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The cat that thinks it is a pigeon | the D By Jeff Prestridge and Jeff PrestridgeUPDATED: 10:31 GMT, 25 June 2006 THERE is no doubt that Fidelity is the country's most successful retail investment house. It is also the most arrogant. However, that is a result of its success and the way staff are indoctrinated into the 'Fidelity way' as soon as they join, and perhaps can be excused because of the stellar investment company it has become. Since the late-Seventies, when it first established a foothold in the UK unit trust business, Fidelity has trampled over traditional players such as M&G and Henderson in its quest to become number one. On the surface, much of Fidelity's success over the past 27 years has been down to one man, the irrepressible Anthony Bolton, who has been there from the word go. The scourge of many complacent, troubled or struggling public companies - ITV to name but one - Bolton has brought joy to hundreds of thousands of investors who have given him their money to invest over the years. Beverly Building Society

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