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Photos: Heather Beschizza Sorapot is a stylish and expensive teapot made from stainless steel and pyrex. Designed by Joey Roth, it is undeniably a beautiful creation. There’s even a matching teacup. But is tea brewed in it any good? I used it casually for a few days, including a blind test against a Brown Betty-style pot, and found it perfect as a compact tea-making gadget — a role that has its charms — but too small and fiddly to replace a traditional pot for hardcore tea addicts.

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30 Les Filtres en Audio Les Filtres en Audio Projet publié dans Electronique Pratique n° 325 de mars 2008 sous le titre "Filtre actif 2 voies / ordre 4 à triodes 6922" Les lignes qui vont suivre éclaireront, quelques facettes cachées des filtres utilisés en audio.

Dispositifs With iOS 4.2, an iPad and a USB Camera Connection Kit , you can now use MIDI hardware with your iPad! There are a few caveats: The device must have a USB connector (i.e. you can’t plug a MIDI cable directly into the iPad). In addition to this, you may have to setup your device slightly differently to make sure it transmits/receives correctly, ie with a BCR2000. It must be class-compliant – if you can plug the device in and it will work without drivers on a Mac, this generally means it is class-compliant. It must draw a amount of power, or have it’s own power source such as a power adaptor.

Chi's Sweet Home We all like cats, so I picked up this manga on the recommendation of a coworker (a Japanese staff woman) who said she'd been embarrassed to go into a store and buy a comic book... but, she said, she likes cats so she wanted to read it. Peeking at it, I saw it had (gasp) EASY JAPANESE that I could probably read! It's easy because the speaker is a cat. A bit of history for you… Let’s see what this sounds like. Clusterflux #moog #moogerfooger It’s resting now #film #video #moog #subphatty and friends An old oud pic of me #oud #worldmusic iOS 9/iTunes 12.3 not syncing app through devices My problem is worse! After upgrading to iTunes 12.3, now it no longer syncs at all with my iPad! That is, iTunes does not recognise there is an iOS 9 iPad Air 2 linked by cable to my Win 10 PC. Prior to iTunes 12.3, just plugging the iPad into my PC autostarted iTunes which automatically began to sync with the iPad. (Is there a setting I need to adjust?)

Frequently Asked Questions (DIY FAQ) - DIY_Wiki From DIY_Wiki DIY Stompbox FAQ. Copyright 2006 by Aron Nelson, All Rights Reserved. List of articles all languages should have There are a lot of Wikipedias. Some of them are very big, and some are very small. They all need certain basic articles.

Reverse IP DNS Tool - Free Reverse IP Lookup Our reverse IP / reverse DNS lookup tool is an easy way to view websites hosted on a given IP address. Enter an IP address or domain name and receive a list of domains hosted on that IP address. When it comes to a reverse IP address tool, has you covered for free!

Ryan Williams - PT239x Delay The delay time is set by a resistor connected to pin 6 (VCO pin). The voltage at pin 6 stays at 2.5V so the adjustable resistor is aparently setting the current for the VCO. I know of three ways to add voltage control to the PT2399. The method that I have used is an NPN current sink attached to pin6 of the PT2399. Developer Resources : Microsoft Edge Dev No PC? No problem. Our tools and virtual machines are free and cross-platform, so you can test your site today on your favorite device—even a Mac. Virtual MachinesTest Microsoft Edge and also IE6 up to IE11 using virtual machines that you download and manage locally for free.Generate ScreenshotsVisualise how your site renders across 9 common browsers and devices.RemoteIETest your site with Azure Remote App for free.Quick Site ScanRun a quick code scan on any URL to check for out-of-date libraries, layout issues and accessibility.

Sandy White - Xcom - Extreme Computing Festival XCOM 2002, Extreme Computing Festival, London, June 9th 2002 When pressed before the event for a description of what Xcom 2002 was about, organiser Dave Green told me to "Imagine a village fete run by Daleks". I did and, well, you can imagine my disappointment when I turned up and found an event attended in the main by humans. Still that was well compensated for by the thrill of being able to skip an about-to-get-very-wet queue by telling the bouncer at the door that I'm a bloke that wrote a Spectrum game in 1983. I think I'll try that one again next time I'm queuing for a MacFillet of MacFish Meal and apple Macpie. The journey from the main door into the foyer was eventful.

Voltage-Controlled Filter PCBs - Magic Smoke Electronics Synthesizer Printed Circuit Boards TH-201 "Mankato" Voltage-Controlled Filter / Oscillator / Slew Limiter Designed by well known synth DIY guru Thomas Henry, the TH-201 is a low-pass VCF with some unusual operating modes.