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Gathered clutch tutorial

Gathered clutch tutorial
A huge thanks to Dana and Disney for doing such a great job of rounding up all sorts of wonderful mother's day projects! Materials needed: 1/4 yard each of three coordinating fabrics (you'll definitely have scraps leftover)8" zipper (you can always purchase a longer zipper and shorten it, just follow the directions on the packagescraps of medium weight fusible interfacingCutting the pieces: For the main exterior, cut two pieces, one 5.5" tall by 9" wide, and one 5.5" tall by 13" wide (this will be the gathered front) Pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing for exterior pieces of clutch: (2) 5.5" tall by 9" wide For the front band, cut one piece 4" tall by 9" wide. Seriously, the most time consuming part for me is always picking out my fabrics and cutting them, the rest goes together pretty easy, so let's go! Take the front band piece and fold it in half the long way (right sides together) and sew together using a 1/2" seam allowance. Grab the 13" wide main exterior piece.

Emmaline Bags & Patterns: Make Your Own Vinyl/Leather Look Handbag Straps - A Tutorial How awesome do these faux leather vinyl handbag straps look? If you want to make some great leather look straps from vinyl that don't show raw edges and messy threads, keep on reading because I can show you how. They are super easy to make and they turn out so good. A few months ago I was making a handbag from a pattern that called for premade leather straps, and after looking around, I found that they were either really cheap looking, really expensive or available only by order and had a huge wait for delivery. Finding the right vinyl is key, because with the wrong stuff you won't have that great leather look and it will be really hard to sew. There are a couple of other supplies you need; you can't just go crazy with the pleather yet. Let's get started: Materials: Teflon Presser Foot Upholsery/heavy duty thread Rotary Cutter/mat/ruler binder clips, paper clips, or other clips leather needles vinyl (PVC, faux leather) - I get mine from OFS! O-Rings or Rectangular Rings 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Sarah Hearts - DIY Paper Plate Basket Tutorial - Daily Design Inspiration Pin It! Update:: I made a video tutorial for this DIY. Check it out below! Last night I download the July issue of Martha Stewart Living on my iPad. The following directions are based on the craft from Martha Stewart. I can’t wait to serve appetizers and desserts in these! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Tutorial: Patchwork Wristlet Thank you to many of you who requesteda tutorial on this pouch. This wristlet,measuring approximately 6 3/4" x 5",has some fun features including three insidepockets for cards and a chap stick and a littleloop outside the pouch that holds a key chain.I have been making tons of these pouches justbecause this project is simple, easy, quick, fun,and quite addictive, so I hope you enjoy this tutorial. We start off with twenty four 2 1/4" squares.(Once again, seam allowance of 1/4" isincluded unless otherwise noted.)Twelve of them will be one side, andthe other twelve go to the back side. We now take the twelve squares that come toone side of the pouch. Then we'll makepatchwork strips of columns. Fun ;) After you have four strips, it's time to press. Pressing seam allowances like this will makeyour finished patchwork piece less bulky andit helps to ensure that each corner of a squarepiece matches with corners of other squares around it. We'll sew them together. Then press seams open! like that.

Lined, zippered pouch / make up bag tutorial This morning I was in a rush to make a simple lined make-up bag and had a quick look on the internet to see if I could easily find any dimensions for such a thing. I could find instructions on how to make a pouch, but none with dimensions and none with covered ends to the zips, which is how I like my zips to be finished. It now seems quite illogical to me that I decided that I simply must write a tutorial for such a thing when I was meant to be 'rushing'...but it seems that most things can wait. So here we have a lined, covered zip ends make up bag / coin purse tutorial (for personal use only, see tutorial end for other terms). Photos are plentiful and instructions (hopefully) basic, in the hope that a beginner will be able to make this easily. This make-up bag will end up measuring: 7.5" x 5". Here are the ingredients you will need: Yay! Take one of the 3" x 1.5" pieces of material. Place your zip so that it butts up to the half way fold that you made. Pull the zip open halfway.

Basic Wallet Tutorial Hi there! I can't believe we are in September! I have been able to spend quite a bit of time sewing lately since we are back in school and things have sort of settled down a bit! A little bit ago, I made this Birdie Sling Bag. This is what I came up with: This wallet includes: a small zipper pouch for change, 6 card holders, a cash/checkbook pocket, and a magnetic snap for the closure. The tutorial may seem a little long-winded....but I promise you this is not very difficult. So let's get started! For this wallet I used the following fabrics: Supplies and cutting: 1/4 yard of exterior fabric 1/4 yard of interior fabric 1/4 yard of pocket fabric For the INTERIOR of wallet: For EXTERIOR of wallet: You will need to tape pattern piece 1 and 2 together to create your pattern piece for the exterior of your wallet. Cut your exterior piece out of fabric and line it with Fusible Fleece. Other supplies needed: Now let's start sewing! Step 5: Now grab your long piece for your card pockets. Step 20: Press.

TUTO du SAC LOLIPOP.... - mavacre et la fimo Tant attendu.....voilà le tuto du sac LOLIPOP!!!! J'ai tardé, car mes photos prises lors du montage de celui de LU ont mysterieusement disparues!!!! Et donc j'en ai profité pour faire celui pour ma sister!!! Toujours en sky et doublé. * un coupon de 45 cm de haut (sur minimum 120 cm) * un coupon de doublure de 30 cm * du fil coordonné pour les surpiqures * base du sac...(25/55cm) à couper 2 fois (j'arrondis les angles avec une assiette) tracer les crans comme sur mon gabarit (8/4/4/7,5/4/4/7,5/4/4/8cm) * ceinture...(12/32) à couper 4 fois * anses...(56/6)pour du sky, et (56/8) pour un tissu qui s'effiloche...à couper 2 fois * doublure... (25/55) à couper 2 fois comme la base du sac. * dans les chutes vous pouvez couper des futurs YOYO, voir tuto ICI * préparer les plis, les piquer pour les maintenir en place. (clic clic sur les photos pour les agrandir!!!) * piquer 2 des ceintures sur les bases du sac. * faire une surpiqure de maintien en tournant la couture du coté de la ceinture.

10 DIY tutorials for the most fashionable bracelets of the moment English I think you already know my endless love for DIY tutorials. If you follow me also in the IB Facebook page you see how often I share my favorite tutorials found around the web. I’ve put together 10 DIY projects with step by step instructions to create by yourself the most fashionable bracelets of the moment. Many of them are identical or very similar to some that are for sale in stores and from brands such as Miansai, and shown on fashion magazines or worn by VIPS (Les Mads). And the best part is that we are able to do all this by ourselves, with an amazingly low budget. Ready? The first bracelet, in the image above, comes from a tutorial by Natalia Rosin. Visit the link and look at all the pictures. These yellow wonders are upcycled at AtSecondStreet. And the bow bracelets! The first version in brown leather is from Oh The Lovely Things . In this tutorial by Martha Stewart you will see how. The friendship bracelets, a must. These amazing versions are by Honestly WTF. Another one!

Quick fix grocery bag We had grapes this weekend. So? They were really good. Seedless white grapes and they came in one of those plastic bags, with cuts all over to make it stretchy. I found a shirt - an old favorite but hopelessly stained one (bleach* near the bottom hem). In case you want to give this super fast and easy grocery bag a try as well, keep on reading as I wrote down some instructions for you. What you need: - an old T-shirt- scissors- matching thread- a button- a piece of ribbon- sewing machine Instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Take one sleeve and cut to size, such that the folded bag fits inside the sleeve (make sure to add seam allowance). As with all of my tutorials, please note, this tutorial is intended for personal use only. * the bleach stains ended up the in hem and one of the boxed corners!!

Small Clutch I made another linen, metal zipper clutch. It's a wonder I haven't made 6 more (I guess it's those other obligations I have like my day job). Just like the internet, I am obsessed with these and could have one in every size and color. This one is a small size, for just carrying the essentials out or for using as a wallet, which is how I'm using it now. The construction is exactly the same as the larger version I posted about here, but you'll start with different dimensions. After the jump, I've got plenty more pictures to detail the process. The final dimensions of this clutch will be 5"x8" (larger version here, is 11.5"x11.5"). Cut your exterior and interior fabric to 10"x11". Cut your zipper to 8". I added a small pocket to the inside. Just as instructed in the larger clutch tutorial, make a small piece of binding in your exterior fabric to wrap the raw edges of your zipper in. Once you've stitched your first zipper side down, complete the second. Stitch up the raw sides.

Fabric Storage Basket…with handles Oh, I’m so excited to have Crystal here again today from Stitched By Crystal. And I know you’re going to be thrilled too…..once you see these ADORABLE Fabric Baskets that she made. Just think of all the reasons you’re going to need a whole collection of these baskets to organize your life! -Ashley Do you do spring cleaning? I am Crystal, here from Stitched by Crystal, and I have a tutorial to share with you for some easy fabric baskets that will help you get organized. With two toddlers in my house, baskets, bins, and boxes are my best friends when it comes to cleaning. These baskets measure 10 x 10 inches (at the opening) and are about 12 inches tall. The baskets are made with some fusible interfacing so they are sturdy enough to stand up on their own, but still can be easily folded up and stored when not in use. Want to make some fabric baskets? Great! To make one basket, you will need: **All seams are ½ inch unless otherwise noted. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Now you have a lined basket!

★ HOW TO Make PURSES | WALLETS | POUCHES | CASES ★ There are many fabrics out there which can make for a confusing choice, however if you're a beginner I would definitely recommend cotton or linen first. Nothing too thin or flimsy, unless you are doing to add interfacing to stiffen it, or batting to bulk it up. Quilt weight cotton is most common. - For linings, a thinner material than the outside is used and it is often smooth and slippery such as polyester or nylon. - There are various fastenings and closures you can use for purses, with the most common being zippers, button flaps, velcro and magnetic snaps. - Interfacing (also called interlining or stabilizer) is used to firm up the walls of your purses, making them stiffer without completely losing flexibility. There are different 'weights' of interfacing (lightweight to extra heavyweight), and the heavier the 'weight', the stiffer the resulting fabric will be. Click here, here and here for excellent interfacing information.

#2 Konfirmasjonskort og Tutorial Konfirmasjonskort med kredittkortløsning som pengelomme. Jeg har et metalletui til kredittkort og derfra har jeg hentet idéen til denne pengelommen. Du finner en trinn for trinn forklaring lenger ned på siden. Kortet ferdig pyntet. Søte små papirroser og den søte pyntekanten er stanset ut med Doily Lace fra Martha Stewart. Zoom... Innsiden med personlig hilsen sitat og pengelomme. Fra en annen vinkel for å vise pengelommen bedre. Rund kantene har jeg brukt Grunge Scroll og Ornamental Cirkle fra Grunge Collection. Baksiden med mitt personlige stempel. Trinn for trinn Jeg skal nå vise hvordan man lager kortet med pengelommen. Kutt kartong i str. 12x8 inch (del på 2,54 for å regne om til cm). Brettes slik. Merk av hvor lang du vil ha åpningen hvor pengene skal legges i. Bruk Word Window Punch (man kan selvsagt skjære ut med skalpell også). Bruk en sikelpunch for å lage tommelfinigergrep sånn at man lettere kan få ut pengene. Slik skal den bli. Skjær til en kartong i 12x8 og brett på midten.

v and co tutorials Zippered Pouch (with tidy ends) I know there are lots of zippered pouch tutorials out there, and they're great, but I haven't found one that explains how to make the ends of the zipper more finished. Once I figured out how to do this, I thought I'd share. This tutorial is more about the zipper ends than it is about the finished pouch. Though I am going to tell you how big I cut everything, you can easily make these pouches any size you want. Supplies: (2) Exterior pieces, I cut mine 8.5" x 6.5" (2) Lining pieces, mine are 8.5" x 6.25" (1) 2"x4" piece of exterior fabric to cover the zipper ends (2) pieces of medium weight fusible interfacing OR fusible fleece the same size as your exterior pieces. (1) zipper--Mine is 7" The rule of thumb here is to have your exterior pouch length be 1.5" longer than your zipper. Trim the corners of the fusible interfacing to reduce bulk and fuse to the exterior of your pouch. Trim the ends of the zipper to where the little "stoppers" on the zipper are. Repeat for the other side. Hi there!