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65 Terrific Social Media Infographics

65 Terrific Social Media Infographics
65 Terrific Social Media Infographics As you know, infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. They present complex concepts quickly and clearly, and communicate ideas in an easily understandable fashion. Last year, I assembled a collection of 35 infographics that told the story of social media at that time. That post proved to be so popular that I wanted to update it, including images that are still relevant and adding newer visualizations that illustrate more recent knowledge and insights into the social Web. Since social media marketing is a relatively recent addition to organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans, it’s imperative for marketing professionals to gain as much understanding as possible about how people leverage social media for everyday interaction. Most of these have been cropped or scaled down — please click on each image or its title to see the full-sized version. The History of Social Networking The State of the Internet

First look: Honeycomb APIs power tablet-friendly Android apps Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb, introduces a completely new user interface suitable for tablet devices. Google has also extended the platform's APIs so that third-party developers can make their applications work better on large form factors. The Android 3.0 SDK preview, which was released last week, offers an early look at some of the new features available to developers.

Little Known Ways to Brand on the Cheap: 99 Tips for Poor Web Startups “If you build it, they will come.” That might have worked for Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams, but if you’ve built a good site and are expecting people to just show up, you’ll be waiting a very long time. The days of setting up shop and automatically getting traffic just by being online are over. Today, if you want to have success on the web you need a unique angle and a reputable brand so that visitors have something to remember you by. Branding distinguishes you from your competition, and having a unique identity is especially important on the Internet, because buying from a competitor’s site instead of yours is just a click away.

Overview We're thrilled to announce the launch of Processing 2.0—the latest incarnation of the programming language, development environment, and online community that has grown dramatically since its debut in 2001. This new release builds on the versions of Processing that have been downloaded almost two million times. We invite you to download Processing 2.0 from The Processing software is free and open source, and runs on the Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux platforms. For the past twelve years, Processing has promoted software literacy, particularly within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology. Initially created to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach programming fundamentals within a visual context, Processing has also evolved into a development tool for professionals.

Sumdog Our Sumdog games website is designed to help you practice your numeracy skills - in an enjoyable way. All of Sumdog's games are free to use at home or in school. Each one covers over 100 mathematics topics, and most are multiplayer - letting you play with other students around the world. Update: LG, T-Mobile Team for 'G-Slate' Honeycomb Tablet LG's mobile phone division has teamed up with T-Mobile for their first tablet, that will run Google's Android 3.0 or "Honeycomb" OS. Update: Demo video added. LAS VEGAS-LG's mobile phone division has teamed up with T-Mobile for their first tablet, that will run Google's Android 3.0 or "Honeycomb" OS. How to Create Facebook Ads, Part 2: Campaign Management, Overall Best Practices In “Part 1″ of this series on creating Facebook ads, I showed you how to set up a campaign, design an ad, and target the precise audience. In this “Part 2″ installment, I’ll explain how to manage your ad campaign, offering 10 best practices. Ads Manager Each Facebook ad has to be tied to a campaign, which is managed from Facebook’s Ads Manager, an administrative console that contains the list of campaigns and ads.

Mayavi/Gallery – ETS wiki: Mayavi / Gallery Context Navigation Last modified 5 years ago Attachments bayesian_estimator.png ( 144.5 KB ) - added by GaelVaroquaux 5 years ago. There are alternatives to Blackboard and Moodle: Instructure Canvas goes open source Instructure, creator of the Canvas learning management system (LMS), took an incredibly bold step to disrupt the LMS market today when they open sourced the code for Canvas. In a market dominated by Blackboard and the companies it buys, it's sometimes hard to look elsewhere. However, many schools, students, and teachers end up using Blackboard because either that's what's installed or because everyone else is using it. Sometimes it seems that your only choices in the LMS market are to either pay Blackboard for a relatively turnkey solution, pay a full-time Moodle developer who can really take advantage of the open source system and make it everything it needs to be for your institution, or pay a host like Moodlerooms and miss out on the deep customizability of the LMS. Canvas, though, provides an elegant solution that can be either hosted or supported on-premise (both for a fee) and supported internally with its now free Community Version.

Information design Information design is the practice of presenting information in a way that fosters efficient and effective understanding of it. The term has come to be used specifically for graphic design for displaying information effectively, rather than just attractively or for artistic expression. Information design is closely related to the field of data visualization and is often taught as part of graphic design courses.[1] Interactive Infographic Visualizes Twitter Ecosystem An expansive ecosystem has developed around Twitter since its 2006 launch. Digital analyst Brian Solis and data visualization powerhouse JESS3 have once again teamed up to release an infographic entitled "The Twitterverse" to depict, and make sense of, the vast galaxy of applications and services orbiting Twitter.

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