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Kingfisher diving

Kingfisher diving
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Avian Vocalizations Center The BIG cat who likes getting wet and wild by MICHAEL HANLON Last updated at 11:46 29 May 2007 Most cats do not like getting wet - as anyone who has tried to bathe a moggie will know. But as these pictures show, there's always the exception to the rule. For the cat in question is a large male white Bengal tiger called Odin. Six years old, and at the prime of his life, Odin lives at the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Zoo in Vallejo, near San Francisco. Scroll down for more White tigers - the colour is caused by an unusual genetic combination - are rare in the wild, although there are several dozen in zoos. Odin was hand-raised at the zoo. In fact, although Big Cats generally do not like water, tigers of all types have been spotted taking to the water to hunt and even to bathe for pleasure. Odin can now be observed in action - a large pool with glass walls has been constructed at the zoo to allow visitors to watch him gliding through the water with all the grace of a polar bear.

Stefano Unterthiner Photography : Animals Face to Face | COLT + RANE Colt + Rane Stefano Unterthiner Photography : Animals Face to Face Is Nokia Planning Magnetic Tattoos That Vibrate When Someone Calls? Share on Tumblr Email Crazy as it may sound, Nokia may be developing magnetic tattoos that vibrate whenever someone calls or texts—that is, if the Finnish communications company makes good on its patent application. In a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, Nokia describes tattooing, stamping, or spraying ferromagnetic inks onto your arm, abdomen, or—we kid you not—fingernail. By detecting the magnetic field generated by your mobile device, the high-tech tramp stamp then causes “perceivable stimulus to the skin by magnetically manipulating the material.” The proposed tattoo harnesses the concept of haptic feedback , which uses the sense of touch as part of the interface design. Nokia proposes using different vibrations to create a range of alerts, much like the way some people use ringtones to distinguish between callers. How permanent—not to mention safe—the device is remains to be explored. [Via PhysOrg ]

New Gouldian finch population found in Kimberley THE RARE AND BEAUTIFUL Gouldian finch is hardly ever seen on the Dampier Peninsula in the western Kimberley, but indigenous rangers have now found a population of the birds breeding there. The Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae) was once common in the savannah woodlands across northern Australia, but numbers have dwindled in the past 50 years. The 2500 or so remaining are mostly scattered in the eastern Kimberley around Wyndham, and in parts of the Northern Territory and northern Queensland. Not a transient population Trevor Sampi an indigenous ranger with the Bardi Jawi people says that locals had reported seeing the brightly-coloured birds, but it wasn't until he went to do fieldwork in the bush that he saw them for himself. "We sighted the Gouldian finches a couple of weeks ago whilst undertaking weed control and decided we needed to have a concerted look in areas that we knew they had been seen before by our old people," he says. Threats to birds Improvements in finch numbers

A tiger at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park Tigers love water and will readily jump in to kill their preyAt a Californian nature park, a trainer threw meat into a pool to demonstrate the tiger's agilityA photographer captured on film the tiger's quick dash and dive By Alex Ward Published: 11:43 GMT, 17 July 2012 | Updated: 11:43 GMT, 17 July 2012 This hungry tiger has just one thing on his mind - to taste fresh meat. He was quick to leap into water, his jaws open wide, razor-sharp teeth gleaming to reach the chunk of raw meat. Capturing the action on film at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park in Vellejo, California was professional photographer Juan Leon, from Walnut Creek, California. Diving for dinner: Tigers will swim to get food and this feline showed how it's done after a park trainer threw meat into a pool Raw meat ravage: Photographer Juan Leon saw the 'perfect moment to take a picture' while sitting infront of the crystal wall looking into the pool ‘I thought "this is the perfect moment to take the picture" and it was!’

Light Paintings by Dennis Calvert Absolutely incredible light paintings by photographer Dennis Calvert Web & Technology innovation and ideas A Fleet of Drones May Check Your Power Lines During Storm Jonas Jonas, meet your tiny whirring match Read More Microsoft Alarm Stimulates Minds with Machine-Learning Fun App alarm helps wake up your mind so you feel motivated to get out of bed and seize the day Read More Will Robots Rule the Cities of the Future? PSFK Labs' 2017 Forecast Report looks at how automated services will infiltrate the foundation of urban spaces Read More Microsoft Wants You to Say Hello to Augmented Conference Calls An AR study projects life-sized callers into in-office conversations Read More VR Shopping: Retail’s New Reality Oculus Rift app will let you to visit a virtual showroom before you buy Read More Biometrics Could Become Standard Practice for Dating Apps If your heart skips a beat, a genuine connection is not far off Read More Designing a Non-Creepy Humanoid Robot Is a Delicate Affair When meeting Pepper, it's not just what's on the inside that counts Read More Read More Read More Read More Read More

Beautiful Bird Photography Birds are beautiful creatures and with such a vast range of colourful species your sure to find a special photo opportunity. At the sight of an unusual bird your first thought would or will be to take a photo, so if this happens or you are a regular bird watcher here is some inspirational photographs for you to think about for the next time you discover a rare beauty! Please click any photograph you see below to find out more about the photographer’s photographic skill and possibly the secrets to great bird photography! If you’d like to know more about how to photograph birds please follow this link: How to photograph Birds Thank you to all the photographers that allow their photographs to be freely shared! All Photographs shown here are © All Rights Reserved

bear catching salmon Random photo Submit your photo Stumble Thru animal photography Tags: bear underwater bear catching salmon by paul souders 21 550 views Rating: +2 underwater life of poda island, thailand Adorable Photos of Animals With Their Babies That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’ sea lion swim through a tunnel of fish ringed tubularia, the underwater pink flowers Place your ad here Loading... About OneBigPhoto is your daily dose of high quality photos. 2686 photos uploaded Important stuff Top rated Top galleries Submit photo Privacy policy Wallpaper Contact us Connect with us Search Some rights reserved. ©2013

51 Breathtaking Post-Apocalypse Wallpapers Humanity has an obsession with its own destruction. From countless religions, myths, legends and doomsday predictions, humanity has always been curious about what the Earth would be like without us. Based on the Earth’s past, it almost seems inevitable that natural destruction will occur at some point, and man-made methods of destruction exist as well. In this post, we’ll look at 51 breathtaking, post-apocalyptic wallpapers that show artistic representations of what Earth would look like after a cataclysmic event. From memorable scenes like what would be seen in movies like I Am Legend or 28 Days Later, to more dystopian and forboding environments, you’ll be left mesmerized by the incredible detail in these artworks. Hope you like them! (Click for the largest wallpaper size available).