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Speaking a second language may change how you see the world

Speaking a second language may change how you see the world
Where did the thief go? You might get a more accurate answer if you ask the question in German. How did she get away? Now you might want to switch to English. Speakers of the two languages put different emphasis on actions and their consequences, influencing the way they think about the world, according to a new study. The work also finds that bilinguals may get the best of both worldviews, as their thinking can be more flexible. Cognitive scientists have debated whether your native language shapes how you think since the 1940s. In the new study, researchers turned to people who speak multiple languages. Athanasopoulos and colleagues were interested in a particular difference in how English and German speakers treat events. This linguistic difference seems to influence how speakers of the two languages view events, according to the new study. Bilingual speakers, meanwhile, seemed to switch between these perspectives based on the language most active in their minds.

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“American Sniper’s” twisted empathy: Chris Kyle, our police forces, and the kill ratio America gets wrong My neighbor is recovering from cancer, and last month his wife, a retired nurse who nursed him through the worst of his chemo, died of cancer. In mourning, my neighbor holed up at their second home—his second home—on Sutton’s Bay at the tip of the ring finger on Michigan’s mitten. While away, my neighbor asked if I’d go next door to water his wife’s African violets so they, too, wouldn’t die. 9 Hidden Advantages of Being Bilingual - Spanish Playground Bilingualism is credited with everything from improving cognitive skills to better job opportunities. In today’s competitive academic environment, there are also advantages to being bilingual that are hard to see. Speaking two languages stacks the cards in your favor in a way that most people do not realize.

Top Datasets on Reddit Most popular dataset posts on Reddit include NFL Game Metadata, Reddit top 2.5 Million posts, Zillow housing prices, and, of course, a database of cat pictures. By Gregory Piatetsky, Dec 28, 2013. Thanks to +RichGillin for a pointer to a Reddit page on Datasets The secret of empathy Stress from the presence of strangers prevents empathy, in both mice and humans The ability to express empathy -- the capacity to share and feel another’s emotions -- is limited by the stress of being around strangers, according to a new study published today in the journal Current Biology. “President Barack Obama has described an ‘empathy deficit’ that fuels misunderstanding, divisions, and conflict. This research identifies a reason for the empathy gap and answers the vital question of how do we create empathy between strangers,” said McGill University psychology professor Jeffrey Mogil, senior author of the study. “In this case, creating empathy was as simple as spending 15 minutes together playing the video game Rock Band®.” Empathy is increasingly being studied by scientists because of its known role in psychological disorders, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and psychopathy.

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