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10 Things Productive People Do Before Bed

10 Things Productive People Do Before Bed
The most productive people all have certain habits in their daily routines that contribute to their success. They understand that their success starts and ends with their mental and physical health, which is almost entirely dependent upon their habits before bed time. So, here’re 10 things successful and super productive people do that leads them being in the top 20 percent of money earners in our society 1. They review their day Steve Jobs was a strong proponent of living life to the fullest every day. All successful and wealthy people, before going to sleep, they think about if what are doing has meaning. So today, before going to sleep, review your day because it will force you to clarify what you want and motivate you to take action on your goals. 2. Emmy-winning talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres used to write down her thoughts, feelings and emotions when she was younger: “Writing is truly cathartic, because it just lets it all out and brings the best out of you”. 3. 4. 5. Totally true!

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24 Signs You're An Introvert- Not Shy Many people believe introversion and shyness are one and the same, but this is not true. All my life I was told that I was shy. I believed it too… until I learned that shyness is the fear of people due to insecurity or social anxiety. The Ultimate Guide To Your Most Productive Morning Ever There’s something magical about the morning hours. This quiet, calm time of the day is unrivaled. In fact, the morning time is so unrivaled that it’s the only time of day in which thousands of articles and hundreds of books are written about every year. Benjamin Franklin said one of the most quoted phrases in history about the morning time: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Focus It's so easy to lose focus, and become susceptible to being busy but not productive. Sometimes we miss deadlines and unfortunately we even put off important things and then we wonder where our concentration has gone. Successful entrepreneurship and productive leadership require a sharp focus and high effectiveness. 20 Places In Asia You Must Visit At Least Once in Your Life When you think about going on holiday, Asia may not be the first place you think of. Yet, it has many beautiful places you must visit! Here is an amazing list of 20 places in Asia you should absolutely visit at least once! 1. 8 Surprisingly Unhealthy Drinks You Should Avoid When it comes to grabbing something quick that can quench your thirst in the most satisfying way possible, plain old water sometimes just doesn’t cut it. And if you consider yourself to be a relatively health-conscious individual, you’re likely not the type of person who regularly grabs a sugar-filled bottle of juice or an aspartame-ridden can of diet soda. You already know that stuff’s bad for you. And besides, there are lots of other healthy beverage alternatives out there that taste great too. Or are there?

44 ways to be more productive The working day can be long, tough and repetitive, and many of us fall into the habit of rolling out of bed and into the office without sparing a moment to consider the nuances of our routine. However, productivity requires 'working smarter' more than it demands working hard, and as your day unfolds there are plenty of opportunities to fine-tune your process for a more satisfying outcome. Time management is a recurring theme, and an effective work schedule will not only improve output but also lend a sense of control to your day. The 2 minute rule can help prevent the hours getting away from you: if a task comes up that will take more than two minutes, delegate it or add it to the list for later. 10 Reasons Sarcastic People Are Smarter Than You Think Some people choose being sarcastic because beating someone up can probably get you arrested in today’s society. Some say being sarcastic is an emotional tool to shield your feelings. Others say that it is a way to insult the idiots of this world and get away with it. If you don’t get sarcasm, you might need to get with the program and start using your brain.

15 Time Habits of the Most Productive Entrepreneurs Have you ever wondered how the world's top entrepreneurs get so much done in their days? After all, they have the same 24 hour days and 7 day weeks, yet they consistently get so much more done in that time. Here are 15 time habits of the best entrepreneurs. 1. Tap into the real power of "Now!" Do it now. 17 Small Things To Do Every Day To Be Much Smarter Intelligence is flexible and there are a lot of things to give it a daily boost. For smart thinking your mind needs 3 things: To be trained in thinking processesTo have plenty of informationTo focus on a problem or idea For example, Thomas Edison was able to think of his light bulb because: He was a trained logical thinkerHe knew a lot about electrical engineeringHe focused on solving a problem Here are a bunch of things to do every day to help your mind to think smart.

20 Mini Money Hacks To Save You A Lot Do you like to save money? Dumb question, right – you work hard for your money, so you want to keep as much of it as possible. There are plenty of ways to save money without spending hours to do so. 30 Goals You Should Set For Yourself Before Turning Into 30s The time between your 20s and 30s is probably the one with the most adventurous potential. The vast majority of the people focus on their careers and degrees, but there are certain things you should do to create unforgettable memories and make yourself proud of what you managed to accomplish. Whereas there are countless ideas which vary on your attitude and lifestyle, the following list is full of things anyone should try. 1.

15 Signs you are doing well in life even if you don't think so Let’s face it, sometimes life feels like it’s falling apart at the seams. Perhaps you’ve lost your job, or your marriage just ended, or you failed to pass an exam and now you are simply feeling helpless and defeated. Winston Churchill once said: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm.” Today I want to remind you why, even though you may be feeling a bit like a failure, you are most definitely not. Here are 15 signs that show you are doing well in life even though you don’t think so! 1.