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HOT COFFEE, a documentary feature film

HOT COFFEE, a documentary feature film
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Documental La revolución no será transmitida ( Video Completo) | Laberintos del Tiempo Hoy, en Laberintos del Tiempo, y cumpliéndose el proximo Miercoles 10 años del terrible Golpe de Estado del 11 de Abril del 2002, les traigo el Documental “La revolución no será Transmitida”, dirigido por los cineastas irlandeses Kim Bartley y Donnacha Ó Briain. El documental narra los hachos acaecidos durante el Golpe de Estado cometido por la oposición Venezolana, (liderada por el actual candidato a la presidencia Capriles Radonsky) quienes durante los dias 11 y 12 de Abril masacraron, persiguieron (apoyados por los medios de comunicación) y derogaron todas las leyes constituidas democraticamente (La asamblea Nacional, Fiscalia, Gobernaciones, Alcaldias, Diputados), en uno de los actos mas fascista en la Historia democratica de America Latina. Video subido por la usuario klaudia_daniela, a quien le agradezco de antemano. LA REVOLUCION NO SERA TELEVISADApor klaudia_daniela Medios de Comunicación Venezolano incitando al golpe de Estado Pueblo a las afueras de Miraflores

House of Eternal Falling on Myspace Search Discover Help Site Info Privacy Terms Ad Opt-Out A part of the People / Entertainment Weekly Network. Filter Stream Select the types of content you would like to see. Phoenix, AZ Top 8 There are no posts. Search Myspace Start typing... Your search did not return any results. Photo from You're now in slide show mode. Hitting < pauses the slideshow and goes back. Press ESC to close. Close Press esc to close. Connecting to your webcam. You may be prompted by your browser for permission. No Filter Grayscale Sepia Nostalgia Hazy Days Orange Love Lomo

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (2004) | Watch the Full Documentary Online Outfoxed shows how the Fox News channel is used to promote and advocate right-wing views. Follow Robert Greenwald Celebrate 10 years of Brave New Films with our Boxed Set: 3:09 During the first few years that Murdoch's ownership of Fox's DC affiliate, he had a hands-off approach to new content; partially due to their success. 6:30 Former Fox News reporters and bookers say that they are afraid to be seen "talking to the wrong people". 10:45 “Some People Say” – FOX uses the phrase "some people say" to mask opinion as news. 19:04 Fox News contributors are under paid contract for their appearance; if they deviate from the party lines, they might not get asked back onto shows. 21:22 Fox News went after Richard Clarke as soon as it was apparent that he was going to paint the Bush administration in a bad light. 22:28 They put weak-looking , lesser known liberals up against photogenic, self-assured conservatives. 46:29 Fox made the decision to present the Iraq war as a success.

Float Nation by Jory Piglowski & Carl Jessee *** Due to the massive generosity of everyone who has donated and spread the word about this page, we were able to exceed our Kickstarter goal in less than three days! We hope to far exceed our goal to help us fund some essential equipment purchase/rental expenses to make this documentary. Please keep spreading this page to everyone you know who may be interested in supporting us! We’re here to fund our transportation expenses for the production of Float Nation, which will be a full-length documentary delving into the little-known world of flotation therapy/Flotation Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (REST). Check out for more info! We’re going to be traveling across the country (and potentially abroad) to speak with and interview a myriad of people in the flotation community and document our experiences to produce a full-length documentary in order to bring floating to the masses. Jory Carl I've been interested in float tanks for about 4 years. Perks Thanks!

Что выражает визуальное лицо Москвы? 1. Постановка проблемы. Городская среда включает архитектурно-градостроительную компоненту и произведения искусства в городской среде. Если задаться вопросом — какие непреходящие и высокие ценности и идеи человеческого существования и предназначения человечества помимо стремления к красоте визуализирует и транслирует социуму архитектурно-градостроительная среда Москвы — ответ очевиден. Но религиозным и эстетическим отношением к мирозданию и своему предназначению отнюдь не исчерпываются ощущаемые и угадываемые людьми и человечеством духовные цели своего присутствия в мире. Чтобы представить и визуализировать в городской среде духовные цели существования людей века работали и продолжают работать тысячи художников, скульпторов, архитекторов. 2. Что касается места, то в широком смысле — это, например Франция или Россия, или улицы Москвы и Парижа, в узком смысле — это Третьяковская галерея и Лувр, например. 3. Если понимание этого будет, целесообразно и возможно сделать следующее: 1. 2. 3.

Boing Boing Inequality For All (2013) | Watch the Full Documentary Online In the wake of the financial crisis and the recent rise of the Occupy movement, the issue of income inequality has gained unprecedented public awareness. Over the last thirty years, the U.S. economy itself doubled. But, these gains went to a very few: the top 1% of earners now take in more than 20% of all income -- three times what they did in 1970. Distortions are even more extreme at the very top. The 400 richest Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 150 million combined. While this level of inequality poses a serious risk to all Americans, regardless of income level, much of the rhetoric on this subject has been fueled by anger and resentment from a frustrated middle class who feel their birthright – the American Dream – has been taken away from them. Part 2 is the film on youtube, available in Europe. Structurally, the film is organized around a central “spine,” in which Reich speaks directly to the audience about key economic topics.

PROJECT WILD THING: A feature-length documentary by David Bond & Ashley Jones What will happen if we raise a generation of children completely out of touch with nature? Filmmaker David Bond thinks Mother Nature needs a helping hand. His children are fascinated by screens but are strangers to the natural world. Childhood is different to when he grew up - so many distractions compete for children’s time and attention. David appoints himself the Marketing Director for Nature and, with the help of marketing experts, he sets out to convince apathetic consumers, and his family, of the benefits of this amazing, free, wonder product. Project Wild Thing is an ambitious, feature-length, stunt documentary for international theatrical, TV, film festivals and public screenings. @wearewildthing Project Wild Thing on Facebook 30 potted plants, 12 people, two days & one topic - Nature. As part of our continuing mission to explore nature and what it means to people, we set up a Nature Confessional booth at a recent Good For Nothing event. Ashley & David