko Klansek’s resolution to get healthier several years ago didn’t last much longer than his first bike ride to work, which left him panting and sweaty at the front door to his office. But the experience inspired an idea that the Slovenian engineer has been pursuing ever since: A motorized pedal assist that makes it easier to get around on wheels. Three years later, Niko and his team created the first prototype of the FlyKly Smart Wheel, which is equipped with a battery-powered motor and fits on standard bikes. You can recharge it by pedaling backward, which is also how you brake, or plugging it into the wall.

Become A Real Geek: Learn The True Tech Lingo Advertisement I have come across people who say they are tech savvy, but they don’t seem to know a single term when it comes to technology. Of course you can be somewhat tech savvy even though you don’t know the tech lingo, but if you want to become a true geek, you should probably spend at least some time learning the tech lingo that most geeks know today. A Disappearing Planet Given the natural extinction rate, we would not expect more than one mammal species go extinct per century. However according to the scientists, 1,469 are currently in danger of extinction in that time. Primates are highly at risk, especially the lemur family. Rhinos, bears, and big cats are also in trouble. According to the natural extinction rate, we should not see more than one reptile extinction per century. However, 1,163 are currently at risk for extinction in that time.

How to Google like a boss - Become a master of Google search with these little-known tips No doubt about it, Google Search has revolutionized the way we do research. Gone are the days when we need to reside in the library for days-on-end just to finish work we’ve set ourselves to do. What is great about Googleling for research is that you can do it in your favorite cafe while sipping cups of your choice brew. Join me as we peruse this resource I found while I Googled like a boss at Tribeca Coffee, Ilocos Norte. Twitter launches its live video-streaming app Periscope for iPhone, here's how it works Less than two weeks after Twitter confirmed its acquisition of live video-streaming company Periscope, the social network has introduced the first fruits of this deal, kicking off with an iOS app. Periscope, which is optimized for iPhone, is all about letting you broadcast in real-time to your followers. When a broadcast is live, followers can interact in real-time by commenting and sharing “hearts”.

Chris Burden Has Died at 69 Chris Burden.Photo via MOCA TV. Performance artist and sculptor Chris Burden, who may remain best known for a performance in which he had himself shot in the arm, died today at his home in Topanga Canyon, California, at age 69. The cause was malignant melanoma, according to the artist's friend Paul Schimmel, as reported in the L.A. Times. Both Los Angeles and New York currently have sculptures by the artist on prominent display: Urban Light (2008), his assemblage of streetlamps, is on view outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

Inside the Belarus Network Alexander Lukashenko was elected president of Belarus twenty years ago. He is the longest serving president in Europe. Some say he achieved this feat by a combination of social justice and authoritarianism. Tough but fair. Our investigation into the money flows around the inner circle of the Belarusian elite shows a murkier reality. Alexander Lukashenko attends an Independence Day parade in Minsk on July 3, 2009.

A Comprehensive Index to Educational Hashtags Teachers Must Know about If you are still trying to figure out what educational hashtags teachers are using then you do not need to go anywhere else, I got it covered here thanks to Chiew Pang document. Pang created an open document using Google Docs and named it " The Unofficial Index to Twitter Hashtags ". I have gone thorough the entire page and found it really helpful so I thought you might want to have a look as well.

NASA's experimental plane wing has 18 propellers NASA is working to make a more efficient, electric-powered plane, and the proposed wings for it look like something out of a dream. 18 small engines sit atop the 31-foot wingspan, and work together to lift and propel the plane forward. The wings are part of NASA's Leading Edge Asynchronous Propellers Technology (LEAPTech) project. The propellers are all electric, powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. Each propeller can be operated independently at various speeds to optimize power, with all 18 engines providing lift during takeoff. If this all sounds too good to be true, that's because it is — for now.