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Onshape - Cloud AutoCAD

Onshape - Cloud AutoCAD

EQUINOX-3D LibreCAD - Free Open Source 2D CAD ‎uMake - 3D CAD Modeling on the App Store “It is quite magical to see how simply uMake works.”–TechCrunch Awarded 2015 iPad Pro App of the Year and Editor's Choice on the App Store, uMake lets CAD professionals and 3D modeling enthusiasts create immersive 3D content on the go. Now with features as easy sketch planes, with an intuitive sketching experience; along with 3D tools such as Pull & Push and easy complex surfaces creation; and viewing experience using Augmented Reality (AR) features - it is one of the most natural and most powerful 3D modeling and design apps available. For the Pros out there, it all starts with a sketch. • Learn at your own pace - Watch tutorials that you can learn in 1-Day, 3-Days or 7-Days.• Watch quick videos about each tool or setting.• Don't have time to watch videos? • Easy to use drawing experience. Go from creating basic objects in 3D to designing complex models for any industry including architecture, transportation, industrial design, jewelry design game design, and or just for fun.

Wings 3D Download the package that best suits you. Even though we have a release listed as Stable, quite often the Development edition includes fixes for bugs reported in the Stable, as well as new features. Windows7 or later: OpenGL 2.1 required.Mac OS X: Mohave or Catalina is required.Linux Ubuntu 18.04: OpenGL 2.1 or Mesa required.Other Unix: OpenGL-2.1 required; you’ll need to build from source. Released Dec 08 2020 Released Dec 08 2019. Snapshot editions come with experimental features. Help us out by reporting any bugs, or by participating in the Snapshot discussion. Latest Snapshot All releases OpenSCAD - The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller ‎Shapr 3D CAD modeling on the App Store “Shapr3D may be the easiest-to-use MCAD program you will ever try.” - “The app that changed the iPad story from TOY to TOOL” - “The interaction design of this app is great - your fingers move the workspace, the pencil affects the model. Super intuitive and fast for building really complex models.” - randyubillos, App Store review “Right when you think everyone gave up on putting parametric 3D CAD software on an iPad, a small, rebellious group of software developers launches an app that puts those large, money-laden software companies to shame. “ - ———————— WHAT IS SHAPR3D Shapr3D’s mobile 3D design app puts the power of professional modeling in your hands at all times. Work with software that fuses industry-leading Siemens technologies (Parasolid™, D-Cubed™) with an intuitive direct modeling UX. Shapr3D’s tech stack and software bring the precision and power of a desktop CAD with the flexibility of the iPad and Apple Pencil. • Add CONSTRAINTS

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