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Social Studies - American History through videos

Social Studies - American History through videos

AMERICAN HISTORY - The Learning Network Blog One example of the new Science Take video series. As our regular readers know, the mission of this blog is to find New York Times content suitable for teaching and learning — then, via lesson plans, writing prompts, quizzes and more, suggest ways for teachers to use it. In the course of our daily scavenging, we naturally pay close attention to the sections and features that most people think of first when they think “New York Times”: breaking news, Op-Eds and editorials, reviews, multimedia and photojournalism, important special reports and, increasingly, video. But we also regularly search a number of other, less well-known features of the paper that reliably yield curricular gold. Below, we’ve compiled our essential list, categorized by subject area. How do you use these features?

All Films . American Experience . WGBH Browse the entire American Experience series featuring over 250 films. Watch full films online, download teacher’s guides, go behind the scenes, and learn more about your favorite films. Dinosaur Wars : 1 hr The epic battle waged over dinosaur fossils by rival paleontologists in the American West. Stonewall Uprising : 90 mins In 1969, homosexuality was illegal in almost every state... but that was about to change. Soundtrack for a Revolution : 2 hrs The story of the American civil rights movement is told through its powerful music -- the freedom songs that protesters sang on picket lines, in mass meetings, in police wagons, and in jail cells as they fought for justice and equality. Roads to Memphis : 1 hr The international manhunt to catch the killer of Martin Luther King. The Great Famine : 1 hr The American effort to relieve starvation in Soviet Russia in 1921 during the worst natural disaster in Europe in 500 years. Robert E. Robert E. Dolley Madison : 90 mins A Class Apart : 1 hr U.S.

Escape Game - Prohibition in the United States (LV 3ème) Les élèves de 3F ont participé à un escape game sur le thème de la Prohibition. Cela a été l’occasion pour eux d’en savoir un peu plus sur cette période de l’histoire américaine. Les élèves ont tout d’abord regardé une petite vidéo pour connaître le défi à relever : Le défi consistait donc à mettre la main sur des lingots d’or : Pour cela, les élèves ont dû consulter des documents de nature différente : une vidéo, 3 enregistrements audio et un texte ... et répondre à 30 questions afin de pouvoir trouver les combinaisons des 6 cadenas. (Au passage, la boîte avait un peu changé pour contenir les lingots !) Le travail en équipe a permis de gagner en rapidité en mettant en commun les connaissances et compétences de chacun. Le meilleur groupe a réussi à ouvrir le coffre en 2h00. (Bon bien sûr, ce n’étaient pas de vrais lingots !)

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"A society of patriotic ladies." Cheap prints depicting current events were in great demand in both England and the colonies. This 1775 British print presented a scene in Edenton, North Carolina. Fifty-one women signed a declaration in support of nonimportation, swearing not to drink tea or purchase other British imports. Boycotts of British goods became a widespread form of protest to the Townshend Duties, enacted in 1767 to tax goods such as paint, paper, lead, glass, and tea when they arrived in America. Abstaining from European products and fashions became a mark of patriotism, and merchants who violated nonimportation were subjected to public ridicule. Source: Philip Dawe(?)

Escape the island of tears (LV 3ème) Ellis Island, 1910. Un nouveau navire accoste sur l’île où se trouve la station d’immigration la plus emblématique des Etats-Unis. A son bord, un jeune garçon qui a voyagé seul et ne parle pas un mot d’anglais. La mission des élèves : découvrir qui il est, d’où il vient et les raisons qui l’ont poussées à partir de chez lui afin de lui permettre d’obtenir un visa, le fameux sésame lui permettant de rejoindre ses proches à New York. Ce jeu d’évasion est proposé à des élèves de 3ème euro en introduction d’une séquence consacrée à l’immigration aux Etats-Unis. Plus de détails dans le diaporama de présentation Accès aux ressources de l’escape game Auteur : Carine Alves

Political Cartoons Illustrating Progressivism and the Election of 1912 Background The Progressive Era, as the period in history at the turn of the 20th century has come to be known, was a time of tremendous social, economic, and political changes, and the presidential election of 1912 typified the reform spirit of the period. Beginning in the late 1800s with the challenge to the "spoils system" of machine politics, progressivism gathered momentum between 1900 and 1916, as the desire for reform permeated the minds of the American people. Reformers themselves were a diverse group, frequently with different views, but always the same general purpose-- to reform America. Among them were politicians, labor leaders, religious leaders, and teachers, men and women who believed the federal government needed to address the ills of a modern industrialized society. The more famous reform leaders of the day reflected the diversity within the various reform groups. As opponents, Roosevelt and Wilson had almost as much in common as they did in conflict. Resources

The American Revolution - Homepage This feature tells the story of the American Revolution and the loss of Britain's North American colonies during the eighteenth century. Few events possess as much historical significance as the rebellion of thirteen British colonies in North America. By successfully defying George III and the British Parliament and winning, with French aid, the War of Independence, the colonies created the United States of America. As a republic in an age of monarchies the new nation challenged the old order. Copyright © The British Library Board The American Revolution has often been portrayed in patriotic terms in both Britain and America that gloss over its complexity. The implications of the Revolution were also felt beyond America. The British Library holds many items related to the American Revolution, recording American and British responses to the times in which they lived. You can also read and print a longer bibliographical essay: American Revolution in Print (PDF format 148kb)

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