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PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center)
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San Jose History The History of San Jose, California San Jose, CA, is a very old city, founded in 1777. Before white people came to this area, the Ohlone (Oh LONE ee) Indians lived here, along the Guadalupe (gwad uh LOOP ay) River. They were peaceful Indians who lived in huts made from grasses. In the 18th century, Spaniards came to this area. The first civil settlement in California was El Pueblo San Jose de Guadalupe (el PWAY blow san hoZAY de gwad uh LOOP ay) founded in November 1777. San Jose was the first capital of California, named in 1849 by the people who wanted California to become a new state. Many people came to California looking for gold. Today this area is known as Silicon Valley because of the powerful high technology economy. San Jose still has a diverse population. The Peralta Adobe (purr AWL ta uh DO Bee) is the oldest building in San Jose, located at 184 St. Choose the correct answer.

The South Bay Historical Railroad Society The South Bay Historical Railroad Society (SBHRS) was incorporated in 1985 to preserve the local area railroad heritage while running a working museum to benefit the community. Our members are volunteers and work on the renovation and preservation of the Santa Clara Railroad Depot, the Santa Clara Tower and the two maintenance-of-way buildings. A large and varied collection of historic railroad artifacts are on display in the Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History located in the Depot. Within the Depot are two operational HO and N scale model railroad layout displays depicting various railroad eras and operations venues. The Society is located in the historic Santa Clara (Caltrain) Depot in Santa Clara, California built in 1863

Mersenne Prime Search How HTML5 will kill the native app Over the past two decades, the mobile industry has become increasingly stunted by fragmented protocols, standards, and regional differences. But a hot new technology called HTML5 promises to remedy this by delivering an unprecedented open, democratic and wonderfully fertile mobile web. Evangelists say the HTML5 movement has so much momentum that it could defeat the native app — an application that is designed to run on a single platform — in as little as two years. Sundar Pichai, who leads Google’s HTML5-happy Chrome OS initiative, agrees that the “incredible advantages of the Web will prevail” over the dominant native app model. The transition comes at a time when the mobile revolution is driving economic growth in the US and abroad. HTML5 heralds huge efficiencies for web publishers, because it lets companies develop once and distribute across any device via an Internet browser. So there’s tremendous logic behind HTML5’s onslaught. Things are moving very quickly.

3D printing: The hype, the hopes, the hurdles | Cutting Edge MARANA, Ariz. - Three-dimensional printing: hype, or hope? That's the question industry leaders sought to answer at the Techonomy conference here in the sunny greater Tucson area. A panel of experts -- Geomagic's Ping Fu, Shapeways' Peter Weijmarshausen and PARC's Stephen Hoover, with CNET's own Paul Sloan moderating -- discussed the promises, pitfalls and potential of a technology that allows almost anyone to turn a digital file into a perfect copy of a physical object, from puzzle pieces to airplane wings, in materials such as plastic, metal and rubberlike polymers. Can 3D printing change the world? The hype Interest in the technology has increased substantially in recent years, said Weijmarshausen, whose New York-based company hosts the leading marketplace for 3D printing. "It's incredible to see how the awareness of 3D printing has increased," he said, adding that five years ago the term was niche at best. "Printing goes beyond product that you can see and touch," she said.

New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association Buck's of Woodside | History Buck's is the Earthlinked mother ship for the New Jerusalem. Years ago there were some religious people and some religious denominations who were very upset with NASA, the space program. They decided that the space program must be a sham because the Apollo astronauts circled the moon and then landed on it but did not report that they had found the New Jerusalem. So if you walk into Buck's it is just a cheap ticket to paradise. I revel in the fact that I am alive in the end of the 20th century and am here to witness the Third Revolution. I have the perfect job. My past careers include 15 years as a general contractor. I was a student activist at Berkeley in the 60's and before that I was just some dumb kid. I was born in Japan. I figure I have a career or two left in me for the future.

Column Glassy-eyed Optimists or Material Geniuses - 05-02 KNOWLEDGE CENTER Improving Productivity and Efficiency for Automotive Part Manufacturing According to consulting firm IRN Inc., the automotive industry is expected to launch an average of 120 new vehicles annually through 2020... Engineering The K900: Kia Goes Big & Up Gary S. Vasilash Once, Kia was all about comparatively innocuous, thrifty cars. Then it began to put stunning designs on the road. Now it is going after luxury buyers. Engineering GM Brings on the Heavy-Duty Silverado and Sierra Gary S. Those who are looking for dependability, durability and capability in their trucks now have new vehicles from Chevrolet and GMC to consider, heavy-duty trucks that also include style and comfort. Machining a "Rock Racer" Building a race car to traverse dusty Mojave Desert trails at more than 100 mph and then crawl up steep stone-covered hills is no small feat.

I Didn't Know Acrobat Could Do That! - Lori's Top 10 Community Translation Episode available in 2 languages Available Translations: Join the Community Translation Project Thanks for your interest in translating this episode! Please Confirm Your Interest Thanks for your interest in adding translations to this episode! An error occurred while processing your request. Another translator has already started to translate this episode. Thanks for Participating! This episode has been assigned to you and you can expect an e-mail shortly containing all the information you need to get started. About This Episode Lori counts down her Top 10 features in Acrobat X in this short compilation.

3D printing vending machine automates the invention process The popularity of 3D printing has exploded, but even as prices for the devices have fallen, not everyone is prepared or able to shell out the cash necessary start experimenting. But what if there was a 3D vending machine that made experimenting quick and easy, without the printer investment? Well, now there is. Created at Virginia Tech's DREAMS Lab, the DreamVendor allows students to quickly print out prototype designs by simply inserting an SD card containing a physible data file into a large bank of four Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D printers. Once completed, the printed object is deposited into a vending-style retrieval shelf, similar to the one from which you might snag a candy bar or a bag of potato chips. Designed to encourage 3D prototyping at the lab, students are allowed to use the machine free of charge. Via Fabbaloo

"Open Implementations and Metaobject Protocols"
This is the briefing that presents the value of MOPs. by mikew67 Jan 23

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