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Grasshopper | neoarchaic This component implements a mixed approach to creating curves of constant width for regular polygons of odd segment count. This series of components access the sun system in Rhino and allow for control and returning of sun parameters. These two components allow for two means of list organization. Shear List takes a list of data and creates two lists, one with the last item removed and a second with the first item removed creating a staggered pair of lists making value comparisons simple. Pair takes a list and creates a datatree with pairs of sequential values from the list. Returns the character from an integer index value, 1=A, 2=B, etc. This collection of preset value list components contain the RGB values for the RAL color scheme. A first pass at creating a vector reflection component. The Radial Hexagon component mimics the setup of the radial grid component in grasshopper and creates a hexagonal cell patterning radially about the center of a user specified plane.

bioarchitecturestudio Kangaroo Force polygons of equilibrium structures I have recently been exploring some reciprocal force diagrams using Kangaroo. From the 1869 paper by James Clerk Maxwell On reciprocal figures, frames and diagrams of forces : …to construct the Polygon of Forces, by drawing in succession lines parallel and proportional to the different forces, each line beginning at the extremity of the last. Minimal surface puzzle The top row shows three different minimal surfaces from the same boundary curves. Orthogonal Clustering I’ve always aimed to make Kangaroo a specifically architectural physics engine. Variation from Uniformity All of these triangles are identical and equilateral: In architectural geometry over the last few decades, a common topic of research has been how to build and clad doubly curved surfaces in an efficient way. MeshMash! As regular readers of this blog will know, I’m passionate about the use of relaxation and force-based methods for optimizing geometry in a very interactive way.

Grupo de Diseño Emergente SEED Posted: April 23rd, 2012 | Author: BioFafitos | Filed under: Arquitectónicos, Estructuras, Grasshopper, Investigación, Investigación & Docencia, Modulación para pieles, Muros divisorios, Objetos, OR/gan, Pieles Contextuales, Pieles Responsivas, Resultado de Workshops, Rhinoceros, Software & POO, Visualización de datos | Tags: algoritmos generativos, arquitectura avanzada, arquitectura paramétrica, bioconstruccion, clases grasshopper, cursos grasshopper, cursos grasshopper mexico, diseño generativo, diseño paramétrico, generative design, Grasshopper, grasshopper mexico, KRFR, Rhinoceros, seed, Workshop Grasshopper | No Comments » Grasshopper Scripting. Generative Design + Digital Fabrication. Co-LAB Generative Object Workshop. Co-LAB GENERATIVE OBJECT: Architecture, Engineering & Design. Introduction to Digital Fabrication. | Generative Design. Grasshopper Scripting applied to Generative “POO”. Points Grids. More Info @

supermanoeuvre ReVault is a project that implements a new methodology for the design, fabrication, and construction of unreinforced thin-shell stone vaulting through the use of algorithmic form-finding techniques and multi-axis robotic water jet cutting. The techniques build upon traditional thin-shell masonry vaulting tectonics with a masonry system capable of self-support during construction. The methodology may also reduce the labor cost of vault construction, while expanding the application of thin-shell vaulting to irregular forms that may respond to external factors such as siting constraints and environmental criteria. The intent of the research is to reignite and reanimate unreinforced compressive masonry vaulting as a contemporary building practice and to expand its application through the addition of formally-driven criteria. The ReVault project was presented at the 2011 ACADIA Conference in Banff, Canada, the premier international conference on the impacts of technology on architecture.

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