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David Logan en el Liderazgo Tribal

David Logan en el Liderazgo Tribal

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Improve your online community in five easy steps I get a lot of people contacting me for help with their online community. Most of the time, they are unhappy with the amount of activity taking place – they want to see more. Most of the time, I see the same (or at least similar) problems. Therefore, in this article I want to outline five ways you can easily improve your online community. 1. Make the community prominent. Agile adoption failure? You’ve got a cultural mismatch. Bob wanted to chat. “We can’t seem to make this work”, he said. “I just don’t think scrum works for a team like ours.”

Lead Leaders – Lead Change Group Aside Leadership, for the purposes of this discussion is influence. A leader has followers. It’s that simple. You can claim to lead and teach leadership but followers, influence, or clients with followers or influence prove your claim. The Agile Manifesto The Agile Manifesto was written in February of 2001, at a summit of seventeen independent-minded practitioners of several programming methodologies. The participants didn't agree about much, but they found consensus around four main values. Supplementing the Manifesto, the Twelve Principles further explicate what it is to be Agile. We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value: Individuals and interactions over processes and toolsWorking software over comprehensive documentationCustomer collaboration over contract negotiationResponding to change over following a plan

Leadership in the Social Sector: Why We Need Change Inclusive, networked, and collective approaches to leadership are vital for the development of the social sector, for its power to influence public will and public policy, and for the personal survival of leaders in the sector. At present, the social sector leadership system privileges the exercise of leadership within organizations. An assumption exists that organizations are the most efficient and accountable way to deliver services and advocate for change. Join us for the Do Agile Right webinar series There are no right answers when it comes to how teams plan, build, and launch great software. Every team and situation is different, making your process inherently different as well. The title of this webinar series might be a little misleading because there isn’t one way or a best way to do agile. The agile methodology provides a number of guiding principles and strategies, but leaves the implementation up to the team. Agile is a philosophy, not a rigid protocol.

A New Leadership Mindset - Leadership for a New Era Leadership as a Process Through Leadership for a New Era we are deepening our understanding of leadership as a process through which individuals and groups identify and act on behalf of a larger purpose, such as greater equality and the well-being of people and the planet. Understanding leadership as a shared, relational process is fundamental to many cultures even though the dominant American model of leadership is deeply rooted in individualism. These cultures have much to teach about sustainable change and transformation.

The secret to creativity, intelligence and scientific thinking: Being able to make connections 10.3K Flares 10.3K Flares × When we shared this image from the @buffer Twitter account recently, it got me thinking. The Tweet resulted in over 1,000 retweets, which somehow was an indication that a lot of people seemed to agree with this statement. CRM Trends in 2009 – Extension, Automation and Captivation I’ve been talking with a lot of CRM folks lately, including executives leading the CRM product groups at large companies like Oracle and Sage. I’ve also spent time speaking with those running startups like Batch Blue and Mercury Grove. And recently at this year’s Small Business Summit, I hosted a panel on nurturing customer loyalty which featured executives from Microsoft, Google and Network Solutions. What I’ve learned from these conversations is that the curiosity for CRM-related products and services is rising, seemingly in lock step with the decline in the economy. And while I learned a great deal from talking to these executives, I learned even more from actual small business people. Like the 300+ small business owners who attended the Summit who transformed our panel discussion on nurturing customer loyalty into an urgent call for learning how to reach new customers.

Being Authentic in Inauthentic Times - Leading Questions At Lolly Daskal's weblog, Elizabeth King introduces a four part series on authenticity with these words. We find ourselves in an age of personal branding and marketing, of relentless social media and networking, of the end of privacy and the promulgation of a self-crafted identity. An accepted social construct has emerged that allows for endless calls to forget your fears, to embrace your dreams, to listen to your inner voice. And yet in the midst of this media circus we often punctuate the conversation with desperate cries demanding, both for ourselves and of our audience, authenticity. As the information age eclipsed and replaced the industrial age, it didn't mean that we stopped manufacturing things. Instead we started manufacturing our identities, or as Elizabeth so aptly describes, "a self-crafted identity."

Let the community interview you On several occasions I’ve shared with you one of the most popular franchises I created and continue to produce in my online community. What I do is interview members over the phone and then transcribe the conversation into a blog post. People love it.