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3D Human Visualization Platform for Anatomy and Disease

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11 Free Tools to Teach Human Anatomy in 3D The following are some good resources to help students explore the human body through interactive imaging, games, exercises and more. Build-a Body: This is a great website that allows students to build the human body using interactive elements system by system. Each system has descriptions and provides some facts about diseases. problème obésité : Persuasive Games -Fatworld (laura philippe) Fatworld is a game about the politics of nutrition. It explores the relationships between obesity, nutrition, and socioeconomics in the contemporary U.S. Fit or Fat? Live or Die? You Decide. 3D Anatomy Atlas App – LINDSAY Virtual Human Zygote 3D Anatomy Atlas & Dissection Lab Explore the human body’s anatomy through an interactive app. Investigate over 4,000 anatomical parts.

A Serious Game on Biodiversity in Wheat Farming April 28, 2014 A Serious Game on Biodiversity in Wheat Farming Lu, the leading French cookie manufacturer, further confirmed its desire to minimize the company’s impact on the environment by creating LU Harmony. This new wheat network, created in partnership with French farmers, favors biodiversity and guarantees quality wheat farming. ReGame VR Lab Explores Applications of Active Games and Virtual Reality in Rehabilitation The Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality (ReGame VR) laboratory at Northeastern University is working on finding ways to integrate active video games and virtual reality technology into rehabilitation. The Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality (ReGame VR) laboratory at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts is exploring the ways to improve rehabilitation programs for children and adults with neuro-motor problems by integrating virtual reality and active gaming systems into therapy. The lab is dedicated to promoting evidence-based integration of these innovative interactive technologies to improve different aspects of rehabilitation, including balance, motor learning and functional mobility training.

Serious Games To Learn About A Biologically Diverse Ecosystem Serious Games addressing biodiversity, ecosystems, and natural selection Related posts: TyrAnt, by Preloaded, is one of the three Serious Games nominated in 2014 for the Games for Change Best Gameplay award category. Gone Home and Papers, Please are the other two nominees. The winning games will be announced on April 23 at the 11th Anniversary Games for Change Festival. HITLab Projects : VR Pain Control TRY immersive SNOWWORLD FOR YOURSELF at the Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, Jan 26-April 20,, 2008. VR Pain Control environment is on display as part of the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Triennial Design Exhibition: Design Life Now (a touring museum exhibit). SnowWorld was on exhibit at Cooper Hewitt on museum row in Manhattan New York City, at the of and the final tour stop for the Triennial will be at the in from January 26, 2008 to April 20, 2008 . Visit this exhibit and experience SnowWorld firsthand. Fly through an icy 3-D canyon throwing snowballs at snowmen, penguins and woolly mammoths.

Endurance exercise 'interferes with heart rhythm' Pascaline Athletes beware - endurance training may make it more likely that you will need a pacemaker, scientists believe. A British Heart Foundation team found exercise in mice triggers molecular changes in the part of the heart that generates its natural beating rhythm. This may explain why elite athletes have low resting heart rates and more risk of heart rhythm disturbances, they told Nature Communications.