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Premium surf publication, Subscriptions, TSJ Archives, Journal Entries, Surf Photo Blog, Surf Videos, TSJ Company Store.

Premium surf publication, Subscriptions, TSJ Archives, Journal Entries, Surf Photo Blog, Surf Videos, TSJ Company Store.
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Brain Pickings Port Magazine - the magazine for men The Free Malibu Beach Live Surf Camera and daily Surf Report We at take great pride in our site and will do our best to keep all off the surf reports and live surf cameras up and running around the clock. L’equipe | Noseride Participants : À l’origine du projet : Erwan Le Picard (amoureux du super8 et surfeur) et Sébastien Lequéré (photographe et surfeur)Les surfeurs : Gwen Cristien, Sébastien Lequéré et Erwan Le Picard pour le bêtisier.L’équipe technique : Erwan Le Picard, Sébastien Lequéré, Olivier Primault, Guillaume Delisle Intéressons-nous à Gwen Cristien Naissance le 08/07/1972 (ce n’est pas mon matricule judiciaire) Home spot : guidel (toulhars évidemment…) Voyages : Espagne, Portugal, iles anglo normandes, Guadeloupe , Martinique, Réunion, Canaries, Brésil, et c’est tout! Quiver : on va aller à l’essentiel, planches préférées : Joel Tudor modèle David Nuuhiwa, Gato Heroi « death dagger » (pro modèle Alex Knost), tyler wingnose, robert august Alex Knost pro modèle (rien à voir avec le Gato Heroi, celle ci est un pig d’inspiration Da Cat de chez Greg Noll), shortboard : good karma model Tudor, Donovan Frenkenraiter surf prescriptions, twin fins Gordon Smith. Meilleurs résultats:

Craig McBreen Flaneur Magazine | Blog »Rome is so boring, Rome is so dry.« Architectural performance group LAC, ATI and Stalker believe the answer to Rome’s future is the transformation of the ancient ruin Largo Argentina (located on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II) into a lake. Let the Romans swim! Let Romans touch their history instead of viewing it from afar! After several brainstorming sessions (scuba diving gear, crabs and safety floats being mentioned) Flaneur and the performers/architects met by the ruin armed with flyers, posters, empty vessels for collecting water and a model of the ruin-turned-lake including live gold fish. Through skills of persuasion we got passer-byers to sign petitions noting down how much water they are willing to donate, then as a symbolic start to the controversial transformation every petitioner had to take water from a fountain and pour it into the ruin. The performance will be featured in Issue 04 and a video will be online shortly.

Cannon Beach Surf Shop - Surf Rentals, Surf Lessons, Surfing Gear, and Surfboards in Cannon Beach Oregon Random adventures into the unknown – Sumatra & Telos islands | The Modern Gypsies posted in: Adventure, Surf, Travel I had been in Indonesia for 2 months all ready and you could tell. Upon first glance, I looked like your average, well weathered, tanned and possibly malnourished, surf bum. However, the reef, numerous bike wrecks and various aggressive insects had taken their toll on me. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia/Oceania and is comprised of 13,466 islands. Now here I was two months later, bruised and beaten from the unforgiving islands. We eventually found ourselves on an island in western Sumatra called Nias. After a week of surfing one of the most perfect, barreling, right handed breaks in the world (the keyhole at Sorake); we decided to get lost for a bit. In the spirit of adventure, we formed a group of 5 men. We weren’t sure of the name of the island, but it was impeccably beautiful. Despite Papa’s lack of resources for 5 huge white men, he decided to take us under his wing. The two doctors, Stewie and Ben, laid me down on a patch of sand.

Tara Gentile: You bring the passion, I'll show you the profit | Creative Business Coach ushering in the New Economy Taki's Magazine - Home Page Most Popular Injured Parties Are Jews Losing Control of the Media? by Steve Sailer I never paid much attention to the growing BDS movement because I’m not into... Taki's Top Drawer High Life Keeping in Form by Taki Theodoracopulos March 07, 2015 SUBSCRIBEFor Email Updates “In a PC world, humor is a capital offense. ” — Taki Columnists Copyright © 2008 - 2015 All Rights Reserved. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy <a href=" Toolbar by Wibiya</a> Fishtales - Follow The Fish Managing a Lineup culture | posted on September 27, 2013 It’s not yours to manage, but you’ll for sure need to be on your best behavior in Malibu’s lineup. One of our recent issues addressed the tensions present in the surf world’s ever-expanding lineups. Teaching newcomers and enforcing the unwritten (until now, I suppose) rules of the lineup ought to be a part of surf culture everywhere. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What pisses you off in the lineup?

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